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  1. Hi Anton, the post is from September 18, 2017 . There were plenty of new releases since. The latest is 2.2.4. You can find all releases right here. BTW: I'm also using it with XP 11.35. BTW 2: Currently development continues towards 2.4. Alex
  2. Derek, if you have FSX or P3D installed you can copy the airspaces from these simulators to the X-Plane database. You have to switch to a P3D or FSX database to enable this menu item. But this is just a workaround. X-Plane comes with airspaces for the US only and the format is not documented as far as I can see. Can you post the link? Alex
  3. Right. You have to set the path for X-Plane in the "Load Scenery Library" dialog first and load the database to show the X-Plane menu item. Well, loading is not really needed but the path has to be set at least. The problem is that X-Plane leaves not entries in the registry so I cannot detect it like the other simulators. Alex
  4. Hi Stewart, delete the old one. All settings are stored in another directory so it is safe to remove old versions. Alex
  5. Hi All, the biggest change in this version is X-Plane support for almost all Little Navmap features: Scenery Database, moving map, traffic, weather and more. The update is also recommended for FSX/Prepar3D users because of several bugfixes and other small improvements like the new configurable update notification which will show a dialog if a new release is available. Announcement on my page with all links. Screenshots Online Manual Direct download link Windows Direct download link macOS Direct download link Linux Changes from Release 1.4.4 to 1.6.3 The scenery database format has changed and the program will ask to erase its own databases if started. Enhancements X-Plane 11 Can read full X-Plane scenery database: Airports, aprons, taxiways, navaids, airways, procedures (including speed limits). Also add-on overrides and path exclusions in the options dialog. Supports navdata updates. Display of AI aircraft on map and in information window. Weather from X-Plane downloaded weather file `METAR.rwx` (station or nearest station). Copy airspaces from FSX or P3D to X-Plane database. FMS and FLP flight plan file loading and saving. Moving map. Needs the _Little XpConnect_ X-Plane plugin which is included in the download archive. Altitude and one-way restrictions for airways are considered when calculating flight plans. Supported platforms are Windows, macOS and Linux for all programs. General Automatic update check on startup (daily, weekly or manual) with settings in options dialog on tab `Startup`. Added push buttons in flight plan and procedure search top area to remove selection and map highlights. Rhumb line measurement now shows both magnetic and true course where declination is based on origin. Can now load and save FMS and FLP flight plan formats. Can load FS9 flight plan format. Route string generation is now more robust for malformed and incomplete flight plans. Now erasing wrong airway entries at departure and destination when loading flight plan to avoid problems with malformed flight plans from other tools. Shows startup positions in the information window now. Added donation link to help menu and about dialog. Bug Fixes and Improvements Improved weather display for nearest station: Added name, distance and map link to reporting station if that is an airport. FSX and P3D: Fixed several problems with magnetic declination by using `magdec.bgl` file now. Fixed issues when loading P3D v4 add-on.xml. Fixed crash when loading older FSX/P3D scenery. Fixed handling and display of helipads. Now using name as an identifier. Improved detection of military and closed airports. Database loading dialog now pops up after erasing incompatible databases. Fixed missing encoding in saved FSX PLN files causing problems with other tools. See the include file `CHANGELOG.txt` for a detailed list of all changes across all versions. Alex
  6. Makes sense. I think a lot of people still have old flight plans around and it is not too much effort. Alex
  7. Little Navmap update and bugfix Release Most important change are bugfixes regarding crashes with P3D v4 scenery data. Announcement on my page with all links. Direct download link Windows Direct download link macOS Direct download link Linux Notes The littlenavmap-nosimconnect.exe was dropped in Little Navmap version 1.4.4. You can use littlenavmap.exe on all computers now, no matter if SimConnect is installed or not. The map theme can change after the update in some cases. Simply change it back to your previous theme. The GUI style can change after the update in some cases. Go to the options dialog to revert back to the style you used before. Changelog from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4 Added light (Positron) and dark (Dark Matter) maps from CARTO. SimConnect is now detected and loaded dynamically. The file littlenavmap-nosimconnect.exe was removed since it is not needed anymore. littlenavmap.exe can now also be used on bare computers without SimConnect or flight simulator installation. Added notification message if SimConnect was not found in connect dialog. The file link in the information window is now removed if the file cannot be found. This happens on remote computers with copied databases. Added start positions to runway information. These are also available if the airport has no runways. Improved aircraft progress display and fixed multiple omissions. Fixed potential crashes when a style is unavailable. Half transparent aircraft icon fixed. Fixed problem with links in scenery database error dialog opening inline. Changed to Qt library 5.9. Note that the GTK style is not available anymore in Linux. P3D v4 runways, aprons and taxiways are now read correctly. This affects all BGL files that are created using the v4 SDK compiler. Fixed crash with P3D v4 BGL files and other crashes that appear after applying the P3D v4 hotfix 1 and loading the scenery library. Added support for P3D v4 add-on.xml packages. These are now read from subdirectories of C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\add-ons and C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons. Full changelog.
  8. Little Navmap stable Release Announcement on my page with all links. Direct download link Windows Direct download link macOS Direct download link Linux Small Changelog from 1.2.4 to 1.4.3 Support for Prepar3D version 4 Procedures: Approaches, Transitions, SIDs and STARs (see note regarding SIDs and STARs) See here and here in the manual for details. Airspaces TACAN and VORTAC navaids (see note) Offline GLOBE Elevation data - no known elevation errors and faster update. See here in the manual. New flight plan export formats: GPX (including flown track), PMDG RTE, Aerosoft Airbus FLP and X-Plane FMS. Ship traffic added Output in route string dialog can be customized (see in manual). Documentation now contains two tutorials. Little Navconnect is now bundled together with the Little Navmap download. Added option to calculate flight plan between selected waypoints of a present flight plan (manual). Map colors and the colors for two GUI themes can now be customized in configuration files (see here for more information). Problems with OpenStreetMap fixed. Bug fixes and other small improvements. Note: TACAN, VORTAC, SIDs and STARs are only available with fsAerodata update. With the plain FSX/P3D you can use the included approaches and transitions. Full changelog.
  9. Thank you for the kind words! My wife is happy for every sale. I think it is a nice gift for somebody who can read German or likes refresh his reading skills. Alex
  10. Hi All, looks like there are quite a few satisfied customers here. Again: Thank you for the warm welcome, guys! Alex
  11. Hi All, thank you all for the kind words, but actually I was selfish because I needed another flight planner myself. Regarding CSV: Already planned, including bookmarks, user defined waypoints and stuff. I'll put this into the next major release 1.6. There is a long list of tasks that will keep me busy for some time ... Alex
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