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  1. thats amazing,how do you get xplanes too look so good?
  2. thanks for you help gents,petfy i will have a look in my ftxau2 scenery file and see wat i find,do i copy and paste this info tho deleting the old one first? ADE_FTX_AUS_YMHB.bgl ADE_FTX_AUS_YMHB_CVX.bgl FTX_AUS_YHBA_objects.bgl (just put a .old suffix to them ie .bgl.old).???or copy this bit (.bgl.old).only in front of each objects bgl?thanks gents.
  3. Gday gents,theses shots are taken in hobart australia,cars on the lawn,planes half way in the buildings,is there a fix for this,thankyou .
  4. hello nick thanks for your help,its a new install and have downloaded everything fresh ,i dont have vectors installed yet and cant see a aus V2 update?any ideas thanks.
  5. Gday gents ive just done a new install on my new sim,and installed all the orbx software,tho i havent installed global vectors yet,so this elavation issue only appears after the ftx AU2 install,any ideas how too get rid of this ? thankyou for any help .
  6. gday doug thankyou for your reply,so amd sounds good?and what do you think of the rest of the hardware thanks.
  7. Gday gents i hope your well,well the time has come for me too upgrade the sim too some of the latest hardware,powerfull enough too run my sim at a very good frame rate,heres what im looking at in hardware,cpu option 1 is ryzen ,AMD 7 3800x with wraith prism,?or cpu option 2-- 9700k processor which cpu is best ???? ,motherboard gigabte z390 aorus master motherboard,Ram g. skills trident z rgb f4-3000c 15q--32g-tzr 32 gb 4x8gb ddr4------seasonic focus gold 650w psu---and im deciding too go water cooled and im still deciding on a pc case,What do you guys think?? and is there anything i should change??thanks for your replys,harddrives are in the pic too. ,
  8. Gday thankyou once again for your help,this looks like a handy tool too have,will have a read of the instructions and see how it goes.
  9. Gday nick i disabled ymml au2 and ymml is back too normal,there are still files in my fsx scenery with Au fsx 2 still ticked/enabled,will i have any elevation issues at any other airports?or do these need too be disable too?cheers nick
  10. Gday nick thanks for your help!,i guess if i disable ymml,i should still get the glory of au2? and the looks of the airports without the elervations??it looks like there is a number of airports affected,and i think i might wait for the final fix,if i disable these affected airports only will au2 still show the orbx airports as i saw them before the au2 install?cheers and sorry for all the questions thanks.
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