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  1. Hi Bouwe, I checked. Try setting the time to before midnight! We both got caught out by the effect being time dependent. All the best, John
  2. Hi Bouwe, Thanks for the report. Sadly I can confirm this. I'm not seeing them either. Will report the issue. All the best, John
  3. At least I can't blame them for what I'm seeing! I actually enjoy having their P3D version of the airport. I assume that's where you are seeing my missing Orsay! All the best, John
  4. I would assume b5a61705-97ef-4cc3-a058-4eb7743564cf which, as far as I know, is the one for the Orsay and, presumably, all the other objects. All the best, John
  5. They wouldn't. I suspect ours is the largest of the objects and therefore the most obvious but, when we fix it (which is in the pipeline), all the other sceneries will still conflict with each other. Basically any developer can and should get round to fixing this for their own scenery. Here's what's replaced my Musee d'Orsay in the Paris pack All the best, John
  6. Hi there, I am told a patch is on the way to address this issue though have no information concerning the timescale. At the moment the simplest approach would be to move the Paris City Pack out of your Community folder when using the Cannes scenery. The problem is that the Orsay and an object in the Cannes scenery share a GUID (the alphanumeric identifier for an object in Flight Sim). You could mention it to LMT. Doubtless they are aware of the issue and it would be advisable for them to fix it as well. There are other sceneries out there which are using the s
  7. Appreciate the help but, no, I don't. I'll just be glad when the Musee d'Orsay gets back to Paris after it's world tour All the best, John
  8. An update. It would appear that this problem is due to the shared GUID. I've no timescale but am told an update to fix this is being worked on. Looking closely I noticed this sign where the Orsay should be. It would seem that you and I are suffering from the opposite of the Orsay appearing where it shouldn't! Would still be worth just seeing if it appears when you only have the Paris package in your community folder. Didn't work for me but it might work for you. If it doesn't we'll need to wait for the update. All the best, J
  9. Hi there, Seeing your message got me to revisit Paris only to discover that my Orsay has now disappeared as well It was definitely there when we released it - as you say it gained some notoriety for appearing in various random parts of the world. I'm wondering if somewhere along the line Asobo have updated something. Anyway I'll check up on this. All the best, John
  10. Hi there, Sorry for the delay in responding, must have missed this first time around. We're working on the update so I was looking into this issue. There is no significant difference in the positions of the runways so that can be discounted. What was hard to see was that your two 'scenarios' were very different. Your screenshot for your approach to the 'Orbx' airport shows a headwind from the left. For your approach to the default you have a tailwind from the right. You couldn't get more different situations. It seems that what is happening
  11. Yes it was. Fixing it was one of the original reasons for the update. Apologies again, I just forgot we were still waiting to release the update. As I say we came across some other things which would be nice improvements which is why it's not quite out yet. When I saw Ilkley I thought that might be your closest airport! All the best, John
  12. I may owe you an apology there. I was sure that update had been released but, possibly, not yet. Some other improvements had been suggested so that's possibly delayed things a bit. If so, rest assured, the bumpy taxiways will be a thing of the past. All the best, John
  13. Hi there, EGNT should be 1.1.0 LOWZ should be 1.2.0 EGPN should be 1.0.0 I did a flight from EGPN this morning (it's almost my local airport) and noticed that, since the update, there is a second windsock and one of the hangars is duplicated. Presumably Asobo updated their default airport a bit! All else seems fine. All the best, John
  14. Hi, Thanks. Good spot. It's definitely there but I haven't a clue what it is! There have been double windsocks since the update but I'm suspecting this is something we just missed in beta. I'll mention it. All the best, John
  15. Hi there, I've gone back to double check that nothing has changed but can't replicate this (I remember checking all the taxiways during the beta). Have you tried verifying files for EGNM in Orbx central? It's possible that another addon is causing a conflict. You could try moving everything apart from EGNM out of your community folder and see if it still occurs. All the best, John
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