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  1. Hi Iain, It would have been flattering to win the contest two months in a row but I think you double counted one of the votes for my shot, Jackbus should be the sole winner this month. Congrats to him! Yann
  2. Thanks guys, this contest is very competitive with a lot of beautiful shots so congrats to all the participants! Thanks also to Orbx and in particular Iain for organizing it! This shot is not from XP or MSFS but the good old P3D with some extra tweaks. Well, difficult to say as I already own most of them Now I recently added MSFS to my sim lineup so will maybe wait a bit to see if Orbx releases PAVD on that platform as the default scenery is non existent at the moment, the airport is not even modeled...
  3. A rainy day at EGLC? looks like a fictitious scenario Great shots anyway!
  4. nice ones, looks like it was not a stabilized approach and a standard arrival from the west
  5. Nice ones but all the images are skewed to the left, is that on purpose or to make us feeling sick or you are still struggling with the MSFS camera system?
  6. Nice Laminar shot with Luminar edit
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