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  1. Yes I've tried multiple times to re-install, verify files etc. but as soon as I add any Orbx airports on top of TE Washington in 11.50, it refuses to load. That's both with Vulkan and regular OpenGL.
  2. The sim crashes during loading when any Orbx airports are enabled. TE scenery itself seems to work fine.
  3. The sim crashes during loading when trying to load 11.50 with Orbx scenery. I assume Orbx need to update their scenery for 11.50, which won't happen until 11.50 final is out...
  4. I remember. In fact I kept playing FU3 well into the 00's, until better scenery started coming out for FS. Early landclass-based scenery for FS looked too crude and inaccurate to me, but with the Holger meshes and Megascenery, it started looking more attractive and realistic. Then with the OrbX regions I thought we'd reached the peak of realistic scenery in flight sims. The regions still look great, but TrueEarth is once again on another level. It's just a shame we can't also have AI traffic and ATC around all the smaller airports like in FU3 and FSX/P3D. I always miss the Cessnas and Pipers calling out their positions in X-Plane.
  5. Film isn't 24 discrete still pictures per second. Each frame has a certain exposure time, and it captures everything that happened in the time span that the shutter was open (ie. motion blur), so the brain gets tricked into perceiving it as fluid motion. The limit of diminishing returns is probably somewhere closer to 180 - 200 FPS when talking discrete, digitally generated images. However 60 FPS is usually satisfactory on a regular screen, while 90 FPS is required in VR to avoid headaches and other ill effects.
  6. Wow, getting this installed was quite a puzzle. First I couldn't find the product to actually purchase it, I had to use the direct link in the announcement thread. Then I couldn't find it in OrbX Central to actually install it. Turns out it's buried under Washington HD/SD and then expansions, as mentioned here. You might want to advertise it a bit more openly if you want people to actually find, purchase and install it
  7. As someone who also bought the original AFS, this development (or lack thereof) unfortunately doesn't surprise me. It's pretty typical Ipacs to promise lots of stuff and then gradually abandon the product without implementing most of its promises. Basic things that were hinted during Early Access still haven't been implemented, like a better weather system and water masks, let alone more advanced features like ATC. It wouldn't surprise me if they were to announce AFS3 and once again promise all those features. That said I enjoy AFS2 for what it is. It loads quickly, you can go up and fly immediately without worrying about any realistic procedures, and it looks decent and performs well without tweaking config files or shaders. It's like a mobile, casual flight sim, but on PC.
  8. That was quick and just in time for the weekend! The download and installation went a lot quicker than Washington too, thanks to the new OrbX Central. Is KVUO compatible with this out of the box?
  9. Speaking of "internal experiments", have you looked at other options than JPG for the lossy compression stage? For example, WebP (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebP) can produce similar quality to JPG at half the file size, and consequently better quality at anything over half the file size. There's also pngcrush, that can optimize PNG images without losing any quality. The file size would still be larger than the current JPG's, but much smaller than raw DDS's.
  10. 1.0.1 update to Anacortes just showed up in my FTX Central. I assume it fixes the bug
  11. It's not exactly a "feature", but not a bug either. More like a design quirk of the X-Plane lighting engine. It happens with default scenery too, it might just be more apparent with TE because there are more trees... I find that the "Real Life" xVision preset by Leale Ryan pretty much solves this problem. However keep in mind that xVision makes unsupported changes to the X-Plane rendering engine, and is not guaranteed to continue functioning in future versions of the sim.
  12. I agree about the compression artifacts. It's one of my few complaints with TrueEarth. It's not super-noticeable, but when you take ~200 GB of textures and compress them down to ~30 GB for download, compression artifacts are inevitable. In some cases, you can clearly see the JPEG-like artifacts while flying. Right now, it looks good enough, but if the resolution is also reduced, on top of the already existing compression artifacts, it would be a devastating blow to my enjoyment of "low and slow" flying within the region. Of course it's understandable that OrbX want to reduce the download size, both to keep their own costs down and to offer manageable download sizes for their customers. Again, one solution might be to offer a paid downloads for customers who want the uncompressed, highest quality version, and who have the bandwidth to download hundreds of gigabytes...
  13. Since the Z16 images are half the size, it's not a fair comparison. Here they are at the same size: Z16: Z17: I suggest downloading them in separate tabs and switching between them. I think the sharpened Z16 version looks noticeably worse, and it's going to look even worse at 500 - 2500 feet in a high-wing aircraft. There's less detail overall, and the sharpening adds noticeable noise and ghosting to the image to the point where just a resized texture with no processing would look more natural. Also, I don't spend 95% of my time in urban areas. It's more like 5%, with the other 95% in the mountains and plains. If you're going to downgrade the quality, it's essential that you still provide the original product I paid for as an option. If hosting fees are the problem, at least allow us to pay for the download and keep it backed up ourselves.
  14. Indeed I remember your custom airports from the FU3 days I have to say though, that even without the GA AI traffic, XP11+TE is the closest I've come to recreating the "magic" of that sim back in the day.
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