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  1. Thank you. This is interesting and i'll experiment. Dave
  2. Hello Jon, Hazy, lack of light. Sometimes it's bright, visibility unlimited but mostly it is not. I am unable to locate fogbegone to place within flywithlua suggested by Susman. Thanks.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but seeing as usually it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission...... I really do like XP-11 with one exception.... It is really dark and also drab compared to the brighter days and unlimited visibility of P3dV4.5+. I've heard of solutions to this and would really appreciate it if they could be shared here. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers but manage to muddle along. Many thanks. Dave
  4. Pardon me, I thought it was part of the AU V2. Sorry.
  5. Installed V2 but it is simply not there. When at YMLT for example the airport is the P3dV4.5 HF2 default and not the enhanced version of this airport. Terrain in general appears to be the same sort of lackluster P3d default. I have uninstalled then reinstalled but no difference. On this computer I have never had V1 installed. Any suggestions will be most welcome. Thank you. Dave
  6. Where does one look to determine which airports have been updated to be compatible with V2? I have most of the airports purchased over the years but have yet to download them this computer.Just bought with the recent sale (Thank you) Australia V2 and installed it today. Dave
  7. I flew forest fire suppression aircraft here in Canada for quite a few years of my career. One thing i noticed is that serious fire seasons seem to come in cycles - every 7-8 years though of course that's not carved in stone. For example years that come to mind were 1979, 1980, 1988, 1995, 2003.....2016* (Fort McMurray fire*)....fires seemed to burn like crazy for long stretches -weeks or more. Then in 2008 & 2009 I flew well under 100 hours (on two types of aircraft as i was checked out on both), including spring training, as it rained all summer it seemed. Cycles are probably a little different depending what part of the country you're in and as Canada is a big place (to drive from one end of the country to the other is probably somewhere around 8000 km - depending on route). *No shortage of 100,000+ acre fires happen most years only usually they are in the areas of lower population. Uncommon is a city is in the path of one but it is front page news when it happens of course. Nothing scientific about this on my part but only an observation from being a participant. It's one of the reasons I put little stock in this climate change business as the climate is always changing and seems to run in cycles. I flew both fixed and rotary aircraft on fires and it is challenging work. My last year doing fires was 2009. It can also be rewarding when something you did might have made a difference. About 40-45 years ago i had a cousin (in-law) who got killed in Australia flying rotary on fires.
  8. Hi Nick. What I meant to say was within LC Europe there are 10 different areas: OLC EU 1-10. Just wondering if it is possible to pic and choose which ones to install. With all the TE I have recently purchased I'm trying to manage remaining HD space. Thanks. Dave
  9. Another related question: How does it work with a country such as Norway already purchased, downloaded and installed? Sweden without any improvement looks pretty basic and could do with some help.
  10. Looking at the product page there are many sections to this product. Do they all have to be installed at the same time or is it possible to simply install those areas of personal interest? it looks to be a 24 gig download for everything if I read correctly and I would prefer do download smaller segments. Dave
  11. I've now got KSUN and the only elevation issues I've noticed are by the terminal where one of the ramp workers is in concrete to his thighs and a nosewheel was half way sunk in the ramp when taxiing there. That said for such a good scenery i have no complaints and those couple imperfections are not an issue to me. Dave
  12. Thanks for the reply. The reason I was asking is that my internet download speed isn't the fastest so depending on size of the download I might have it come down overnight. So - for initial download the HD = 210 and for SD = 54? if this is the case I may go for the SD. Thanks.
  13. How large is the download initially for both the SD &/ or HD?
  14. Sorry....Got both XP & P3d.... got to remember not to confuse them....senior moment.
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