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  1. I entered the forum in 2009 and i remember frank very well and this amazing project he was working on,he was a true too life person and loved flightsimming so much and i always looked forward too his updates on his home simulator,may he rest in piece and a trueblue aussie,and he was always motivating people too come try his sim which looked amazing and thankyou Katie for updating this as i had no idea where he was,as i was taking a big break from simming for a while and always was thinking what frank was doing and how was the sim going and a huge condolances too his family.
  2. Another Grand set of shots Gerold
  3. amazing set of shots loved every one of them!
  4. amazing shots loved every single one of them!
  5. Yet another great set Gerold!!
  6. nice set of shots indeed mate! and your rig in your signature looks like a awesome set up!
  7. These Are All fantastic Shots!!!
  8. A fine Shot indeed,Orbx did a great Job With this one!
  9. Love these Tours gerald and a great job too Add!
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