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  1. Thank you all, Yes I'm using FSX for now. The issue is resolved. The replacement APX is kind'a like what I did before (45.72M instead of 10M) but I didn't want to post it here since that might have gone against the EULA or broke someone's warrantee. Thanks again for all of your wonderful products.
  2. After waiting a while for an update for this problem, back in 2016 since I use this as my default airport, I made a temporary update patch using Airport Design Editor (ADE) to change the Rwy width to 150ft. That worked out fine until my PC crashed last month. With the reinstall I see it still has this problem. Could you please update this minor problem in a future release? Thank you again for all your excellent products.
  3. Thank you very much & keep up the fantastic work you all are doing.
  4. I just got PlanG, and when I select the KCGX airport, its' info shows: Rwy: 36/18 3769ft x 0ft Concrete, instead of x150ft. This may be why AI planes can't take off and ATC says to contact ground on T&G's. The runway is actually defined as non-existent although it's painted.
  5. When using ATC at KCGX, tower OK's touch & go right traffic from RW36. However, when completing the pattern and touching down, tower then says to contact ground instead of allowing another circuit. Also when I have AI traffic enabled, the Cessna ahead of me just sits at the hold short line and never moves until it times out and disappears. ATC never comes back to approve my takeoff. Any fix, other than not using ATC and AI traffic?
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