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  1. No problem. With Orbx KTIW What's actually there - love google search Edit - I'm guessing one takes East bound traffic, the other Westbound. All the best, John
  2. Hi Mark, Glad you're enjoying the scenery, for me it's great to have a fairly local airport in this detail. As you say some of the trees are a bit close and tall. The parking area in particular looks rather overgrown! That said Balgay Hill is actually covered in woodland and at the observatory itself the trees do, at least, cut out some of the light coming up from Dundee. It's definitely not in an ideal location as far as light pollution is concerned however All the best, John
  3. Hi there, Not quite my area of expertise but, like yourself, I've seen a few posts about this. As far as I can see this is an issue where the ILS frequency is not automatically put into the FMS. It needs to be entered manually - a good opportunity to learn a new skill is how I look at this sort of thing . At the moment it would appear to be a matter of discussion between Asobo and the developers but I cannot see why it would be a reason not to buy 3rd party airports. This is a fantastic sim with lots of great addons appearing but I sense that everyone - Asob
  4. Hi there, I wish I could help more, not my area of expertise. Hopefully someone else can jump in here. As far as I know Orbx Central should recognise the sims you have installed, whether or not you have scenery for those sims installed. My first question woud be, when you go into Orbx Central can you access Microsoft Flight Simulator in the drop down box highlighted? All the best, John
  5. Hi Bill, Did you try my suggestion of moving the plane a bit closer to the terminal? The message you have there is the one GSX gives when the aircraft door is too far from the jetway for it to operate. It depends on the plane you are flying as to whether you need to move the plane a bit or not for things to work right. Here I've set it up to give the message, the plane is a bit too far back. If I slew forward slightly everything works as it should. All the best, John
  6. Hi David, My wife is a nurse based at Perth Royal Infirmary but sometimes ends up working in the Dundee hospitals. I rarely miss wind-turbines! They tried to put some on the hills above our village (near EGPT) but never got planning permission, partly because they were too close to the Dundee airport ILS approach I believe. All the best, John
  7. Glad you are up and running David Enjoy the scenery. All the best, John
  8. Hi David, That shouldn't happen. If you install into the main simulator a folder 'Orbx-airport-egpn-dundee' containing the scenery will be created in your Community folder. If you install in a library this folder will be created in the library\MSFS folder and a 'symbolic link' created in the community folder (looks like the scenery folder but has a little arrow to show it is a link). In either case an entry <Package name="Orbx-airport-egpn-dundee" active="true"/> should have been created in the content.xml file the next time you ran MSFS.
  9. Hi Bill, A couple of things to check. Removing scenery often doesn't remove the SODE files. Have a look in your SODE XML folder: The file UK2000 Leeds Xtreme.xml shouldn't be there (or should be disabled). The files SODE_EGNM.xml and SODE_EGNM_Jetways.xml should be there (the first one controls the windsocks). If all is correct and your jetways look like the ones in my screenshot try moving your plane backwards or forwards a bit at the ramp. SODE jetways can be fiddly and if they are set up to work for one type of plane they can sometimes refuse
  10. Your welcome, as I said it gave me a perfect excuse to go and have a nice relaxed look around the scenery. If you liked the P3D version I'm sure you'll enjoy this one as well. You can always enjoy flying in from my local airport Perth, EGPT. Just beware - EGPT is default and Asobo have put a worrying trench across runway 09! All the best, John
  11. Hi David, Looks like you are seeing the default scenery. Here's what I see without Orbx Dundee installed. As Nick said Parking 1 fuel box is not an option in the Orbx scenery. Where do you have the scenery installed (main MSFS folder, an external library?) If purchased through Orbx Central first of all try going there and 'verify files' for EGPN. All the best, John
  12. Hi there, I live about 15 miles from Dundee (near EGPT) and quaint is a word which is rarely used when describing the city! Saw your post and realised it was an ideal chance to enjoy a look around without the pressure of testing In MSFS there are a couple of blocks in the woods just North of the airport which shouldn't really be there but that's all that really strikes me as incongruous. The highlighted buildings are definitely there, Harris Academy on the right and the enormous Ninewells hospital on the left. I suspect the Orbx PR stretches fur
  13. Hi Bill, You should have jetways at gates 7 and 8. Here is what I see. First question is - are you actually seeing the jetways? The jetways are controlled by the SODE module. If you are seeing them you should be able to get them to work either by using the SODE menu (default keystroke in the simulator to open that is TAB S) or, with GSXv2 installed you should be able to activate them from the GSX menu (ctrl shift F12). If you are not seeing them first check that SODE is installed and active (in the simulator SODE 1.7.1 should be there under the ad
  14. Hi Wolfko, True, and I had to work quite hard to get the default KSJC to break up. I've been simming since FS5 days and have gone through more new releases, system upgrades etc than I care to remember. So, fair to Asobo, if I hadn't tried hard I wouldn't have got their less than stellar rendition of KSJC to break up. But I could do if I tried. Even easier at the 'out of the box' KSEA. No blame here. In my experience FS comes out with specs that run reasonably well out of the box with sensible settings. Then folks want more detailed airports, more sophisticated
  15. Hi there, The issue appears to be system related - I saw it whereas those with more powerful machines didn't! It seems to occur when the system cannot cope with the demands being placed on it and seems to be particularly noticeable where there is a detailed airport near a region of enhanced Photogrammetry. KSJC is embedded in such a region - I could even get it to happen to a lesser extent with the default KSJC. I also found it noticeable at KSEA when testing to make sure it wasn't just KSJC. The faster and further you head down the runway the more likely you are
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