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  1. Nice Laminar shot with Luminar edit
  2. Agreed I stopped at beta 4 and wait for further updates before moving The show stopper for me is the fact 11.50 does not seem to manage multi screens properly (at least with my setup)
  3. Yes it is, with TrueEarth Socal
  4. Just a disclaimer, Xvision 1.50 does not do much in XP11.50 as the shader mods are no longer effective Also with Vulkan rendering enabled, you get blurred textures with dense photosceneries such as the TrueEarth series so better wait and use Open GL for time being
  5. Cool stuff indeed, XPlane lookalike shots
  6. Nice one, that sky with the God rays, which sim is that? XP?
  7. I managed to fix the "roller coaster" runway issue at KSAN by editing the apt.dat file provided in the KSAN airport folder of MisterX6 and add the 1302 flatten 1 entry just after the airport header Now for KMYF, I've no addon on top of TrueEarth and editing the default apt.dat file in resources/default scenery/default apt dat/earth nav data does not solve the bumps issue so I guess that should be fixed with a patch at the TE Socal Ortho level by Orbx
  8. XP11.50 is a beta version and blurries are among the "bugs" that have been identified, it's not specific to Orbx TE SoCal but to certain photorealistic sceneries that eat a lot of VRAM (I have the same issue with TE GB south when running it with 11.50b6)
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