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  1. Leaving London for new skies...
  2. EGLC captured after a rainfall (yes it happens to rain sometimes in London but the sun quickly comes back )
  3. Hum, there is something wrong with your settings guys as I get solid 30-40fps on my laptop...
  4. Thanks guys, all these shots are taken from a laptop, I am quite happy with it
  5. This scenery is just amazing, I can't stop flying there
  6. Actually these shots are from my laptop and not my fixed rig (I am on holidays at the moment ) I am still testing a mix of UWXP 2.51 and Xvision 1.26 (not easy as some features are manipulating the same shaders) but I am quite happy with the results so far
  7. Some X-rated stuff here, parental advisory required!
  8. Thanks but you helped the community with your Xvision tweak for the Radioactive trees in backlight so you set the standard!
  9. This set is for Jack who confused LFML with LFMC This is how the region should look like with Open LC Europe
  10. Jack, the title of your post is confusing as you clearly not departed from LFMC which is a very small airfield on the French Rivieira but rather from LFML (Marseille Provence airport) as we can see on your first shots. Now as mentioned by the previous posters I don't know what you messed up with the gates as you clearly not have any detailed addon for that airport judging by the default buildings and textures and the lack of detail... My guess would be that you have an issue with GSX or SODE (if you have installed one of the two or both) If you are interested by a good scenery for LFML, I recommand the JetStream Design version as shown on the below shot
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