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  1. Nick, I just went for supper and came back to the computer to find MSFS 2020 as an available selectable item in my Orbx Central. Not going to ask questions, lol. I have no ideal what transpired but I will gladly accept it. Dave
  2. Donald, Did you uninstall Orbx Central first or just stall overtop? thanks.
  3. central.log Nick, Let me know if this came through. Since being retired I never do this stuff anymore. man, I miss my IT people, lol. I'll never be accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers.
  4. Nich, This thing is quite large. Do you wish me to simply copy and paste it?
  5. Honestly Doug, I really am not computer savvy enough to know what the other files he talked about deleting. I may have to go re-buy these from Microsoft. Looking in the change-log of it states that it is ready for MSFS. Thanks very much for your time though. Cheers. Dave
  6. Which version of Orbx Central are you using? I have made a couple of MSFS 2020 Orbx purchases (Orbx Direct) and my version does not make any reference to MSFS 2020 so there is no way I can download them. Been getting suggestions from Doug in CYYC but so far no luck.
  7. Did a restart. No Change. My Orbx Central makes no reference to MSFS 2020 anywhere.
  8. Yes. Several times. I did check for an update to Orbx Central but is seems is the latest.
  9. My version of Orbx Central does not show anything to do with MSFS 2020.
  10. Sorry Doug - It was Orbx Central I was working with.
  11. Greetings, I just purchased KORS and KTIW and am not abloe to access MSFS 2020 products in Orbx Direct. I have theInsider Hub installed. Dave
  12. As someone who is not familiar with this area when you have a moment would it be possible to make the map in the product guide available as a stand alone 8” x 11” download? I purchased this product today and am looking forward to exploring. thank you for any consideration. Dave
  13. If products costs are now to be in US$$ instead of AUS$$ that will indeed result in a pretty massive price increase for Canadians. Well, that's one way to increase profit margins. Interesting that the question is not being answered. One thing I have respected Orbx for was their pricing in AUS$$. That said this kind of maneuvering is the right of the company though I find it disappointing. Wonder if this change is as a result of the new management structure? Here in Canada we have the odd Canadian company selling (online) out of a Canadian address to Canadians charging in US$$ and
  14. KHQM. While it is is a free airport it is one of my favorites. Like the above post. I'd be fine with it being payware.
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