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  1. awesome capture Carlosqr yes indeed he is in trouble lol
  2. Nice plane and a awesome shot
  3. amazing colour and shots here!
  4. Thanks gents i hope you are all well
  5. Gday gents im currently running a Nvidia gtx 2070 super. Specs vram 8gigs gddr6,direct 3d api version 12 driver version 456.71,A little out dated drivers, and my pc specs are msi x570 gaming board, CPU amd ryzen 7 3800 8 core pocessor memory size 16384mb current ddr speed 3600mhz and cpu speed 3.9 ghz now i have just got prepar v5.1 installed and it possible seems my card may not be up for the task,i keep getting this error DXGI-ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG issue,only in prepare v5,not in pdv4 or msfs,my settings in the prepar v5 are backed right off and also in the gaming card,when i try too l
  6. When i think about it,i think i uninstalled the whole thing tho deleting the client,the scenery and the top p3d v5 entry and did not deactivate p3d when ask,the hot fix version was 22gigs,and obviously selected the hot fix v5.1 version from my account at lockheed martin.
  7. Gday nick no i havent but now i have fired the sim up,and everything is default in the sim eg ymml Orbx airport eg and so on,so ive gone over too Orbx central and it is now showing the preparv5 in the drop down menu so ive selected the sim pdv5,tho by the looks of it all the scenery ,eg global,vectors,Orbx libs,and all airports need too be downloaded and installed into the sim?In the sim its self the scenery area of the game its not showing my airports,so ive downloaded and added global,Orbx libs,buildings hd,so do i have too download all the products again?or have i done something wrong thank
  8. Gday nick i have installed the prepared sim as per the recommendations,i have fired up Orbx central and cant yet see prepare v5 in there at the moment any ideas?its been a while since ive done this,cheers for your help.
  9. Gday nick i hope your well thanks for your quick response i will take a look cheers mate.
  10. Gday gents i hope you are all well,i havent really had too much too do with the new Prepar v5 sim tho i have owned it for a while and have all the Orbx scenery installed and so on,there was a hot fix released a while back the first one for this sim which i did not get arround too installing it.. Now my question do i have too install the first hot fix first and then the second one v5.1?? or can i just install the latest hot fix version v5.1 which is available now??and if so is it the 22 gig file? thanks for your help
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