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  1. Very nice. XP11.40 version as beta-tester? Do you see remarquable improvements?
  2. Fine serie of shots....the location reminds me to the last scene of the movie 'Battleship'. On this remembrance-place the heroes in this movie where rewarded for their courage.
  3. Congratulations Jack and well deserved, a lot of them under bridges and in yellow planes
  4. Yes, Courchevel has a very sloped runway and is a way to compare with Lukla approach in the Himalayas, very challenging to fly in. I hope some surrounding area is included. I read TE Alps region is also coming....waauw, a real goodie for mountain flying, I'm very curious for this in the (near?)future...and again extend more HDD/SSD space.
  5. Great entertaining serie of shots and all the trust by the passengers for you piloting for a smooth water-landing on a very calm windfree moment. On the second last shot it's like you landing on a mirror or on polished ice. I have, as new XP11 user, bad experience for waterlandings that are much better animated in FSX and P3D.
  6. Fine 3 Adds, especialy to re-enjoy Orcas that was my first Orbx-addon and the start for many happy VFR-flights. Looking forward to the release for XP11.
  7. Waaauw....but to less paperbags on board....sorry for the mess I left on the passengers-seat, hmmm.....
  8. It was the attention worth to see an instant upwarts flip, very well done...
  9. Very nice set and a great varity of viewpoints mainly over the mountains. The 4th shot gives a real sense of speed, well done !
  10. Great shots...but in no way be a passenger on your heli while diving under the bridge...
  11. A great salute to your impressive barrelrol...
  12. Perfect composition at the right moment, very well done!
  13. A fine set of snenic shots in a slow open air vintage twindeck, a perfect VFR tour over the Honolulu area.
  14. 'Magnefique' Richard and an included winner for this month's screenshot-contest, the clouds-shape on last shot is also impressive.
  15. Waaaauw....great shots...the last one is a winner !
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