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  1. Would *LOVE* to see another Scottish Aerodrome and one in Ireland hopefully. Sumburgh is incredibly challenging in bad weather in the Majestic Q400!
  2. Excellent outlook, glad to see Earth Simulations projects being "revived" and are now in the pipe as well as TE Pacific Northwest, it will be incredible having small bush dirt strips represented by photo-real texture sets. Was really hoping to see those Alaska airports, hopefully they will get done some time in the future. -Andrew
  3. Some various shots from around the PNW, SAK and Norway. Departing Oslo in some miserable weather. Approaching KESE Eagle County Regional. High above KASE. High altitude visibility flying from PAVD to PAJN. Petersburg Harbor, Tongass Fjords.
  4. Nice shots, I love the Valdez area as it's not only nice to look at but very challenging to fly in bad weather, something PAVD is notorious for.
  5. Norway has absolutely amazing scenery coverage, not only by OrbX but other developers as well. I've yet to run into any addon airport acenery that hasn't been updated to P3D v4 that doesn't work other than having to add the scenery manually in the P3D v4 scenery library. There's also tons of freeware addons for the region as well; It's like the "Pacific Northwest" of Europe. Great shot!
  6. Awesome shots, love the look of that plane taking off from the bay. Nothing better than bush whacking in BC!
  7. Wizzair, love the name. Cool shots and I've been thinking about buying that Airbus Addon... I've never flown an Airbus in any simulator, yet.
  8. Great aircraft in real life and simulator. Good shots these.
  9. Cheers fellas! Well, you know what they say about vampires in Alaska...
  10. Just a few random shots from my P3D v4 Screenshot folder.
  11. Very nice Iain, an airport I'm looking forward to.
  12. Absolutely awesome looking! Can't wait! I've always wondered why there weren't more NZ airports developed for those two top notch OrbX regions. Great to see another new Kiwi airport being added to the OrbX product line.
  13. Absolutely outstanding news. I wanted so many of their products and I never had the opportunity to get them before they went out of business, *especially* after the Majestic Studio's Dash 8 Q400 was released. So glad to see you guys at OrbX are going to be releasing something by them one way or the other.
  14. Just grabbed this fantastic scenery, along with a bunch of others of course, and I just wanted to say WOW, nice job guys! It's absolutely glorious. I have one question, how in the heck did you get such complex scenery to run so smoothly? I have everything in P3D v4 maxed out and I can still maintain a locked 33fps during taxi and takeoff, it's absolutely amazing. However, other older airports like CYSE Squamish run kind of choppy... This isn't a support request as I am just wondering if there's some new kind of API that's either been created by you guys at OrbX or the people at Lockheed Martin? Awesome job, simply jaw dropping!!!
  15. Very cool shots in my favorite OrbX region. There's nothing like shooting through the canyons of Southern Alaska with a high powered fighter jet. I only wish that P3D v4 simulated sound reverberations and reflections as watching fighters from the ground would be simply amazing.
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