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  1. Marvelous serie of Iceland's rural and icy landscape, very well captured and photoreal.
  2. A very detailled and large airport made by Orbx-partner Cloudsurf Asia Simulations is Ninoy Aquino RPLL a bit SthWest of the Philippines Capital Manilla. I have used a colorful livery of the FBW A320neo from Indonesia because I didn't found an Philippines airliner, the two Island-groups are neighbours.
  3. My first discovery flight of the Californian airport San Jose - KSJC, a very nice modelled scenery
  4. I suppose it's forbidden to fly over the White House at Washington DC, but as virtual pilot you can luckely fly everywhere worldwide without restrictions.
  5. The 2nd 'Throwback' Orbx scenery made available for MSFS is at the far north of the UK on one of the Shetland Islands --> Sumburgh - EGPB
  6. One week before the Olympic Summergames starts on July 23, I was curious to overfly the very large capital of Japan. A City scenery enhanced by Orbx-partner SamScene3D
  7. Found back in my FSX-history folder of screenshots --> Landing at Orcas(KORS) in Beech Bonanza:
  8. All stunners on composition, sky colours, viewpoints...and choosen aircraft...
  9. This and previous 2 postings of Sth America airports shows them is the best way, very well done...
  10. +1 --> pretty shure it's Bella Coola CYBD
  11. A return hop from Sydney Int airport YSSY in Piper Arrow III for a night-sightseeing of the City
  12. Don't tittle these as from 'old sim'....they are fresh and vivid in all aspects, very nice ste of XP-shots...
  13. I had the luck in Sydney to be able to catch some nightshots while the moon was glowing, it happened again past night and gives a special lightcondition to otherwise to dark shots:
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