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  1. I’ve only just noticed that the lovely Orbx improvements made to Bolzano (LIPB) in V4 seem to have disappeared with OpenLC Europe for V5. In V4 there were specific buildings, a hotel of sorts, lots of people flow - now just a default site with blocky buildings. Am I missing something here? Maybe there’s a fault with my LC - does anyone else see this? Peter
  2. I have found the problem with the runway lights, (which were also absent in a number of other ORBX sceneries). I also had an issue with ESSA Stockholm ground textures, and found a reference in the forum to “ObjectFlow”not working. I uninstalled it in Central and re-installed in my chosen ORBX folder. Both issues fixed! Here endeth a lot of hours trying to sort it out! It may be that this is a fix for a number of strange issues? i certainly have no idea why it wasn’t working in the first place, but the issue started when I changed from Central 3 to the new Central. Ho
  3. Edit.. It has been my opinion that after the recent updates, Central 4 was working correctly, but I nevertheless took the plunge just now and uninstalled it and re-installed Central 3, and re-installed LOWI from a pre-existing ORBX download. NOW - the LOWI runway lights work! Subsequently I re-installed Central 4 - and the lights now DON’T work, even after configuration. I find all this rather disheartening - I like the Central 4 interface and the ease of use - but not if it isn’t installing correctly. Some suggestions on why this might have happened woul
  4. I have now tried.. Uninstalling via Central 4 and deleting all temp and ORBX downloads. uninstalled SODE. Deleted all references to LOWI in the sim drive. Uninstalled and re-configured ORBX LOWI via Central 4 Still no lights. There are runway edge lights there but they are extremely dim. The “rabbit” lights work. Suggestions very welcome! Peter
  5. Hi there, I have no night runway lights at Innsbruck. So far I have tried.. Verify Files (in Central 4) uninstall and reinstall Install to either ORBX library or P3dV4 folder (both tried). uninstall/reinstall P3DV4 Client. delete Prepar3D.cfg updated to latest graphics drivers All used to be OK until recently but now I am stumped! Could you give me anything else to try, please? Thanks! Peter.
  6. Is there a resolution to this problem, please? It would seem that if one has opted in to Fastlane, and then uninstalled Central 4, then a subsequent re-install of Central 4 will not work because the installer will fail to download the 4.12 update and the 4.10 will not install as a result. Is this Chicken and Egg, or Catch 22, or am I missing something? Thanks for any suggestions.. Brit
  7. I tried that link - same result - it comes up with the Central 4.10 Splash screen, gives a message that it cannot download 4.12, and then exits without installing 4.10.. Brit
  8. Ma I ask how I opt out of the fastlanewith Central 4 uninstalled? I was in the fast lane with Central 4, then uninstalled it to fix an issue, and cannot re-download bacuase the download refuses to issue 10.12 so I cannot even get 10.10 back.. Can opting out of fastlane be done on the website? I don't see anything that allows that? Brit
  9. Hi Mitchell, Sorry - just caught your post - I now have 4.0.10 and all seems to be OK. Nice work on the updates - thanks! Brit
  10. Doug, Your “rude” comment didn’t specify who it was directed at, but as I was the instigator of the post I feel it reflects on me. i didn’t say anything that was rude - and gave you honest feedback on my experience with (hopefully) some constructive explanation of my actions, an apology for the post in advance, and my best wishes for success. If the post wasn’t directed at me perhaps you could make that clear. If it was, I apologise and will shut up in future. Brit
  11. Sorry I haven’t got a log for this - but I did fix it in the end, so no log. In your stated spirit of ‘We’re listening” then may I comment on the strange situation in CENTRAL 4 where a missing scenery file causes P3D to fail to load the Scenery.cfg file, and then CTD with only a “cannot find file” message. I just spent 3 hours iteratively pulling my scenery.cfg apart to find that ORBX KMRY (Monterey) was the culprit. This was never a problem before. So tried “Verify Files” option. It hung at 14%, and couldn't be cancelled (continuous whirling wheel etc). Deleting the ORBX
  12. I actually fixed my problems by going back to Centrel which seems to give expanded error messages with regard to mssing files and then I replcaed them with a backup that I have. Then I reinstalled 4.0.4 and all seems well at the moment apart from the Troubleshooter.exe which reports missing files on a couple of the products. Is this Troubleshooter still a valid check for problems? Thanks Brit
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