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  1. I found the Central log file but I can't transfer it to this support request. That is not my problem. My problem is that I purchased LGKO but when attempting to install it points out that I can not install directly into the simulator. The other option is to install it into the main library. This creates an error stating that the Library Path does not exists. and that is it. I can't get any further. My Orbx central is P3D v4. This is the first time I had that problem. I look forward to getting assistance on this item. Thank you. Rolf Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64bit - I7 7700K CPU @4.20GHz - GPU GTX 1080- - 32.0 GB RAM - P3D v4.5 Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  2. Nick, once again you fixed my problems. All went well and all locations loaded with the exception of San Diego but that i will figure out myself. Yous support is excellent and when I get back I am looking forward to the new changes. My thanks to Jack as well as pushing me to install ORBX Central. Thank you both. Rolf
  3. Update! I installed ORBX Central and that was simple enough. I cant use it unless I can eliminate the Scenery.cfg problem referred to above. Rolf
  4. Hi Nick, all I did is that I added the recent Hotfix # 2 before turning P3Dv4.5. It worked fine when I last used P3D a few months ago. It is still where it was then. There is one curiosity regarding FTX central v3.3.9.2 now asking me to find a simulator as reported in the FTX central forum. That apparently happened today without me doing anything I know to make that happen. Strange. All the files are still in Scenery/world/scenery
  5. After a Summer hiatus I was glad to get back to Flightsimming. I added the latest p3d v4.5 fix and started P3D. First thing that came up was the Scenery.cfg file error. It could not find Scenery Area.001 local scenery directory: Scenery\world\scenery. I Looked at the specified folder and all files appeared to be there. I tried deleting the config file to rebuild the cfg file ad after that rebooted the computer started P3Dv4.5 but still no luck. I did not go with FTX Central yet being somewhat anxious about some of the difficulties that came to light. Perhaps that is the issue. I sure would appreciate some help with this problem. Thank you. Rolf
  6. I just installed AU V2 - Uninstalled AU V1 , Holgermesh & Tasmania . I purchased YTYA when it came out sometime ago. Now with AU v2 the elevation issue reared its head. Gullys where the runways should be. I configured vector after installing V2. I would appreciate help. Incidentally, YMML was fine when I landed there before flying to YATA. Thank you. Rolf
  7. Hi, I presently have Australia as a region. There was some talk about a new and updated version for Australia (V2). Is this it? I would like to know before i go through the process of purchasing AU. Thank you. Rolf
  8. Gentlemen, Thank you very much. That is very helpful. Rolf
  9. I purchased Pilot's FS Gobal 2010 way back when, on recommendations of Orbx. This I subsequently updated to FS Global 2018. The provider I purchased this from is closing. Options to continue getting updates are available by the Pilot's however it seems to me that in the Orbx forums it came to light that a global package similar to Pilot's is now part of the Orbx / FTX line up. I recall a discussion on this topic when South America was offered by Orbx. Is my memory failing me or do I really need to continue with Stefan's Pilots? I hope this is the right place to request information for this item. Thank you. Rolf
  10. Success! It is so simple when you know what your doing. Nick once again you helped me. It is appreciated. Have a great festive season. Rolf
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