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  1. In the window that has the the controls, I think its shift 2 or 3, you can click on the automatic hydraulic pump and it will keep up the hydraulic pressure. You need to have the pressure to lower and raise the flaps and gear. This last time I crashed it I tried to lower the landing gear and no pressure so nothing happened. I engaged the automatic hydraulic pump and lowered the flaps but forgot to try again to lower the gear. Result was a wheels up landing.
  2. I also like it a lot, but I have crashed it three times already.
  3. I would like to put in a bid for Monrovia, Liberia since it it right across the southern Atlantic from Reciefe, Brazil, only about 1900 miles. I just flew it in the A2A Connie. Somewhat over 8 hours.
  4. FSX performance depends much more on the processor than the video card. But a good starting point to better frame rates would be to work the FSX sliders leftward starting with autogen and scenery complexity. Change one slider at a time and observe results. How much have you flown in FSX? Some more info on your rig might be helpful.
  5. Best views of Murray I have seen!
  6. Doug, I am considering a build using the Ryzen 3800, or maybe the Ryzen 3900 but not sure if the 3900 is worth the extra $150.00. Also are you using the Wrath cooler that comes with the Ryzen even with overclocking. Whats your best overclocking speed so far with the 3800?
  7. One of the things I have done with my old 4 core Athelon native 3.6 ghz is overclock it to 4.2 ghz on the first two cores. this works pretty good and is remarkably stable as long as I can keep it cool enough. I find that with FSX most of the work is done on the first two cores which is why overclocking only half of the processor works really good. I can only get all four cores up to 3.8 ghz. I have read that P3D spreads the workload out better between the other cores and the video card.
  8. I am in the process of putting together specs for a new flight sim system. One of the things I have discovered is that there are a lot of people online running benchmark comparisons of various computer components. They compare the performance of a processor or video card for example across a variety of computer games. However, I have not seen any benchmark comparison tests that look at component performance in flight sim programs like P3D, Xplane or even FSX. So I am wondering if there is someone in the community who can give me a good idea of what computer games would provide the best stand in for P3D in such benchmark tests?
  9. I want to add one additional thought. Scott Gentile, the owner of A2A, says that when they are creating a new flight sim airplane, its like there is a bucket of features you can add to the airplane, and you can pick and choose what features you want it to have, but eventually if you keep adding features, the bucket gets overfilled and performance suffers. Flight sim home systems I think are like that. Obviously the more powerful the system the bigger bucket but even really powerful systems can get over filled with addons, and performance suffers. The other thing is that the more you add the harder it is to figure out what might be causing a problem. I have a ten year old system running FSX in Win 7, and I get remarkably good performance partly because I have kept it simple. A fair amount of Orbx scenery, some Rex weather software, some A2A airplanes, some freeware airplanes and thats about it. I am putting together specs for a really high end Ryzen system, but I am still going to keep it simple regarding software addons. Even with blinding speed, there is still no free lunch.
  10. NIck, If your system worked really well at first ( your specs indicate basically a really good system) but degraded over time its reasonable to assume all the addons have created problems for you in which case a registry cleaner might help. That's probably the simplest thing to try that might help. After that some hard choices about what to remove.
  11. In FSX KSBP is already pretty good with some interesting approaches.
  12. Just to the right of the top of the mast on the airplane is a big hole in the ground, so I am going to guess that this is either an elevation problem or a problem with the order of scenery in the Scenery Library or both. I don't know if the fixes for these problems have changed or not so I am going to have to leave a working solution to someone more current on Orbx.
  13. I think the only real photo is the fourth one. The rest are sims.
  14. There would be no advantage to uninstalling from your computer and redownloading. In the series of check boxes in the scenery library it would save a few seconds to uncheck some of areas where you are not flying but not much more than that. What FSX is doing when it loads is load pointers to the scenery and not the scenery itself. The actual scenery and weather loads when you ask it to load a specific flight. Generally for me its not worth the effort of changing it all the time and remembering what I have done. I have a mid to low range machine and it usually loads in about a minute and a half, just enough time for me to go and take a leak before I sit down to fly. When I ask it to load a flight it generally takes about a minute. If you have a new machine that's relatively fast it ought to load FSX faster than a minute and a half.
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