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  1. Thanks, Jon. I found AXONOS on Facebook and exchanged a couple of messages. They very kindly sent me a link to the static aircraft available for KMEM. With the FedEx ramp populated it adds very nicely. Dave
  2. Just purchased for X-P. is there a time of day the FedEx ramp is filled with aircraft? Arrived yesterday on my first flight since purchasing and it was totally empty. there was traffic at the main terminal. thanks.
  3. Are you collecting Canadian sales tax(s)? There is a wide variation on sales taxes within various provinces of Canada. Is his/will this...be factored in?
  4. I'd sure like to have a pdf map included. I'm interested but simply do not know the area geographically.
  5. When they make it to the list: Bozeman Jackson Hole West Yellowstone Sun Valley Kalispell For any of XP11, P3dV5, MSFS. Thanks for any consideration. This too is a beautiful part of the world to fly. Dave
  6. Small ones like S45, KHQM and the ranch in OR would be welcome too.
  7. Thank you Jon. Understood. Stay safe. Dave
  8. Hi Jon, Thank you for the info. I have unticked the (automatically backup product install files". As you can see I have 280 gigs showing in backups. Can they be removed? How do I remove them if this is okay? Are there any negative issues with removing them other than a requirement to download them again if needed? Many thanks for your time. Dave
  9. I need to do the same for Washington as I am running out of HD space and it looks like I can free up 140 gigs this way. At the risk of appearing "challenged" how do I do this? Many thanks. Edit: Okay, I see the uninstall in Orbx Central...does that completely remove all traces of the HD version from the HD? Dave
  10. Greetings. Looking for suggestions for X-Plane 11 add-on airports. Thanks.
  11. I'm not overly familiar with the geography here. Is there a downloadable map, preferably with airports on it that someone could suggest? Downloading as I type. Many thanks. Dave
  12. Mine was 1 gig initially then the second was just over 8 gigs...wonder why the difference? Dave
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