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  1. Spitfire passing Land's End of Island Wight - Sth England - Sim=Xp11 - Scenery=TE GB Sth
  2. ikbenik


    Very nice and dynamic views on plane and scenery, very well composed.
  3. ...I'm speechless....
  4. Thank you for the warning Carlos, I had also the intention to try this out but now it's proven to not perform the mix...
  5. What a large continent to fly over and you made an outstanding overview of so many natural, geographic and historical sightseeings via screenshots in the best way, very well done...
  6. I was curious to revive the trip I made in 2012 from Capetown to 'Cape of Good Hope' via the new Africa LC scenery. I have choosen the Quest Kodiak for this flight: To the South passing the famous Tafelberg(Table Mountain) Fishing Village 'Hout Bay', ideal to make a boat-excursion to see(and smell) groups of seals laying on the rocks Chapman's Peak Road: a small 2-way road along the very steep rocky mountain southwards At he end of Chapman's Peak Road an overview of the large 'Long Beach' Scarborough halfway to the Cape The Cape of Good Hope, the southern most point of Africa
  7. Great view....my suggestion for better resolution and avoiding the 'moiré-effect' -> grab a screenshot via 'PrtScrn'-key and safe it as a file(*.bmp or .*jpg). Posting a shot in this way will be far more better than posting a photo-shot from your display.
  8. An impressive collection of planes, all pictured in marvelous sceneries...
  9. What a sight, what a sky, what a plane...what a shot
  10. just one expression: waaaaauw !!!
  11. Yes indeed...looking forward to TE-SoCal too....
  12. Again a lot of entertaining stories and pictures around historical events on cultural and demograhical aspects and a wonderful look at beautiful nature next to a lot of different planes.
  13. A bad weather pass by 'Entrance Island' 6 Mi NthEast of Nanaimo, now enriched with some buildings and a lighthouse:
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