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  1. I've had the same problem since the last update - will try the' fix' Happy days,
  2. Just to add some final information. It seems there's a well documented thread on the FlyTampa forum that they were experiencing FTX Landclass/Vector conflicts with their scenery in the area. They actually created a fix for the missing islands but there were still some minor coastline issues in the area mainly due to the close proximity of the island to the mainland. It just happened that I noticed the problem after installing Vector and going for a flight around the region to enjoy the improved coastlines!
  3. No difference but it looks like the FTX files are where they should be so the problem might be elsewhere - FlyTampa Corfu/Corfu LC maybe? That's not a million miles away. Thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks Nick. Looks like it's in the right place. Maybe I'll run the elevation tool and see if that makes any difference.
  5. Fresh install for P3Dv4.5 and I have Global and EU LC installed. After some pondering I decided to install Vector to improve the coastlines around Greece. Coastlines are much improved but I'm beginning to notice larger water areas than should be away from the coastlines and I have some islands missing too - namely Paxos and Antipaxos but there are probably others. Is it to do with scenery library insertion points for Vector? Where should they be in relation to Global, LC's and FTX individual airports. As entries are 'greyed out' in the scenery library how can I safely move them if needed?
  6. Has anyone mentioned that the Irish Harp logo on the static Ryanair 738 needs to be the correct way around? Nice screenshots by the way..
  7. Sincere apologies for posting in the wrong place. Lazy? No I don't spend much time here on any forums so excuse my ignorance .It's such a great product I thought it was missing some local landmarks you see for miles along the mainly flat Kent Coast. The other object I can't see is the twin towers at Reculver fort between Herne Bay and Margate. I'm flying around aagain but taking screenshots this time. Christopher Lowe correctly identified the pics originally posted - Including the Train Simulator screenshot I will post on the poi request submission.
  8. Hi, Took a major step away from FSX/P3D to sample the fabulous TrueEarth in XP11. Might need an upgrade to get XP11 really flying but I'm liking what I see and enjoying the investment FTX is making in XP11. One little disappointment, after flying around North Kent and spotting-ish my house (!) I turned to have a look at the bridges which link the Isle of Sheppey to the mainland. Yes they were there but I was hoping to enjoy the iconic lifting road/rail bridge and the swish new-ish flyover bridgecarrying the A249 road. Any chance of adding these bridges to enhance the region?
  9. Grand Case would be good, a nice location and a nice approach over the beach. TQPF Wallblake on Anguilla would be nice too. Nice little island hops for when you don't have much time to fly. Another little important Caribbean airport not currently covered is TKPN Nevis and TDCF Canefield on Dominica - nice tricky approach hugging the coast. So many airports waiting to be made (I wish) Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the freeware project. Kernow
  10. Good morning Doug, Seemed like a good, sensible opening suggestion and yes it's fixed that particular issue and I'm noticing other visual improvements in other places too. Guess there are a lot of files and changes in NA LC so plenty of opportunity for things to go wrong during installation. Thanks and Happy Weekend!
  11. Was having a little fly around the Caribbean (as you do) when I noticed that the ground textures for Nevis and later Montserrat didn't seem to be loading properly. Lots of strange rivers running down the volcano there and strange base textures.. Anyone else had this occur? Haven't flown this area since installing NA LC so maybe there's a connection? St Kitts seems fine and I have the Taxi2Gate TKPK scenery installed there ok. Regards,
  12. Well done and thank you Doug, for linking my problem to the Windows Update. I have uninstalled this update and reactivated my Vector library entries and everything seems to be back to normal. What do we do about this? Would LM have reported this to Microsoft? I'll be following the relevent forum posts on this. Be nice to have some answers. Regards,
  13. Thanks Doug, You know you may just be right.. Everything has been running really sweetly lately and I've really been enjoying my flying and suddenly, mysteriously it all goes for a ...... I'll check it out, thanks.
  14. Hi, Just want some advice. Yesterday my P3Dv3.4 ceased to load beyond an opening scenario appearing. As soon as any key was touched or the mouse moved across the sceen the game would crash. Bit of investigation and I could start and run the game with a clean scenery.cfg So I then start adding scenery one at a time and seeing if the game loads and runs. As soon as the Vector entries were ticked the game would cease to run. Untick the vector entries and all is well again. Something obviously doesn't get along with something else here.. Can vector be 'repaired' or would removal an
  15. I have noticed the very same effect on my system. There are large rivers running down the mountains on neighbouring islands of the Caribbean too. Never seen this before but now I have NA LC installed as well as Vector.
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