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  1. Hi Julio, I see the same. It's a problem caused by the attempt to make the scenery compatible with the TEUS NCA region. I'm working on a set of files which will hopefully solve the problem and restore O60 to it's former glory. All the best, John
  2. Hi Andreas, Can't help with KTVL I'm afraid but I think the following thread should help at KRDD. [answered] KRDD Elevation issue - PREPAR3D® V4.x Support Forum - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxsystems.com) All the best, John
  3. Hi Christoph I'll go for the beer, my wife will go for the tea I'd feel a fraud though. One of the other testers found the issue during testing. Enjoy the scenery. All the best, John
  4. Also have you disabled the YBBN files in the AUv2 package? Those are supposed to be kept enabled and one of the effects of disabling them has been a loss of autogen. All the best, John
  5. Hi Julio, Thanks for the clarification. I clearly tested at a different time of day! The Moire fringes do, indeed, seem far more obvious when the Sun is on that surface even at high AA settings. Thanks for the report. All the best, John
  6. Hi Julio, When testing I found that the Moire effects were very dependent on Anti-Aliasing settings. Using 4 or 8x SSAA seemed best. Using MSAA did cause me some more obvious Moire effects on the building you mentioned. There is no 3d grass in the scenery and I'll have to leave it for Finn to comment on the runway edge - not knowing the airport IRL. The dark object is a strange one. With the final test version I'm seeing this, which is how it should look.. With the version which was actually released I see what you see. The two v
  7. Okay, as I understand things that's the most up to date. I finally got in touch with Teo and, as he just replied, it sounds as if the passengers in larger jets get to use stairs at stand 1 - hopefully GSX works well there. If you want to try and get the Gate 201 jetway working I looked in more detail at how I got it going with the 747. I found I could get two issues reported by SODE. The 'Aircraft Door too high for the jetway (during dip)' I could solve by moving the aircraft forward (though backward might be needed sometimes).
  8. Hi there. At the moment the jetway is not working with your planes and uninstall re-install won't help. I've been trying to look into this a bit further and assume you are using the latest version of the QW 787. I see there have been some issues with that particular plane and SODE but, from the manual I found, the 1.2 update tried to deal with them. I tried to look on the QW forums to find any more info but they seem to only be accessible to registered users. Hope to have time tomorrow to see if I can replicate your messages with my 747 which might give me some ide
  9. Thanks for pointing this out. I can confirm what you are seeing and have reported it. I know some changes were made in this area to get rid of a bad bump in the taxiway. I'm guessing this might have been an unintended consequence of that fix! All the best, John
  10. Thanks for the information. Had a quick look in the C152 and see what you mean. In testing I flew the NDB approach using the plate and the frequency in the scenery is correct. So ultimately this seems to be an issue with the aircraft rather than the scenery but appreciate being made aware of it. All the best, John
  11. Hi there, Strictly speaking, as Nick just posted, support should be via Digital Design but I think I know what's going on. I had the same issue. To get things displaying correctly I found I needed to update P3D 4.5 to the latest version. I'd updated the client but not the content and scenery. So I bit the bullet and installed the content and scenery updates. Now it works fine. All the best, John
  12. Hi Leo, As Nick said support is really through MK Studios but this is an issue we have found at various airports with similar jetways. The lack of forward and backward motion in the jetway makes it almost impossible to get it working for all aircraft at the actual start location. Looking at your screenshot I reckon you probably need to move the aircraft forward slightly so the door and jetway are aligned which is, presumably, what has to be done in real life. All the best, John
  13. Hi, The afcad is fine, it's just I had a suspicion that making the suggested change had lowered the jetway model slightly. Without the actual aircraft it's hard to advise - you could try even lower values (say 0.1 to start with) and see if it works. All the best, John
  14. I had a play with this. When I edited the following file and changed the highlighted value 1.21743 to 1.1 (so the line becomes bridge_dip = 1.1, 19.9024) I found the jetway docked with the 747. I think it might mean, however, that the jetway wheels are slightly sunk into the ground. If you fancy trying it let me know how you get on. All the best, John
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