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  1. We got -31 C here in the Canadian Prairies right now and with the wind chill it's -44 C, that's about -47 F. It kind of makes you not want to go outside...
  2. Wow that is amazing how realistic these programs can be at replicating what the real conditions are like. KGEG is one place where I flew out of and back into later when the "fog" should have dissipated. Conditions were so poor it was almost IFR. Arriving at night helped as I could make out the lights better from a mile or two away. FWIW, (and as a side note) I don't know if anybody else is into astronomy but I am and noticed the lunar cycles in FSX are quite realistic too. Note sure how FSX knows that stuff, but it seems too.
  3. So the last few days I have done some FSX flights in the PNW and NRM. I usually fly with real world weather and use Active Sky Next and REX for weather and clouds etc. Anyway all flights have had what appears to be foggy or smoky conditions all over, and much more so than typical foggy conditions you find on some flights which usually dissipates as you go. I'm just wondering if anybody knows if my programs are picking up the smokey haze from the forest fires in British Columbia and injecting it into my sim. Reading the weather report in Active Sky it says foggy and does not mention smoke. However, there is way more fog than I have ever experienced before and it's not dissipating as the day moves on.
  4. Did another flight today in Northern California from KHWD to KMRY. It was a sightseeing flight of about 150 NM and took me about 1.5 hours. I started out doing a loop around the San Francisco Bay passing by KFSO, Candlestick Park, AT & T Park, downtown San Fran, Alcatraz then headed West over the Golden Gate bridge to the Farallon Islands about 20 miles out. After a loop around them it was back to the coast line where I flew south down to Monterey. It's also fairly scenic down that coastline and I have the Orbx KMRY so it's always a joy to fly in and out of there.
  5. I had an enjoyable winter flight today up in Alaska. I mimicked a real world flight I found on Flightaware from Anchorage (PANC) to Valdez (PAVD) in my PA-31. It was about 123 nm and took about an hour (block time). I used real weather and it was poor (IMC) conditions out of PANC until I broke through the clouds at 7,000', and then cleared up as I flew south along the coast and followed the channel/valley through Whitter and continued East, then up the Valdez Arm into the Port of Valdez. PAVD has a nice approach as you hug the mountains on the left and you also must fly over a hill on final for RW06.
  6. CRM: KSUN to KLLJ 100 NM in Summer time conditions to see the landscape. The idea for this flight came from a TV show I watched this past week called Arial America. Most episodes are devoted to showing highlights and points of interest of a particular state, from the air. I love the episodes which I have Orbx scenery for, and this show was about Idaho. Wow! I forgot how beautiful this state is, and I now have several flights planned. For this flight I decided to take my Carenado T210M for it's TSIO-520 6 cyl Turbo 310hp engine. It's got the high wings for unobstructed sightseeing, climbs well in the mountains with the Turbo, and flies nice at 10,000-14,000'. Anyway my flight departs from Sun Valley where they get 250 days of sun each year. I had my Plan-G on my second monitor and I basically just followed interstate 75 to the North zig zagging a little to an area called the Sawtooth Mountain Range. At first I flew up along side the range, and after seeing them it's pretty obvious where they got their name. This is some of the Rocky Mountains at their finest. It was so nice here I actually circled back and flew directly over the centre of them again at 12,000', and then turned North again observing out the side from about 14,000'. The peaks on this range are about 10,000'. Also there are countless lakes and ponds in this range. Flying North again I got to a place called Stanley and I turned right and continued following I 75 now going east through a completely different looking mountain range. These were filled with pine forests, and after passing a place called Clayton I turned North again to my destination Challis. This final phase of the flight had yet again another different mountain range, this time more desert like conditions. My landing at KLLJ was challenging with a 14 knot crosswind. Overall a great 100nm flight that takes you through 3 different types of mountain ranges. I will do this again one day in winter conditions in the opposite direction just to see what it's like.
  7. I had a pretty epic flight last night, including a very good scare! Sorry but this is going to be kind of long. When I sat down in my “pilots chair” I had no idea where I was going to fly. I decided to look in this thread and pick out one somebody else has done and experience it myself. That lead me to post #63 in which Sniper31 flew from O60 – KBLU. First off I have not flown in Northern Cal in a long time and it was the right length before I hit the hay for the night. For this flight I decided to take one of my favorite planes. It’s old but I still love it, so I dusted off my Carenado Mooney M20J. I fueled up with about 13 gallons of gas in each tank, which is about 40% capacity. The plane was fairly light with just one passenger and I figured that was about double the fuel I would need to get to the destination. This was a daytime VFR flight with nice (real) weather which had light winds and a few broken clouds. I departed out of O60 into a light Northwest wind at about 4 knots, and climbed to 2500’ AGL before a right turn to put me on line to KBLU. I continued to climb to 5500’ over the first set of mountains and then over some agricultural fields in the valley below. There is some really nice and varied scenery on this flight, and before I knew it I was back to more mountains in which I had to climb as my destination airport was at about 5200’. These taller mountains looked great with lots of scattered snow. As I got closer to KBLU I decide to track the highway from the South which followed the mountain ridge right to the airport. Once there I flew over it to check for any wildlife on the runway and observe the windsock. Then as I began to circle around for the landing my engine started to sputter and stall (Yikes!!!) and I knew this was very bad. I was basically on my downwind leg, only about 800’ above the airport altitude, my landing gear was out, flaps setting at one, and my airspeed low. If I did not get it restarted very fast I’d be in big trouble and certainly never make it to the runway, and there was no good/flat place to put my Mooney down as I’m surrounded by mountain tops. Anyway all that drama only took a couple seconds and I realized I had forgotten to switch my fuel tanks. Doh! Remember when I said I estimated I had double the fuel I needed, well I was right, but I