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  1. Gustavus - PAGS Homer - PAHO Juneau - PAJN Yakutat - PAYA
  2. Only the snow remaining at the mountaintops, Valdez is also in summertime a beautiful area for VFR flights:
  3. #7 -> Jefferson County International. Quit easy: 'Jeffe...' can be read on the appron or parking lot....
  4. Excellent mix Carlos, all fine captured...
  5. To please Jack, I have used a yellow livery...anyway, the yellow combines always fine with blue skies...
  6. Hello Jack, Have you read the tittle of my posting? And...choosed a yellowish bird and incorporated some 'bridge'-shots especially for your attention...
  7. A great collection of shots and an extended exploration of Oregon with a large number of Orbx-airports to discover within. Very well done Carlos...
  8. I just posted a serie of screenshots of my flight in and around Portland City that shows what is to discover via the new TE-Oregon Add for P3D.
  9. Made a first flight departing from Pearson Field - KVUO After my sightseeing tour around Portland City finally landed on Portland Int Airport KPDX (default version of the scenery)
  10. Hi to All involved, I ran the 'verify files' and indeed a separate folder is created. Made a flight departing from Pearson Field-KVUO and flying in direction of Portland City it was immediate clear that the issue is solved and the expected buildings, bridges and trees are shown in the right way. Thank you 'Sasha Norman' for the quick offered solution.
  11. OK....I haven't TE-Washington under V4.5 and/or v5 because I have it already in my XP11 Sim that I use in parallel with P3D. I hope that the Orbx-Staff is willing to be able to download only that 3.95GB folder as a kind of patch and not to must download the whole TE-Oregon again.
  12. A speedy view on 'Three Sisters' moutainchain at mid-Oregon in a F-22 Raptor
  13. Airport and area of Alesund is a great addition to the SthWestern part of the beautiful Norway-scenery. I made a first flight in a DHC6-100 in Norwegian colors:
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