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  1. It's in approach of the Beirut Int Airport OLBA of Libanon, you can see the runway in the upper right corner. I have this in my XP11-scenery but is not from Orbx. The 2nd shot is for shure flying in autopilot mode
  2. Nearby the special shaped McLaren HQ and SouthWest of London is the small airport Fairoaks EGTF:
  3. In Nth direction out of Portland over the majestic Cascade Mountains
  4. One of the best serie and variety of shots I've seen out of P3D sofar, congrats
  5. A wide explorations of the Frankfurt City area on a sunny and clear day:
  6. Nice captures, must have a panoramic view in such all glass around cockpit and in front of a propellor pushing you ahead.
  7. The city of Sydney is not only by daylight fine modelled by Orbx but shines also colorful at night:
  8. Boetie for his landing-view out of the cockpit to YRED
  9. One of the natural wonders in West-US is Bryce National Park and easely to admire from the air via the nearby airport:
  10. Close to Courchevel is the new by Orbx modelled Altiport Méribel(LFKX) a fine addition for Leisure VFR flights in the French Alps: Oeps! Braked to early once on the runway and flipped over to the nose, luckely not injuried but my wallet will suffer
  11. Yes Jerry, that's a pitty not to be incorporated in the otherwise fine modelled cityscape. You see this often in landmark and airport sceneries that the roads and railways are only the non-enhanced satelite-resolution images.
  12. Great set of shots...especially the captures during the 'golden hour' and these with the moon in sight.
  13. Landing in Heli EC135 on roofdeck of Hospital in Innsbruck-Austria:
  14. Interesting viewpoints to discover in Sydney via the MSFS City addon:
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