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  1. Well, this time I spared the inhabitants of the Washington state the Sonic boom, but next time...
  2. Nice shot but this Easyjet bird looks a bit high on the glide... don't want to see how it will land
  3. Err... not only the runway's short but this bird has an approach speed of 180kts minimum making this exercice quite challenging (even for a Top Gun pilot like Jack ) For the following shots I decided to wait a bit as... viewers discretion is advised
  4. Awesome, it cannot get any better, hat’s off maestro
  5. Scenic shuttle flight with American A320 over Oregon and Washington states.
  6. Big up to Orbx, the rendering of the Bay Area is simply awesome, I could swear I was flying there for real
  7. Courcheval? I know Courchevel in the French Alps but not Courcheval Anyway, nice set Jack!
  8. BA7305 From London City to Milan Linate
  9. Arriving over south London, Crystal Palace in the background Approaching EGLC for a touch & Go as part of the BA crew training
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