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  1. Jon, that did it. All purchased products are now now showing up. Thank you for your assistance. Rolf
  2. Would I still get update notices of my Orbx products via Orbx Central?
  3. Nick, Thanks. I’ll try and find them and see what can be done to place them where they belong. Would MSFS 2020 have had something that caused me to misplace them? Rolf
  4. I am curious why all my purchased Orbx products do not show up in Orbx Central. I show as having purchased 2 (KORS & 1S2) out of a total of 10. The other 8 are not ticked off. I believe LOWI was the latest purchase. I recently managed to install the addon linker. I wonder if that has affected how the airports show up in Orbx Central. Rolf
  5. Gentlemen, After some troubleshooting I found that EDDM (Simwing) previously installed and working, disappeared from the community folder somehow. I went to the website to find that EDDM was a problem and that an updated Version was available. I installed the updated version did all that was recommendation (Contents Manager /Rolling cache deletion) and the problem I had disappeared. I truly appreciate the help you offered and i learned a lot during this process. My next steps will be to organize my community folder. Addon Linker here I come. That is a great recommendation. Again my than
  6. Nick, My thanks for your help. I'll look into your recommendation and see what happens. Regards, Rolf
  7. I used the full Community folder again and unfortunately the CTD occurred again. That likely means that Orbx LOWI is fine as is EDDM which I had used in the past. Other flightplans from various departure airports show no problem. only EDDM > LOWI. The CTD happens at the end of the installation of the FP and before the sim accepts it. So does it mean it could be a conflict with one of the other airports I have recently installed. This is likely however how does one identify the faulty airport? Thanks Rolf
  8. Hi Nick, I did as you said and I had no CTD. I used the same flight plan as yesterday leaving the default EDDM en route to Orbx LOWI. Almost there and all appears good. The next steps will be to try it with the full community folder. Thanks for your help. Rolf
  9. Here is a list of all from the the Community folders. I hope that helps. Thank you. Rolf
  10. Nick, Thank you. I deleted the rolling cache. Loading flight plans to Lowi from vrs airports seem to work yet EDDM to LOWI does not. Just at the end of the flightplan loading, MSFS crashes. I have to get a better understanding how the general/graphics/data section works. Starting at LOWI shows off the beautiful scenery. Any other ideas are welcome.
  11. I am also having a CTD problem. I purchased LOWI from Orbx Direct about an hour ago and it went through the Orbx installation process. Orbx LOWI was found to be installed in the in the community folder after installation. I loaded a flightplan EDDM > LOWI and in that process MSFS crashed. I have not had any crashes on start up like this before. There appears to be some type of conflict with the new install and MSFs. I then checked the official/store folder and found another LOWI file. I deleted that one assuming this might solve the problem but it did not. After going through the same proce
  12. I found the Central log file but I can't transfer it to this support request. That is not my problem. My problem is that I purchased LGKO but when attempting to install it points out that I can not install directly into the simulator. The other option is to install it into the main library. This creates an error stating that the Library Path does not exists. and that is it. I can't get any further. My Orbx central is P3D v4. This is the first time I had that problem. I look forward to getting assistance on this item. Thank you. Rolf Operating system:
  13. Nick, once again you fixed my problems. All went well and all locations loaded with the exception of San Diego but that i will figure out myself. Yous support is excellent and when I get back I am looking forward to the new changes. My thanks to Jack as well as pushing me to install ORBX Central. Thank you both. Rolf
  14. Update! I installed ORBX Central and that was simple enough. I cant use it unless I can eliminate the Scenery.cfg problem referred to above. Rolf
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