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  1. Hi Dave and Carlos, I've been looking into the compatibility issues between Flightbeam KPDX and TEUS Oregon and think I've found a way of getting them to work well together without the missing autogen that Dave mentioned. This is in P3D 4.5 but I'm guessing it'll work in v5 as well. I thought it easiest just to form a topic in the compatibility forum It's a bit of effort but they do seem to work really well together. All the best, John
  2. Hi Carlos, It may improve things but there are still obvious areas of missing autogen to the South of the airport. I suspect that copying some of the TEUS autogen files into the KPDX folder may be a way to mininise this. I'll try and figure out which ones to copy and will be back in touch. All the best, John
  3. Hi Callum, I'm using P3Dv4.5 and the only way I can replicate this is by having the airport scenery below TEUS Oregon in the scenery library. Make sure that Flightbeam KPDX is above all the TEUS entries in your scenery.cfg and hopefully the problem will be solved. I would also recommend disabling the file kpdx_ortho_1m.bgl in the flightbeam scenery (rename it to kpdx_ortho_1m.bgl.off) then the two sceneries seem to work really well together. All the best, John
  4. Hi Carlos, Hope you are soon up and running with Oregon. You mentioned using FB KPDX with this scenery. I found that if you disable the file kpdx_ortho_1m.bgl in the Flightbeam scenery they seem to blend together reasonably well. You retain the detail 30cm photoscenery from Flightbeam in the immediate vicinity of the airport then rely on TE Oregon to give you the wider area covered by kpdx_ortho_1m.bgl. All the best, John
  5. For now, if you want to fix this issue in a way that survives the next time you do something in Central here's the steps. In the folder where TE N California is installed is a folder FTX_NA_!NCA_05_SCENERY\scenery In that folder is a file called ADEX_FTX_NCA_KRDD_Redding_Mun_CVX.bgl.disabled-by-krdd. Copy this file to the scenery folder of your KRDD installation Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KRDD\Scenery and rename it as ADEX_FTX_NCA_KRDD_Redding_Mun_CVX.bgl Hopefully that restores KRDD to it's former glory. All the best, John
  6. Glad it worked. Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy Stonehenge - I always reckon it's actually quite hard to find! All the best, John
  7. Just another thought if the files have not been renamed it would be worth opening Orbx central, going to the TEGBS page and running verify files. All the best, John
  8. Hi there, On my machine these have had their extension changed from .bgl to .bgl.disabled-by-gbr-south as have several other files such as PR_FTX_ENG_RoyalCres.bgl.disabled-by-gbr-south so you should rename them rather than deleting the files. I think this is where TEGBS already contains the scenery in these files so, no, you shouldn't lose Stonehenge but you should just see one. Don't know why you got this as a scenery dat file error, could be something didn't go quite right with the installation of TEGBS. Check in Orbx\ftx_eu\ftx_eu_eng_08_custom\scenery\ , all the FTX_EU_ENG_TidalAreas_Satellite_ areas have had their extensions changed to .bgl.disabled-by-gbr-south in my installation. All the best, John
  9. Hi there, I've just found this problem and found that enabling the file ADEX_FTX_NCA_KRDD_Redding_Mun_CVX.bgl.disabled-by-krdd (ie rename it ADEX_FTX_NCA_KRDD_Redding_Mun_CVX.bgl) solved the issue. All the best, John
  10. TE California North has a lovely little POI - some buildings on the Ano Nuevo Islands. Sadly, as the screenshot shows, it appears that rising sea levels have inundated the islands :-( Maybe another one for the list! Just up the coast from Las Trancas 17CL. Really enjoying exploring this area. Some glitches, of course, but a great piece of scenery. All the best, John
  11. With both KSQL and TE Northern California active the Oracle campus to the north of KSQL is duplicated. Putting the attached file into the FTX_AA_KSQL/Scenery folder should solve the issue for now. All the best, John My_KSQL_Excludes.BGL
  12. Hi there. The title says it all really. In the FTX_NA_!NCA_05_SCENERY layer the afd file ADEX_FTX_NCA_KNUQ_Moffett_Federal_Afld.bgl contains the default models of the hangars but FTX_US_NCA_POI_PLC_OBX.bgl places custom library objects for the hangars there as well. In some ways I prefer the default versions - they had open doors so you could fly through them! Not that I would encourage such reckless behaviour of course. All the best, John
  13. The custom Bridges near Anacortes are duplicated in TE Washington. Until an official fix is released putting the attached exclude file in the FTX_AA_74S\Scenery folder should fix the issue. Also there are duplicate Storage tanks at the refinery and a duplicate Island Hospital. The exclude file should get rid of them as well. All the best, John My_74S_Excludes.BGL
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