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  1. This shot is extracted from a video that I posted in the video section
  2. A bit of action at London City airport!
  3. Glad guys that you liked it! As you probably noticed on the last real pic of the series with the building works and the cranes, EGLC is being extended on the east side (extension of the taxiway, new control tower). Also the skyline of both Canary Wharf and the City of London features extra buildings compared to the Orbx scenery as they have been built quite recently. Let’s hope that Orbx produces a patch to update the scenery at some point to keep it as real as it gets!
  4. Today I flew from LCY for real and thought it would be fun to redo the take off in XP with the Orbx EGLC scenery. So I put some shots from both my real camera and the sim to show you the comparison. And as a bonus track, the video of the real take off taken from my seat, enjoy! And now the video of the take off and some nice views of London
  5. Yeah, you probablay refer to the stream from BigJet TV (see link below), that was thrilling indeed all these go arounds... I will be flying out of EGLL to KJFK tomorrow for real so hope weather will be finer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gln7T-xxE4k
  6. 50kts wind gusts, tricky final at EGLL
  7. Nice set, now this L-1011 may be stuck for a while at EGHI as it needs 2500m runway length for take-off and the runway at Southamption is only... 1700m
  8. Glad you are not allowed to enter the screenshot contest so that it leaves us mere mortals a chance to shine a bit Keep up doing the fantastic work you do and I wish you the best (and health first!) for 2020. It is going to be a fantastic vintage for screenshots makers of all kinds with the roll out of Microsoft’s new bombshell!
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