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  1. Just to the right of the top of the mast on the airplane is a big hole in the ground, so I am going to guess that this is either an elevation problem or a problem with the order of scenery in the Scenery Library or both. I don't know if the fixes for these problems have changed or not so I am going to have to leave a working solution to someone more current on Orbx.
  2. I think the only real photo is the fourth one. The rest are sims.
  3. There would be no advantage to uninstalling from your computer and redownloading. In the series of check boxes in the scenery library it would save a few seconds to uncheck some of areas where you are not flying but not much more than that. What FSX is doing when it loads is load pointers to the scenery and not the scenery itself. The actual scenery and weather loads when you ask it to load a specific flight. Generally for me its not worth the effort of changing it all the time and remembering what I have done. I have a mid to low range machine and it usually loads in about a minute and a half, just enough time for me to go and take a leak before I sit down to fly. When I ask it to load a flight it generally takes about a minute. If you have a new machine that's relatively fast it ought to load FSX faster than a minute and a half.
  4. Getting hard to tell the real from the sim.
  5. The obvious likely hood that the new MSFS will be a subscription service is enough for me to pass on it.
  6. The only problem I have observed with WW Airports is some hanger textures flicker and the Terminal at Medford remains some lower resolution oddity. Is that the problem you are talking about?
  7. Not much in eastern Oregon so excellent frame rates.
  8. One of my favorites is Mankonea lake 4AK5. Its in a beautiful valley, but the main lodge has sunk below grade level. Could use a little fixing up.
  9. I would like to see Orbx do a lot more in the Caribbean. I fly in Alaska and British Columbia in the summer and down to the Caribbean in the winter. I had to resort to several non Orbx sceneries to do so.
  10. I have long been of the opinion that you have to get over 4 ghz with your processor before you start getting decent performance, which is why I overclocked my AMD processor on at least two cores to get over 4 ghz. Some experts have over clocked the I5 9600 to 5 ghz which ought to give anybody with a GTX 970 or better blazing performace. My rule of thumb is that just about any relatively experienced simmer ought to be able to overclock by at least 18% which would take 3.7 ghz to about 4.36 which ought to do really nice, but it also depends on the motherboard and cooling since overclocking is heat intensive for the processor.
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