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  1. Wonderful serie of snapshots in such a various conditions of time and weather gives an excellent overall impression of this marvelous made scenery.
  2. Indeed 'out of this world' shots. When lain post a lot of preview-shots, then the release of the Orbx-Adds is very soon to expect...
  3. Yes....there are also ugly birds made from metal, plastic and polyester.... It's like a mariage of the front from an heli Alouette and the backside of a Bronco, but is a bold design and the pilot&passenger(s) have a panoramic view....
  4. Fantastic shot of this vintage plane in a duo flight. An equal quality of planes, clouds and scenery, very well captured.
  5. Nice new added plane for XP. The 'yellow' variant is a transformation into a drone and in that way, a pilot is not needed anymore...
  6. Rescue-Heli departing out of Sweden's Kiruna airport(ESNQ) in hard-winter conditions
  7. Well deserved and was also my choice but I must be honest....many other shots where of equal quality but this one is a dynamic sight with the pilot's head also looking to the mountain and therefor choosen as favourite. Congratulations.
  8. Yes, AFS2 is a fine flightsim but it's a shame that Orbx hasn't continue supporting us, as community of AFS2-users, with further sceneries like TE-Netherlands is. The airports+Area of LOWI+LSGK for Europe and KCGX, KEGE, KMRY and KPSP for US(who are all of splendid quality) are the only other Orbx-addons available since a while and no progress is announced. I am not (yet) a VR-simmer but it is proven that AFS2 is the best sim sofar for VR-application and run smooth(+25fps) without the need of a superiour HW-configuration. I hope the Orbx-Staff is also reading my reply and I hope they consider to re-open the development/adapt of existing sceneries for P3D/XP and make them available for AFS2-users.
  9. Very impressive and lifelike screenshots of some specific sights in London, the last one is my favourite because so many highlights are to admire from this viewpoint. Is this from TE-GB Sth for XP11 or TE-GB Sth for P3Dv4 ? Thank you to inform me....
  10. also my wishes in return to you lain and looking forward to your new record-milestone of 65000th post this year....
  11. I made of a random choosen screenshots of some random made flights over Orbx-sceneries and collected them as souvenir on the wall above my desk. To all FS-enthousiasts: A happy, healthful and peaceful 2020 and a lot of joy while flying around in current and promising future Orbx-sceneries.
  12. Great to see this plane again after 60 years! As a child, living in Oostende at the Belgian Coast, our home was 1Km from the airport(EBOS) and these type(also the 4-engines ones) often seen with British tourists and some with their car(max. 4) for crossing the Channel to Southend in England. An impressive sight as child and Indeed very noisy.
  13. Great duo of shots, very nostalgic for me because SABENA as Belgiums National Airline Company was finished 10 years ago due to bankrupcy and replaced by 'brussels airlines'.
  14. Known issue discussed in the past because I had the same remark about fidelity of the surrounding mountains, look into follow postings:
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