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  1. Again a very impressive realisation from Jarrad and the team to please us with 'as real as it gets' marvelous scenery. Looking forward to the release and will happely fly again in the well known areas from v1 but via the v2 with more exciting real-looking areas of Cities, Coasts, Mountains and other inland goodies. I reserved already enough SSD-place...
  2. Another serie of great shots out of AFS2. Keep them coming...
  3. Yes, AFS2 gives supurb scenery-sharpness...The main raison why I like to fly this FS and stay at high FPS with all sliders maxed-out and no need to have PTA or other extra SW.
  4. Airborned from LEBB-Bilbao into the Biscaye Gulf on the North coast of Spain
  5. My entry for this month: In Beech Staggerwing just airborned from Milford Sound in Sth Island New Zealand
  6. Very promising and a thanks to John and the development team to have TE GB Sth for AFS2 available in the coming months. I hope also later on extended to the rest of GB.
  7. Magnificent real-looking shot, great natural atmosphere of scenery and sky.
  8. Great sunrise-light collection of London...and hopely a safe windshear-landing at Heathrow.
  9. My fellow countrymate Jean-Marc, what an enormous collection of history mixed with present sightseeing goodies in this and all other previous posted series, truly unique and very entertaining regarding history, geography and natural events. Must be a very time-consuming activity in collecting all data and put it together with screenshots of so many different vintage planes also. I take honestly my hat off for your effort to please us all, thumbs up!
  10. My try for this month : B747 KLM in evening-approach to Amsterdam-airport Shiphol. Scenery=The Netherlands TE in AFS2, plane=default B747-400 of AFS2: <a href="http://www.freeimagehosting.net/commercial-photography/"><img src="" alt="Commercial Photography"></a>
  11. Fantastic real-looking shots and a great varity of wonderful screenies. What is your FPS while flying over the massive autogen as in the 3 first shots?
  12. I have a feeling that posting-Nr 60020, if it is screenshot(s) will be equal stunnnig as this one. What a staggering number of postings...the absolute number 1 in this forum, congrats lain
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