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  1. Still not fixed. Is this feature to be considered defunct or is it on a "todo" list somewhere?
  2. The link to the Orbx Product map is broken with a "404" error reported. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/embed?mid=1oMki4fAslLZKQiCQIn2fNSvvzG0&ll=23.913177017039025%2C-108.22483874999995&z=3 Thank you.
  3. Nick...top work. Just trying it out now..will report back.
  4. Nick Using ORBX Central shortly after release using the "migration" procedure.
  5. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: Having dealt had enough of the night textures issues displaying in P3D (known problem) I have decided to solve this with the currently suggested method of re-installing Global Base into the main sim folder. However I cannot find a way to un-install Global Base. How can I achieve this ?
  6. Larry That is a good idea and one I will save for a lazy Sunday and plenty of coffee! As a side note I have enjoyed this hobby for over twenty years and you never stop learning!
  7. Morning all. Here is where I am with this problem; Removed the ORBX Libraries and reinstalled. Tried this with both ORBX Central, and removing the "FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS.TXT" (or equiv with the new installation format..can't remember the exact name but it fooled Central in thinking the libraries required installing. This didn't solve the problem. By dropping the Water detail below "Ultra" the problem goes away with the waves moving correctly. Taking on-board the actual value of having waves in a flight sim I added the revised .fx files linked above which allows the Water detail to remain at Ultra but with no waves. I have spent some time searching across the internet for solutions and while the problem appears quite common the fix does seem to involve the OBBX Libraries solution with other software / product not cited. While the problem still exists and the true cause unknown I think the best compromise is to keep the water detail either at medium or high while using the revised wave.fx files as this post has actually led to be believe they don't add a huge amount to my sim unless I am going "low n slow" and want to feel immersed in the environment. John commented on the runway at Sumbrugh looking odd. This was a scenery layering issue fixed by moving the scenery insertion point in ORBX Central. Thank you.
  8. John Thank you for your reply and time spent in researching this. If I understand correctly the solution involved removing all wave effects either by reducing the slider or moving the files in your attachment as explained above? Can you confirm?
  9. John Details below. Lat & Long noted in the screenshots across three locations. Hope that helps.
  10. Multiple locations. Sumburgh, Palermo (LICJ), Isle of Man...it does not appear limited to one single location.
  11. Looking for some input from a developer on this please.
  12. Should the folders referenced by the scenery.cfg entry be retained ?
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