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  1. All these are great! Thanks for the replies, and keep 'em coming! --Randall Griffin
  2. I'd really like to see how long this list can get. Just reply with your contribution(s): "You know you're a hardcore flightsimmer when..." 1. You drive by an airport and think of yourself as part of the scenery for the planes taking off and landing. 2. You see an airplane flying overhead, and wonder what kind of FPS he's getting. 3. You find yoursellf talking about an airport as if you have been there, but you've really only been there in flightsim.
  3. As frustrating as FSX can be at times, sometimes everything just works as it should resulting in a beautiful flight! Last week I purchased and installed ORBX NRM and CRM, completing my collection of every NA region. I also purchased most of the airports in those region. So, yesterday I planned and flew a flight from KBZN to KJAC, about a 150 nm trip. I flew it with the Flight 1 King Air. This was one of the best experiences I've ever had in 20 years of flightsiming. Performance was excellent--no stutters, pauses, or glitches. I don't know what the FPS was, but it didn't matter since the experience was so smooth. And the ORBX scenery was stunning, especially with ASN weather. Also, the flight itself went according to plan, and I made no technical errors. Every phase of flight was nearly flawless from taxi to takeoff, cruise, and approach. I made a beautiful landing, a greaser actually, right on the thousand foot markers. Thankfully, I recorded this flight in fsrecorder, and replayed it several times from different viewpoints. Enough rambling. Just wanted to share this experience with people who can relate, since my wife just wouldn't understand! --Randall
  4. Thanks. I did reinstall the libraries, but I didn't reactivate the region. I'll try that later. --Randall Griffin
  5. I notice at KMRY that some of the cars and trucks in the scenery seem to be missing textures. They show up as black objects in the shape of a car or truck. Not all the vehicles, just a few here and there. This does not apply to static aircraft, just to some vehicles in the scenery. I am running FSX in dx9 mode. I have the most recent orbx libraries, and no conflicting addons that I can tell. I also notice this at Benton Airpark in the KRDD scenery. Any suggestions? --Randall Griffin, FSS0414892
  6. My pick is #48. Looks like it ought to be on a magazine cover! --Randall Griffin
  7. Great video! Where did you get that repaint for the Turbine Duke? --Randall Griffin
  8. Thanks for the kind words. This is the first screenshot I have posted anywhere. When you have good material to work with (i.e. Orbx scenery and A2A planes), it is hard to take a bad screenshot! --Randall Griffin
  9. Flying South along the Oregon Coast Preparing to Land at KORS
  10. Beautiful picture! I just noticed how much the cowling looks like a Pepsi-Cola bottle cap on this livery! --Randall Griffin
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