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  1. A progessive sunrise from blue too orange,great performance,this is my first flight thankyou.
  2. Awesome pics ,where did you get the A380 addon from thanks.
  3. Ok i guess im not a tech savy person in some of these copy and paste or tranfer stuff,as i dont want too screw stuff up,im blessed for all the help,Orbx stuff in this new sim would be great,:) ive never been tech savy and im getting worse as i get older.
  4. Yet again thankyou nick your a great help,ive successively installed the new sim PDv5 onto my G drive and have too be carefull i dont direct these Orbx files in the wrong place tho they will possibly auto detect this? ,now i have gone into Orbx central and i see on my purchases they have added PDV5 option on most of them which they are working on more of them too suit PDV5, my question is ive clicked on this and it said mirgrate too library?i just dont want to stuff this up,i want too add the Orbx stuff too this new sim?thanks for you understanding,goblal,VS AU2 ect thanks mate.
  5. Thankyou nick your always a great help,can i still use ftx central and load up the new PDv5 scenery from this without it screwing things up with Orbx thanks.
  6. Gday guys i hope your all well,i was wondering as i have the lockheed sim version PDv4 on my C drive default location, and want too keep this sim for a while as i have addons,jet liners ect and most likely wont be able too get them in the new version of PDv5 apart from there default airlines for a while ,ive got 3 harddrives on my pc and would like too install this new sim on one of my other harddrive Without deleting my PDv4 sim,is this possible on drives D/E/G too install on these drives would i have any issues running the new PDv5 sim from here? and would any Orbx products directed too the new drives have any issues? other then the Default C drive and messing up up my current PD4 sim?would i have any issues/permission in windows 10 thankyou for any replys.having the latest version of this New PDv5 would be great and keeping the older version of PDV4 on my C drive for a while why waiting for them too catchup with my jet liner addons via rickadoo thanks gents for any help
  7. I think i will wait and see also with this new pdv5,as i got alot of pdv4.5 plane addons mainly jets,which im sure would not work with the new sim?
  8. Thankyou so much for your help guys /Josh,ive installed it and everthing is set too normal,is that all i need too do?when i load the sim do i need too do anything ?or just load the sim and fly thanks
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