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  1. Do the Logitech drivers work for Saitek hardware that was bought before Logitech took over?
  2. Thanks Nick. My SSD is 1 TB. After moving FSX off and installing P3D there should be around 4 or 500 GB available for whatever TE you guys come up with. All my Orbx is North America.
  3. With TE Washington and Oregon on the horizon I am beginning to get serious about P3D. My FSX Orbx folder is 167 GB. How big will it be when I port it over to P3D? After I move FSX over to my hard drive I will have 6 or 700 GB available on my SSD for P3D. I could not find where this question had been previously asked on the forum.
  4. I Would appreciate it if someone would post pictures of TE Medford Oregon, which is where I live.
  5. I have GTX 970 and an Amd quad core native 3.6 ghz overclocked to 4.15 on the first two cores. works amazingly well in FSX. Since I live in Oregon TE Oregon P3D is what I will need to finally make the move. Thanks for the link
  6. What are the minimum suggested specs to run True Earth Washington and Oregon when they become available in P3D?
  7. That sounds much like the UFO I saw in FSX. See my recent post in the other UFO Thread.
  8. UFO are mostly optical illusions. The main reason they move so dramatically when seen from the air is because the observer is in an airplane which is also moving. Having said that I did once see the famous FSX UFO. When the A2A B377 first came out I flew it around the world several times. One time I was in the South Pacific at about 2 am simulator time with all the lights out at about 25,000 feet. I was no where near land, basically in the middle of no where when a bright white point of light passed at very high speed from behind and above on the left to below dead ahead and then disappeared. The time span was maybe 2 or 3 seconds before it disappeared. I have never seen a UFO in real life.
  9. Possibly the land class is wrong.
  10. After searching around a bit it doesn't seem like there are many repaints. Odd for such a nice plane.
  11. The Aztec is really nice. Beautiful cockpit which appealed to me a lot. Very smooth and fast at altitude but you have to pretend to be on oxygen. I though it was a little slower than the numbers said it should be at FL15 so I went into the config file and raised the propeller thrust scaler to 1.1 that brings it up to about 168 knots which is close enough. It has that odd FSX bug where you have to give it a bit of carb heat by hitting the "H" key while climbing above about FL 12 or the engines loose power. this is odd since the engines are fuel injected and turbocharged. I cheat a lot in FSX. I put in a 22kt tailwind and was busting along at near 300 mph at FL 20.
  12. After seeing your screen shots I checked into the Alabeo Aztec. I bought it and just flew it from Murray to Bowerman. Very nice aircraft!
  13. I am in southern Oregon and we have smoke from the fire up here. Let me make a suggestion. Load up one of your planes with cargo, call it relief supplies and fly into one of the airports near the fire area. when you get there make a contribution for disaster relief to the Red Cross or what ever related charity you prefer. I am loading up the C-47 and heading down that way tonight.
  14. The Dreamliner has one of the most beautiful wings of any airplane I have ever seen.
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