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  1. KORS(Orcas) - On the warning/info board is 'Orcas' to read at the bottom! So, no discussion here what airport it is,hé
  2. A black silhouette as a vintage ghost over Seattle as part of TE-WA in XP11
  3. Glad to see these excellent shots from my neighbour country
  4. I should say: a bright sight on a not so light scenery
  5. A next marvel by Orbx of a City-scenery enhancement: airborned from the main airport: YSSY exploring the detailled scenery: Finally changed time and atmosphere conditions:
  6. Views like selden or not yet seen of the magnificent London scenery enhanced via the Orbx-addon: Just milliseconds before I crashed into an invisible wall:
  7. Urgently needs a new layer of paint (mayby 2 or 3 layers)
  8. Glad to see AFS2 screenies and the Heli EC135 is a marvel to fly within this Sim.
  9. Composition, Detail, Colors, Viewpoints,... All shots of top quality as we used to see from Dario. A gorgeous collection of a marvelous new Orbx-scenery...
  10. I hope follow guess is in right direction: Australean airport as a home for RFDS King Air's ?
  11. Coming from direction Heathrow airport, cruising over London City to land at London-City airport just before total darkness:
  12. Not to repete what location this is . Sim=MSFS - Scenery=Orbx London Enhancements - Plane=Diamond DA62
  13. A vintage B-17 flying north at sunset over Seattle
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