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  1. Likely asked before but I'll ask again.--- In the 'Settings' zone and under " Library Insertion Point" There are two choices-- Fsx entries should be inserted below, OR Open LC entries should be inserted below.. Which of the two choices should normally be picked , and saved, and why ? Thanks for the help. Stoney.
  2. Gd Mornin Doug.. Scenery Complexity is at full right. -extremely dense Cheers, Stoney.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions men. I've done all that was suggested, still the same. I have reinstalled CZST several times and verified the files ---still the same. I guess my old computer and FSX are telling me something--- I don't go to Stewart that often anyway so, I'll live with the grassy runway etc. Cheers, Stoney
  4. Thanks Doug but I guess there is no cure for this problem ??
  5. Problem with CZST when installed-- there are no BLDGS, A/C or people associated with the AP. The runway is not hardtopped. The logs etc are shown and the forest around the A/Pis normal. CZST is shown in the scenery Library. It just looks like there are some textures or things missing in the download. Any ideas ? anyone??
  6. When I try to install Orbx Global Open LC North America. The installer tells me that it requires 16.9 g and there is only 12.6 free on the drive. When I check with windows explorer it shows over 39gs of free space on the drive.
  7. Further to my above question Nick---- In the 'Settings ' where is the best for the Insertion Point ? 'FTX below or Open Lc below ? Cheers. Carm.
  8. I have to reinstall all my scenery into FSX [don't ask] . Is there an order for installing Orbx, Global, especially Base Pack, Vector, etc. Thanks. Cheers, Carm.
  9. Library priorities were mixed up. When this was corrected hangers etc reappeared. we're okay now, thanks.
  10. Its interesting Nick, that the problem is with ---with one exception, [CYYJ] only on Vancouver Island. I've tried fields from New Zealand to France, several US states, all provinces of Canada all are okay ---including mainland Province of BC.
  11. Generally, I'm happy with this download but, one fault I have is that now on many of my smaller airfields I have lost all my hangers etc. There are obvious indications where they aught to be but, no buildings ie--Hangers etc.
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