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  1. Looks nice. One question, those red lights on top of tower, in P3D v.3 i had to get really close to tower to see them at all, same in P3D v.4? Brgds Stein-Ove
  2. Hi, I have one file invalid with EU Sco, have tried to install several times (EU SCo and Library), through FTX Central and via downloaded zip, deleted old backup before downloading. Running Migration several times and run Troubleshooter with same result every time: 1 file have invalid hashes Invalid files: ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_SCO_06_CVX\scenery\CVX_!500_FTX_EU_SCO_LC_4711_Aberdeen.BGL Please, help me out with this, thank you
  3. Hi, Just saw that new library out, one question about this info: "new default.xml for 3rd party compatibility" Are FlyTampa's EHAM autogen entries included in that new default.xml? Thank you. Brgds Stein-Ove
  4. Thanks Marcus, just for your info, i have installed all AS scenery i have for Norway, they show up as they did in v.3.3, rw-taxi-apron-warning lights works like they did in 3.3..
  5. ESSA 1.05 installed...., btw, all ORBX products i have installed pr. today in picture
  6. I have not tried in 3.3, bought ESSA yesterday ;-)
  7. Hi. Have bought Orbx ESSA and installed it in a new clean install off P3D v.3.4, but have no taxiway lights,also i cannot see any red warnings lights anywhere. I'm not sure if there are any in this scenery, maybe someone can confirm this. Light's near terminal (lightpole's) and rw light's are ok, so is building's etc. Global, Eu and Na LC's, Vector, FTX Nor and latest library installed from scratch, no error's after migration process.
  8. Hi, One question, i'm in process of install P3D v.3.4 from scratch, do i need to install old LC_NA_Alaska_Canada before i install LC_NA110? I wanna do this right Thank you.
  9. One question to developer. Have RW26 lead in lights? If so, are they animated? I can remember when i used my Aerosoft version of LOWI for FSX (2010 or so) they where animated. (I'm not sure if they are there in real life, but maybe other simmers, real life pilots can answer that!) But anyway, a great scenery comin to life. Congrats.
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