was enjoying the flight so much I neglected to watch my fuel gauges and ran the right tank dry. Luckily for me this is just a sim and maybe not overly realistic. What I mean by that is I’m sure the engine completely stalled in the few seconds it took me to realize what was happening, and when I switched to my left tank the engine fired up again without me having to try restarting it. Not sure if that would happen in the real aircraft? I guess the magnetos are still on and the prop is still turning, but I really don’t know for sure? In any case major crisis averted, and even though it’s a sim my heart was pounding. Anyway after that scare I quickly got my bearings and came in for the landing, but it wasn’t one of my better ones. As I crossed airport’s fence to what I would call decision height I should have aborted and initiated a go-round. You see I have not flown the Mooney in quite a while and the numbers on the air speed indicator are surprising small to read. As such I was coming in a little too fast, but knew I had a 3200’ runway so I pulled the throttle back and bleed off speed just a few feet above the runway until I could grease the landing which I did, but beyond the normal touchdown point. Now the next problem occurred in that the runway was in winter condition so it was a little slick and my braking action was reduced. I did manage to get it stopped with a few hundred feet of runway remaining, but really I made a couple bad decisions in the heat of the moment, and should have taken my time after the engine stall to regroup and refocus. Now after all of that there was no way I was going to bed like I had originally planned. My adrenaline was going, I almost crashed in the mountains, and I made some poor decisions on my landing. There was no way I could end my night on those notes, so I added a second leg and flew on to KTVL (Lake Tahoe). This leg was also beautiful and took me to an altitude of 9500’ to cross over some big mountains here. Flying over Lake Tahoe I noticed wind had switched to the South so it was a nice decent straight into the airport with a very nice landing at 6200’. This had me feeling a lot better to then call it a night. LOL
  8. I re-created a real world flight I saw on Flight Aware in the PNW. It was Ameriflight 687 that I noticed was done yesterday in a Piper PA-31. I departed from Roseburg (KRBG) with a stop in Eugene (KEUG) and then onto Portland (KPDX). I used my Carenado PA-31, flew the same altitudes with real weather. It was an absolutely fantastic flight with had calm winds in Roseburg when I departed, but I was soon met with clouds, turbulence, and strong winds as I got to Eugene. The winds when I got to Portland were quite strong out of the Southwest so I actually landed on the shorter RW21 and had a nice final approach coming in over the Columbia River. I've never landed on that runway before. FWIW, I have many airports in my ORBX scenery bookmarked on Flightaware, so sometimes when I'm looking for a flight to do I check what came in or out of them that day and pick one to re-create in FSX. Tonight I'm feeling like checking what came in and out of Monterey (NCA) and maybe do one of those.
  9. RetiredFE please post an update how it went for you. I'm in the exact same boat and have been putting off doing anything for a year now. I hate messing with my computer as I don't know what I'm doing and I'm bound to screw it up.
  10. I'm wondering too? I've been away for a while and out of the loop so I'm not even sure what I need to do (still on FTXC 2). However I won't have time until about February to do anything plus my hard drive is full, so until I replace that I won't be adding any new stuff. I assume all I will miss out on is updates?
  11. My wife and I rented/chartered a C172 (with a pilot) for a 4 hour flight on the Big Island (Island of Hawaii). We departed from Kona and it was long enough to do a complete trip around the island to see it all. This was during the winter and some of the highlights were many pods of Humpback whales in the ocean, countless beaches including the Green Sand beach (one of only two in the world). That's near the South Point and quite windy down that way so our 172 was bouncing around pretty good. Usually it's too windy to fly around that point, but on this day it was doable.We also saw Lava bubbling and shooting up in the caldera's and lava flowing off the sea cliffs into the ocean. There were what seemed like endless hardened lava fields along with the devastation of communities that were overcome by the lava. In many places you could see the remnants of these communities and short sections of highways poking out from vast lava fields. Then there was also the high peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, plus the waterfalls and large valley's on the Hilo (west) side. It was a flight we will never forget, and even our pilot said of the hundreds of trips he has had around this island, that ours was in the top five due to all the things we saw and the great weather etc. We were able to see all five mountains at one time, and that is very rare due to clouds usually affecting one or more of them. Another cool thing was that the C172 was brand new and had a glass panel, I got to sit in the front right seat, so having the big on screen map in front of me was pretty sweet.
  12. Unless I'm dreaming I thought I read JV himself mention something about plans for Hawaii after Germany on these very forums, I only come here about 1-2 times a week so I'd estimate it was a couple weeks ago. As such I feel like I knew this was coming. In any case I am very pleased as I love the Hawaiian Islands as a visitor, and I fly there a lot in FSX. The scenery is beautiful, the weather is almost always nice, and the placement of the islands is perfect for all kinds of aircraft.
  13. Nice vids Sniper31, I saw parts 1 & 2, and it sure brings back a lot of great memories. I loved seeing the waterfalls, many of which can only be seen from a tour like this. Then when you got to the Napali coast the sun was at a good angle to cast the shadows between the mountain ridges which make them look spectacular. Good job!
  14. Love Kauai!!! We have visited 7 different Hawaiian Islands on separate vacations and Kauai is our favorite. I will be back there in 101 sleeps, but who's counting... You will absolutely love the Napali Chopper tour and buzzing through Waimea canyon, and I would also recommend a sunset cruise as well with Holoholo Charters along the Napali coast. The different perspectives from air and water are both spectacular but yet completely different. That could be saved for your next trip though as you will want to return again. Looking forward to your report back later. Have fun!
  15. As always, awesome vids Bermuda. Those guys are so amazing! It gives me goose bumps when I see them, and knowing a childhood friend of mine flew #6 up until a couple years ago.
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