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  1. Hi Guys, I mate of mine is just starting with FSX (NEWBIE) and has come across a graphics problem which I have never come across, but could anyone here let me know what the problem could be? He has REX, Orbx Global and Ezdok camera installed. When he goes above a certain altitude, around 2500ft all of the terrain turns a light blue colour. Once it has turned like this, it doesn't go back even after descending. Here is a screenshot hes taken. It's at 3000ft. Regards Timm
  2. Hi, The A2A Cessna is one of the best. I was flying in the UK for a while but then got REX4 re-installed my PNW scenery and now have Jefferson as my home base. The scenery around this area is outstanding.
  3. Hi Misha, Thank you for a great little Airfield. Just had a nice flight fro Sekiui to Jefferson.
  4. Hi Guys, OK downloaded another copy of 11S and reinstalled the latest Orbxlibs guess what we have sounds, Birds and the Bees etc etc. Thanks guys for all you help on this matter. Timm
  5. Hi Misha, Done that as well when I noticed that there is a new version. However I will reinstall again and keep you up dated. What sound files does 11S use?
  6. Here is what I have, and also no sound files either. You will notice that I have no grass textures I have taken these out completly as they just don't look right (To big) could be small in size.
  7. Hi Pete, Thats was my first port of call and yes I have that ticked as well but nothing. I just popped over to Jefferson County Airfield and all the sounds are coming through fine. I also had a look in 11S config and all there is is a line states sound on sound off. No other lines stating what sounds
  8. I'm not getting anything like that. In fact I noticed that theres no sound files installed.
  9. Hi, Can anyone let me know what sounds you here at 11S Sekiu? I'm not hearing anything. Regards Timm
  10. Hi, 1. Is the DX10 preview mode box ticked ? - NO 2. Is 'special effects detail' set to high ? - YES 3. Which aircraft is this ? A2A Cessna 172 - Taken up another aircraft and still seeing the same. 4. In Scenery Library Configuration run 'Validate Scenery.cfg' - DONE 5. Please also make sure that DirectX is up to date. - UPTO DATE
  11. H Heiko, FSX yes but DX9 or 10 not sure there, but l would say 9. Here is another shot you can see the block over on the right. Now you will also see some strange pillar like things in the distance these also disappear as I get closer. Again not seen when viewed from external only when in VC.
  12. Hi John, I don't have any other scenery installed except ORBX .I i found these light textures for the field so i disabled them went back into FSX and saw just a black box with no textures. Removed and re-Installed -
  13. Oh come on surely one small clue in whats causing this PLEASE
  14. Hi Guys, Need some help here please. I have posted this over on the ORBX site but as yet had no answer, so thought I would ask here to see if any of you guys have seen what I am seeing when coming to land at EGTF Fairoaks It looks like a pile of containers on the runaway, but on a closer look its a block of lights textures. Now as I get closer they seem to disapear into the ground but are only seen when in the cockpit mode and not from outside. Here's a close up of what is showing.
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