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  1. Has anyone mentioned that the Irish Harp logo on the static Ryanair 738 needs to be the correct way around? Nice screenshots by the way..
  2. Sincere apologies for posting in the wrong place. Lazy? No I don't spend much time here on any forums so excuse my ignorance .It's such a great product I thought it was missing some local landmarks you see for miles along the mainly flat Kent Coast. The other object I can't see is the twin towers at Reculver fort between Herne Bay and Margate. I'm flying around aagain but taking screenshots this time. Christopher Lowe correctly identified the pics originally posted - Including the Train Simulator screenshot I will post on the poi request submission.
  3. Hi, Took a major step away from FSX/P3D to sample the fabulous TrueEarth in XP11. Might need an upgrade to get XP11 really flying but I'm liking what I see and enjoying the investment FTX is making in XP11. One little disappointment, after flying around North Kent and spotting-ish my house (!) I turned to have a look at the bridges which link the Isle of Sheppey to the mainland. Yes they were there but I was hoping to enjoy the iconic lifting road/rail bridge and the swish new-ish flyover bridgecarrying the A249 road. Any chance of adding these bridges to enhance the region? Really enjoying TrueEath and XP11 - thank you FTX and seasons greetings to all.
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