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  1. I am getting outside views of the pilot sitting on the front of the plane. Anyone else getting this? What is the fix? I am using latest steam version of MSFS 2020. I purchased it from the Marketplace Menu. Same problem on any variation of that plane.
  2. Remember that if you own 74S for FSX/P3D, you get 40% off the X-Plane version! I go to my cart and I see no discount. How do I apply this 40% discount?
  3. Is it just me, or does anyone else have no water. lakes, streams in whitehorse? I have been there several times and believe me there is water near the town and airport. I have version Pd3 ver 3 with orbox Global, Vector, and USAAlaska Canada Pacific Northwest. I see no water..what am i missing or doing wrong? Also I upgrade to Windows 10 /64 (that may have been a mistake...we'll shortly see)
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