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  1. VH-KDK, Thanks a lot for the very useful tip. Edwin Brown Osoyoos BC Canada.
  2. Have you tried reinstalling the PNW Demo to see if that uninstall of PNW Demo may be the cause? Just a shot in the dark to try and stay away from a complete reinstall of almost everything. Been there -- done that -- it isn't fun!! Ed Brown Osoyoos BC Canada.
  3. I agree. Rather predictable to see the same thing time after time. Might be a programmers challenge to change this but would certainly add to the "Real as it gets experience". Edwin Brown Keremeos BC Canada.
  4. #1 on my bush plane choice. Just wish I could get the float/amphibian to handle properly on the water. Water handling is very frustrating. Have to "slew" away from the dock and into a clear path for take off 'cause she's on her way immediately on start up. Also have to land out in the bay, get fairly close to the dock, shut down and "slew" into the dock. Not "As real as it gets" here.
  5. Am asking for help on behalf of a registered member. He registered April 16 2012 and his user name is "hopefull". He does show up in the Members list as "Hopefull" He can sign in and his user name shows up at the top of the page as being signed in as "hopefull". However -- he is unable to enter any of the forum places and gets the "must register" message. I have signed in at his home on his computer using my own registration info with no problem. Obviously something not right somewhere and he needs help to find the problem -- he can't post to ask for help. Hoping someone from administration can suggest what to do. Thank you.
  6. Thanks Adam_NZ. Have added the line SmallPartRejectRadius=1.0 under the fsx.cfg [scenery]. Will do some testing/playing around with this to see if things are better.
  7. Looked in my fsx.cfg [scenery] and don't see any SmallPartRejectRadius item. Should it be there or is some other FSX setting I might have eliminatijg it? Have 3 items in the [scenery], Lensflare=1, dawn_dusk_smoothing=1 & image_complexity=5. My AI also don't show up until I'm almost on them.
  8. teecee & hopskip, now have all the orbx files & libs installed and in place in the FSX library. Certainly does make for much better looking scenery. Thanks for the heads up. Edwin Brown Keremeos BC Canada.
  9. Are you saying that I should have some other addon to go with AU SP 4.002? I have Ants Ausie Airports & the Olgas/Ayers Rock installed. Thanks for the info. Edwin Brown Keremeos BC Canada.
  10. Had an earlier post re Merimbula. Here's a jpeg of mine. Looks quite different from yours? I have AU SP 4.002 and 12024 libs. Edwin Brown Keremeos BC Canada
  11. Had this happen when I forgot to turn off the ident in one craft and switched to another that did not have an ident option. Changing frequency was my only way out 'til I discovered my mistake.
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