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  1. Barton (City of Manchester) Airport for P3Dv4?
  2. Fantastic...always tricky to catch a lightning screenshot!
  3. It is a bit vague to be honest Nick as my question was prompted by the lack of clarity on the product page and with my purchase depending on the actual geographic area covered by the products as defined on a map perhaps? How does the NA product work alongside PNW, Pacfic Fjords and Southern Alaska?
  4. I fly frequently around the Caribbean (Barbados to Puerto Rico) and throughout Central America. Which of the products (North & South America LC) give best coverage for this area?
  5. For various reasons I am considering a re-installation of P3Dv4. It's quite a big task and one I need to prepare carefully for. Would it be sensible to avoid downloading and re-installing ORBX products to copy the ORBX folder from the P3Dv4 folder before removing P3Dv4 and then copy it back into the fresh installation? Thank you.
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