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  1. POI Wishlist Germany North SP1

    Rongor, sorry for my late reply. I was away from my computer and revisited EDHK on my return and you are absolutely correct. I really do not know how I missed it. I had the German airports (Nordlichter) installed in p3dv3.4 and when I checked after the v4 install it appeared be missing. It may have been that I did not have all the scenery installed at that time. I am also aware of Fischkopfś contribution and had the Submarine installed in my earlier version. Thank you for pointing this out. Rolf
  2. POI Wishlist Germany North SP1

    EDHK including the Ehrenmal in Laboe would be real treat. While we are at it there is a Submarine at the base of the Ehrenmal on the Beach. And of course the Kiel Kanal. Thinking out loud Rolf
  3. EDHK in Kiel, Germany would be great especially if it includes the Canal and the Ehrenmal in Laboe at the end of the Bucht. Rolf
  4. Tragedy with FSS/FS Global 2018

    I like you, purchased pilots 2018. My problems were that the files did not correspond to the names shown on each download. I received the main zip file plus the .z02,z03,z04 and the last file but the.z01 file turned into .a zip file. I contacted Stefan at Pilots and he was very helpful as was Adrian at FSS who sent me new downloads. Even then the downloads turned into the same numbers. Stefan suggested what needed to be done is to name all the file other than the first zip file to xxxxxxx.zo1, z02 etc. The renamed z01 file will still show as being a zip file in the front but once I started installing it, a small notice saying that there was an error. I ignored that as I did in Pilots 2010 and the end result is all went well and it installed the way it should have. I must tell you that I am away from my main computer and that I am basing a lot of this procedure on memory. My suggestion is to contact Stefan at Pilots. He was very helpful and available in a very short period of time. Good Luck! Rolf
  5. Att. Admin.

    Nick, I believe I was responsible for that item. Sorry about that. I recall Orbx being a strong promoter of that product a number of years ago. That is what prompted me to seek help here. I really do not know where else to go since pilot and FSS are not responding. I should have never updated. Rolf
  6. Why no Orbx "New England" regions?

    And sneak across the border to New Brunswick and the Canadian Maritimes. ßthat would be sweet
  7. Any reason not to use an improved mesh

    Nick, thanks for your reply. It just dawned on me that the mesh I installed is not P3D or FSX specific. It applies to all sims. Is that correct? If that is the case there is no need to concern myself about different versions of P3D. Regards, Rolf
  8. Any reason not to use an improved mesh

    I am a bit confused. We were encouraged to install pilots 2010 mesh way back. I am now waiting for the pilots 2018 mesh to install in P3D v4. Am I to understand that this is no longer necessary if you have vector? Any input will be appreciated. Regards, Rolf
  9. Airports 170423

    Dolf Thank you very much. Rolf
  10. Is flight simming more for the older person?

    That is surprising but in a great way. Thanks JV.
  11. KBHB KBIB and KACK are extra-ordinary and a must have. Truly incredible. Rolf
  12. Freeware Pack 30 sent in

    Scott, I will give it a try later on. Thanks for your help. Rolf
  13. Freeware Pack 30 sent in

    Scott, I also like Little NavMap. It works great for most of my aircraft although it won't for my Majestic Q400. However to the point I can't figure out how to activate airports that are in my scenery config file and excluding default ones. I have looked at the Map heading column but no luck. Can you point us in the right direction please. Thanks, Rolf
  14. Considering a 4K TV - What to Expect?

    I am running at 3840 -2160 and my computer info is above. It works well if I keep away from Seattle and South Cal. Regards, Rolf
  15. Pilots FS Global Upgrade

    Bassman - You are correct. I totally made a mistake by reading is as increasing problems with frame rates. As I shameful slide out of this forum....