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  1. 85 at present -- been around flight simulation for quite a while. Especially enjoying meeting with long-term (and recent) friends in our monthly San Diego SimFlite club meetings -- from advanced desk-top sims to a member's home-built 737 cockpit, and another with a 3 axis sim sporting a salvaged Cessna cockpit. And so much on the horizon now to look forward to!
  2. Well, I've been involved with flight simulation since the mid-'90s, including a stint as Avsim's Managing Editor. I'm now 83 enjoying a state-of-the-art system, mainly with ORBX scenery, of course. I'm enjoying friendship with fellow simmers meeting here regularly in San Diego over more than a decade. (Anyone else here living in Southern California?) By the way, I'm a stage 4 melanoma survivor; thanks to immunology infusions made possible by recent medical research. Best regards to all, Maury
  3. @sd_flyer You said,"If you need info or photos in the surrounding airport areas, let me know." I also live near San Diego and participated in the LVFR KSAN beta test. We have a long-standing club, San Diego SimFlite, that meets the 2nd Saturday of each month, sometimes under the Rwy 27 approach flight path at the Aerospace Museum -- so we have access to photos (and personal knowledge) to share as well. Might you and any other FTX forum readers be interested in joining us? If so please PM me.
  4. Maurizio, I've followed your progress for some time, As I've visited Nice several times, both as a consultant to a client based there, and as a vacationer, I find the beauty of the area, and correspondingly of your work to be simply wonderful. My thanks to you and ORBX for potentially adding so much pleasure, now to include P3D v3.2 Maurice
  5. My Saitek Combat Flight Pedals (on backorder at MyPilotStore for some six weeks) were delivered this past Thursday. The price has been increased, but these are now in stock: http://www.mypilotstore.com/MyPilotStore/sep/7527
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