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  1. Amazing real reproduction of the reality...and that only for the SF-bay and surroundings in this magnificent serie of shots. Very promising for the entire NCA scenery for shure. Looking forward to lain's next coming preview-shots....and on a later timeframe the rest of CA....
  2. Yes, via this and some previous postings, the Tiger Moth revives again in full glory.
  3. Very nice shots, in the 2nd shot it's like you dive into the sun, captured at a perfect timing, gorgeous !
  4. Marvelous...the 2nd shot is fabulous and a winner !
  5. A little but pleasant altiport close to Courchevel's altiport:
  6. Fine serie of splendid crispclear shots from a gorgeous scenery.
  7. Fantastic...this capture is a winner in all aspects
  8. A fine 'LOWI'-quality addition for the Alps and also a descent area included. Another marvel from designer Andreas Hegi and the Orbx-staff. Looking forward to the release.
  9. Magnificent collection of enjoyable views, very well done !
  10. Together with Part 1 again a full story and display of so many goodies on historic facts and in between shown all sorts of vintage planes. An incredible collection well put together. My hat off for the effort made like you already performed 5 times before this one, congrats
  11. Fine trio of a furious WWII fighter
  12. Very vivid and sparkling bright colorful shots, I love them all; Very well done !
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