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  1. What an epic journey you made and while flying in the gorgeous TE WA, the scenery is even upgraded via these enhanced (first)airports, now made available for XP11. We come close to HD-movie and -photographic realism compairing to the actual virtual scenery. Indeed an incredible step forward made by the whole Orbx-team.
  2. Great shots...I often drive(virtual) on the good captured Donnington race-circuit via shots 7 and 9.
  3. Great views...looking forward to the release...
  4. Very impessive collection of photoreal screenshots over a vast area. The mountain views are stunning, proofing that TE in XP11 is gorgeous to fly in for FVR exploration flights.
  5. Hello, Via the site of Mr. Krzysztof Kaniewski you can download many aircrafts but only working in the flightsim AFS2, the Shavrov is called 'sh2': https://github.com/krzysk1?tab=repositories Best regards...and have fun like I do with some many rare birds to expore...
  6. Thanks to the Polish Mr. Krzystof Kaniewski for his freeware made available aircrafts for AFS2 are mostly uncommon seen flying machines, hereby some over TE Netherlands over the Rotterdam area: 1. BD-5J : World's lightest single jet-engine aircraft 2. Rutan Model 61 Long EZ: homebuild with canard layout from 1979 3. Caproni Ca33: Italian WWI-bomber from 1917 4. Grumman-J2-F-Duck-or-company-name-G-15: US-Flyboat-in-use-from-mid 1930 to just after WWII 5. Polikarpov I-16: Sovjet fighter: World's first low-wing cantilever plane with retractable landing gear 6. Kyushu J7W1 Shinden: Japanese WWII prototype with propellor in the rear 7. Horten H.IX or Ho229: German prototype fighter-bomber from late WWII 8. Yakovlev Yak-23 Flora: Sovjet Fighter till early1950 9. Shavrov Sh-2: Russian Flyboat from 1930 10. Schneider Grunau_Sorken Glider SG-38: Germany-mid 1930 11. ERCO-Ercoupe 415C Floats
  7. Ok, they are all well flyable but not all have a working cockpit as you may expect. Commercially offers only 'Just Flight' two highly detailled and fully funcional GA-planes: -Piper Duchess model 76 twinprop -Piper PA-28R Turbo Arrow III and IV(T-tail)
  8. Especially thanks to Mr. Krzystof Kaniewski from Poland who makes available his freeware made planes for AFS2, see https://github.com/krzysk1
  9. The fine Orbx-addon LOWI for AFS2 is a marvelous decor for some rare visiting planes:
  10. Thank you to pay a visit over my country. However, despite a fine shot along the excellent pictured clouds, not to recognise over what area of Belgium the image is made. Of coarse, you mention the true statement 'Little country Belgium' and flying a while at this height you pass my country from border to border in no time
  11. So much to explore in TE GB, in this flight a visit to the area of Island Wight and towards Southhamton. I made a flight in the iconic Spitfire, FS=XP11.34. The Lighthouse with helideck at Needles, the most western end of Island Wight: Hurst Castle & Hurst Spit Lighthouse at Milford-on-Sea: The town of Yarmouth on Island Wight with the Ferry terminal for connection to UK-mainland via Lymington: Over the River Beaulieu with the many yachtclubs of Southampton: The large Fawley-refinery and oil-storage area, in the far right-end is Southampton: A low pass along cruisship Queen Mary 2, about to arrive at Southampton harbor:
  12. Spectacular bird-eye view of a super-detailled airport and plane via XP11. A splendid presentatation on a 4K monitor for shure.
  13. I was wondering if the scenery-add 'Gold Coast' fits well in the Australia-V2 scenery. It does without any issue, hereby the proof via some screenshots flying in Embraer 120 with a special australian livery:
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