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  1. As a quick follow up, I closed FTX Central and reopened it. Clicked install Vector again and it installed quickly this time. Maybe worth a shot. Not sure if it starts the download over or not, as I started the download and then stepped away and when back about 20 minutes later install was complete.
  2. Mine made it to 74% and has now been stuck for about 30 minutes. Curious how long to wait before starting over....
  3. Well good to hear and read this. Was curious about the FSLabs 320 once upgraded to P3Dv4, but no longer.... they can keep it if they are that silly with DRM. I also have their Concorde which it seems they won't be bothering to update to v4. Seems I'm done with FSLabs. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Great video and awesome setup you have. Best of luck with the upgrades!
  5. Great post, enjoyed the shots! And yes, it's worth the price... I even fly it often low and slow haha. I enjoy freight routes more than the passenger routes. Awesome plane, and in P3Dv4 it's butter with Orbx stuff. Very pleased!
  6. Great video! Thanks for sharing! I too would buy this in a second!
  7. Man, was hoping to come back after this was first announced and find it to be resolved by now and PayPal turned back on. Was really wanting to pick up some stuff but without PayPal not a viable option unfortunately. Best of luck sorting this.
  8. Sure, what better time to test the loyalty of your customers with a new payment system than during a sale when they are eager to buy and sales are already up due to reduced prices? Simple economics 101.
  9. Orbx doesn't get it or care, and Alex is simply the damage control PR mouth. Fair enough. Like rogera said, I support PayPal vendors on a daily basis both online and in normal retailers, Orbx decided to no longer be one. I guess the reason doesn't matter, other than it's disappointing they chose to let down/lose so many customers. Particularly (or maybe on purpose?) during a rare sale.
  10. Well, not that Orbx cares, but add me to the list of not buying until PayPal is back. I simply won't share my credit/debit cards to each individual mom and pop virtual store where ever they may be located in the world. PayPal is great, use it every day. Everywhere else accepts it. Bad decision, very disappointed.
  11. I've had really good luck and enjoy using FreeMeshX. http://ninetwopro.com/ Can't beat the price, it looks fantastic, and the developer even provides helpful support if needed.
  12. Thanks for the fast replies guys! I haven't even landed at Darwin yet ha I just picked up a bunch of new stuff in this part of the world during the May sale and exploring it all, apologies for bringing up a known issue. Was concerned it might somehow be related to the latest unified LC update, but obviously it is not. Everything else looks fantastic, so will enjoy as is. Thanks again!
  13. Hi, not sure if others are seeing this or if it's related to the latest unified LC update I did today, but I am on a flight between AYPY to YPDN, have Australia region installed (as well as PNG and AYPY airport, both no issues) but ran across square lakes east of Darwin (YPDN). Not sure what might cause it. I also have Global and Vector installed, as well as several other regions and airports (all Orbx). This is in P3D v 3.2. Have not run into this before today, but also haven't flown this part of Australia before. Coastlines and rivers all look great. Everything is up to date in Central. Thanks!
  14. Great shots! Gotta ask, where'd ya get the belly pod?
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