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  1. Like the forums fsfiles.org had to be moved somewhere else, it will be back soon
  2. lol I retired a few days before my 10th anniversary here too, thanks everyone for your kind words, all the best !!
  3. Thank you all for your kind words, Orbx has outgrown me and I for one always know when it is time to move on. It has been an amazing 12 years that is for sure and of course OZx will continue as per usual. Nothing changes there. It has been a privilege to see the company grow but with new things on the horizon a full time administrator is necessary and I am not the man for it. The mask stays as I will not disappear I will still be around on OZx. Whomever takes on the new administrator role, please, remember one thing, there are humans on the other side of that screen,
  4. I shall be resigning from the Orbx Head Admin position for personal reasons, thank you all for all the good times, until we meet again.
  5. oh no!! I hope he gets better soon if that is possible at all, I am not too familair with the disease and what the prognosis would be please send him my best and thank you for letting us know
  6. The file on disk is much larger and there is a limitation on the forums if you use the inbuilt system, much better to use fsfiles.org
  7. No, there is not, people may need some time to get to this, opening other topics using CAPS is most certainly not the way to make friends around here, don't do it again
  8. I was going to reply at AVSIM but I was presented with the above, I have not been on AVSIM for years, didn't even know Tom had passed away but it looks like his legacy of being a random despot continues. So the unofficial support forum at AVSIM won't allow the administrator of the OFFICIAL forum to post there? What a joke. Closing this topic and they can thank AVSIM for the fact they are not getting support.
  9. The problem I am having here is that it seems to be isolated to a few, I cannot simulate it and when I log in "as them" it all works without issue.
  10. All 7 servers not downloading was a dead giveaway for a localised network issue I did some tracing back and it seems the server responds but gets a DoS back from your IP perhaps try it when you get home and see what happens there
  11. Yes, just google being stupid, nothing to worry about false positive
  12. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/509-tamworth-freeware-by-orbx/ lol look what I got
  13. I have traced the OP IP address and there seems to be an issue originating from the connection of Comcast to the nearest node for delivery, this is outside of our control, my only suggestion would be get www.internetdownloadmanager.com (free trial) and let it do it's thing. Comcast together with AT&T are the worst offenders in regards to Akamai type delivery systems, they do NOT like the speeds coming from the nodes and have been caught on occasion throttling their customers.
  14. The good old days but these days are better right guys ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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