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  1. P3D 4.4 over Kent
  2. ydelta

    Patagonia trip

    P3D 4.4 in south Argentina with Open LC South America
  3. ydelta

    P3D has not said its last word

    Yes indeed you can have them all, I have P3D, XP11 and AFS2 and use them alternatively for different usages. Now if you don't want to manage them all (and buy addons for each) then it will depend on what you want to do with them (VFR, IFR, liner or prop, VR). P3D can look really good and as realistic as XP11 if correcty configured. The two below shots are with FTX England for the first and Europe LC for the second
  4. We see more and more shots from XP11 featuring TE GB and Xvision and yeah they look nice. I spent some time today to fine tune P3D v4.4 with my new rig. I have found a good balance I think with modified shaders (via TomatoShade) and HDR settings. This is "just" FTX England (i.e. landclass) so I look forward to see TE England in P3D
  5. ydelta

    End of afternoon at Heathrow

    This is my preset for Xvision, you can decrease the contrast if you prefer but I like the dark shadows, it creates more relief and depth in the scenery
  6. ydelta

    Jet life

    Rodger, you are not that far from the truth, in reality these guys were mostly enjoying a glass of red wine (Romanée-Conti) while eating some canapés stuffed with red caviar enroute to Deauville (s small resort by the Normandy coast known for its Casino and horse races)
  7. ydelta

    Jet life

    Jack, so far I find it very accurate, of course the 3D model is superb but the VC and the systems seem to be working like the real thing. Now of course don’t expect the same realism as for a PMDG, FSL or LS product but the price tag is not the same either
  8. ydelta

    Jet life

    Falcon 50 EX over France
  9. ydelta

    X-Plane - Linux - UWXP - Orbx TE GB

    I thought the idea of this thread was to discuss the benefit of running XP11 on Linux so that's why I mentioned the fact that you don't need to invest a penny (or a cent depending on where you are ) if you want to test it. Ubuntu or Mint distributions are open source and they can be installed on an existing Windows machine seamlessly. I am sure newbies will appreciate that and the rest is pretty straightforward, you just need to install the XP11 package and that's pretty much it you don't need to know all the intricacies of Linux. Now if the idea is to initiate people to this OS, then I do agree that Pi will be a good starting point but don't expect running XP11 on Rasberry Pi
  10. ydelta

    X-Plane - Linux - UWXP - Orbx TE GB

    Actually you don’t need to buy a new hardware to test LInux, I have a machine that has both Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows with a dual boot, i.e. you select which OS you want to start upon startup after the BIOS sequence. It works the same way between Windows versions (for testing purpose I have another rig that has a dual boot between Windows 7 and Windows 10) or even with Mac OS (I can start my McBook Air with Mac OS or Windows;) )