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  1. I couldn't resist to get MSFS as my 4th flightsim next to P3D, XP and AFS2 and try it out at once on one of the most detailled sceneries sofar via the Orbx enhancements:
  2. Cruising over London and landing at the City airport EGLC via Twin Otter in Flybe livery, Sim = XP11.50 - Scenery = TE GB South + Airport EGLC:
  3. Only 2 things are missing here: able to touch and able to smell. So realistic and photoreal images, just incredible step forward in 'as real as it gets'. Magnificent viewpoints as well...
  4. Sim = AFS2 - Scenery = Orbx KCGX Meigs Chicago - Aircraft = default Heli R22 of AFS2
  5. Another great showcase from Jean-Marc. A touristic and also non-touristic overview of remote area's in this part of northern Africa. Very well put together...
  6. Fantastic shots out of, I assume, P3Dv4.5 or v5. Happy that the forum shows also marvelous screenshots next to the current MSFS-hype.
  7. Marvelous shots of the updated London-scenery in real-feel & -look weather situation. Just one thing to solve is for some Bridge-heads to be in line with the connecting roads and with the moving traffic on the bridge-road surfaces, shure to update on the iconic Westminster-Bridge.
  8. These scenery captures are from an incredible high fidelity and crispclear quality, what will be the answer to MSFS by the other Sim's? Not to beat MS but in trying to match in quality.
  9. Hi, thank you for the suggestion but didn't completely solved my issue, well slightly but still uneven ground, some taxiways and runway seems ok but airport-ground is still about 10Ft lower.
  10. Hi Jack, that is again in your shots from your 4 posted parts of an intertaining and joyfull flight in and around the Perth-area of our down-under nice made scenery.
  11. I haven't any problems regarding elevation errors for KGPI in P3D4.x. However in P3Dv5 in a simular scenery structure I have a kind of double superimposed layout of the Afcad-structure: The scenery is in the right place in my scenery library. I have NA Northern Rockies, Base Pack, Vector, Open LC Nth America, Libraries via Orbx Central v4.1.15 and all updated to their most recent version, all my other NA-airports are OK except this one. Also when I choose KFCA as alternative ICAO for KGPI the issue is equal. What could be the cause of this, thank you for
  12. A great collection of vintage planes(some are still in use) and a various sights on the African landscape worth to discover via The Open LC-upgrade....
  13. Fantastic....and a bit expected....news and promising for more enhanced airports and cities worldwide. One question remains for me: Innsbruck(LOWI) is announced as part of the handcrafted airports by release of MSFS2020. What will be the upgrade offers above via the Orbx-version and will it pricewise a worthy upgrade? Especially London wasn't looking good regarding the landmarks&buildings by default. Now a very worthy enhancement together with London-City airport, a must have for sure.
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