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  1. Glad to admire again your posting(s) of gorgeous screenshots and good to read that you take again, recovering from your hospitalisation, the cockpitseat to please us with new sights on the growing FS-sceneries worldwide
  2. There is so much to discover in all the TE-sceneries that are faithful recognasible. Hereby some exaples:
  3. A fast and high altitude pass in F-15E over the northern most Island La Palma of the Canarian Islands:
  4. Early evening landing of Eclipse 550 in Virgin colours on London Heathrow airport(=default version in TE-GB Sth). Sim=XP11.51
  5. A perfect artistic view on the most visited landmark of Paris, perfectly composed and a real piece of art to put enlarged on the wall.
  6. Now in discount, I'm glad to have purchased this very well modelled and detailled pretty large airport nearby the NorthEast Coast of TE-UK-Central:
  7. Congratulations for this new milestone and for the ever growing screenshots that you present us in supurb quality.
  8. Direction South from Seattle area passing Portland and further into Oregon via several iconic peaks of The Cascade mountainrange and a well known Lake at the end. Mt Rainier: Mt Adams and St Helens in the background: Mt Hood: Mt Jefferson: Three Sisters: Diamond Peak: Mt Thielsen: Crater Lake:
  9. The Khamsin Texan T-6 in the colors of the UK-Acrobatic Team at Goodwood airfield:
  10. The iconic Spitfire always a sublime aircraft to catch dynamic screenshots:
  11. Hi, They are, some very large, covered banana-plantages. We call it 'serres' meaning breading-cases to keep as much as warm and mosty climat intern. I have driven through endless such serres and it seems as white rectancles from above because they are mostly fabricated in white colored plastics. So, definitively not a fault in the scenery but representing the real and actual situation on the surface.
  12. After my visit for real to some islands of the Canarias, I prefer La Palma for it's variety in nature and the lush green areas. Also a joy to fly virtual now and recognise the landscape in hifi. I made the tour in a Beech Baron and airborned of coarse from it's airport GCLA, enjoy the views:
  13. Wooow...what an unusual sight but as composition a topshot and a super detailled (US-variant?) of the BAe Harrier GR9.
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