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  1. Cleaning some folders, was about to trash some shots that did not pass the QC step, but thought these 3 leftovers would deserve a bit of spotlight before going to the bin...
  2. Leaving London for new skies...
  3. EGLC captured after a rainfall (yes it happens to rain sometimes in London but the sun quickly comes back )
  4. Hum, there is something wrong with your settings guys as I get solid 30-40fps on my laptop...
  5. Thanks guys, all these shots are taken from a laptop, I am quite happy with it
  6. This scenery is just amazing, I can't stop flying there
  7. Actually these shots are from my laptop and not my fixed rig (I am on holidays at the moment ) I am still testing a mix of UWXP 2.51 and Xvision 1.26 (not easy as some features are manipulating the same shaders) but I am quite happy with the results so far
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