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  1. thank you very much for clearing that up, misha. that's all i needed to know. thanks everybody for your help. cheers
  2. unfortunately i am unable to upload any pictures due to a server problem on your side.
  3. i just uninstalled/re-installed LDDU. first of all, i again had an installer error, which seemed to be spurious, as after "verify files" everything seemed to be ok. so either this is a false error or the verify routine is unreliable... the re-install didn't change anything. but i noticed that there seems to be an issue with that part of the apron texture next to the spot i am having issues with.
  4. sorry for the delay...nope, only Orbx files. i have attaches the search results, in case you want to take a look. thanks
  5. hi doug, i did just as advised: uninstall using OC, re-install to new lib. the operation gave me this error: next i uninstalled again, restartet the system, re-installed, and OC said: then i used the verify files routine, and no complaints from OC... terraflora is now here (note this is the same hard drive p3d is also installed to, but as suggested, within a folder outside p3d): unfortunately, LDDU still looks the same as before at that spot... i would like to point out, this isn't about that small gra
  6. well there is a lib there, but no objectflow in it, only terraflora: D:\USER\Documents\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Global TerraFlora v2 should it be deleted as well? thanks
  7. thanks doug ! here's what i did following your recommendations: 1) uninstall objectflow via Orbx central 2) create a lib as recommended 3) reinstall objectflow to the new lib unfortunately LDDU still looks as before, besides improved grass textures as i did exchange the detail1.bmp in the meantime. any suggestions? thanks scenery.cfg add-ons.cfg
  8. hi everyone, i am having bizzare looking textures in dubrovnik, and i am afraid there could be something wrong with my scenery config. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this may or may not be related to the thread below that i opened for other reasons initially: for the record, i followed the procedure as in the opening post of the thread above, and basically applied "verify files" to each and every Orbx scenery, then AEC. apparently that didnt solve every issue. also i am not using any a
  9. to round it all up, that's what it looks like using "dr-Z's" (Drzewiecki Design) textures. thanks QA ; )
  10. definetly looks better by replacing the details1.bmp. thanks for the advice : ) here's a pic of the results using the aero "coarse" mod.
  11. sorry i have to come back on this, but i am afraid there is still sth wrong in my scenery config. please see for yourself: pic of LDDU attached. i followed the procedure as in the opening post, and basically applied "verify files" to each and every Orbx scenery, then AEC. apparently that didnt solve every issue. current scenery.cfg + add-ons.cfg attached. also added a snip of little nav map showing the layers' hirarchy conerning LDDU. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you very much ! add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg
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