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  1. I am having a very long terrain loading time with True Earth GB South - it's over 10 minutes with a fast PC - does anyone else have this issue? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Since updating to V4.4 I have had very slow autogen loading at ANY location. I find that if I have everything deactivated in the Scenery.cfg file except the default items the scenery load is very fast. if I activate ORBX.LIBS in the scenery.cfg the loading takes several minutes. This is the ONLY non-default item. Can anyone shed light in this please? Thanks! Peter
  3. I think the main issue with motion sickness here occurs if you “pan” horizontally. That gives me an instant queasy feeling, and eventually a headache. General flying, banking, pitching, etc are fine as long as they aren’t too sudden, but the brain definitely doesn’t like being rotated horizontally when it knows the body isn’t turning. I spend some time in the big sims (so not HMD) and it is the same there. Everything is fine until you do rapid taxi turns on the ground. When we get the next gen headsets with better resolution it is going to be the future for many, I think. Great preview - with a nice personal touch! Thanks John! Britjet
  4. 120Gb is surely not a reasonable proposal? For one country? Not for me, I’m afraid..
  5. There is a nice group in Norway at NO17 Gravvoid.. A pretty little grass strip in a valley.. Brit
  6. And they are animated! Thanks! @Larry - I’ll have a look - thanks. I have a 180-degree projection setup and carefully placing the view in a Wintry scene and heavy snow looks absolutely brilliant! Perfect for a festive party! Brit.
  7. Thanks - KAPA is good - any more that anyone knows of :-). ?
  8. Hi all - I was looking to find some reindeer in ORBX Airfields, and I know I have encountered some in the past - just can’t remember where... I had a project in mind to snapshot a festive scene courtesy of ORBX and Activesky, Envtex etc. Any suggestions? Thanks! Brit
  9. I had the same problem, and fixed it by replacing the current terrain.cfg file (make a backup first!) with the one contained in the ORBX/Scripts folder and then running FTX configurator again, which apparently “forces” the terrain elements to be correctly assigned. There is a thread about it somewhere here dealing with terrain “popping” Hope it helps..
  10. I remember seeing them at Coventry many years ago. Amazing aircraft. A prop-jumbo!
  11. Ed, The latest FTX central 4.1 update didn’t fix it - but running the Vector elevation configuration did. I found that the white wash-out effect was a side-product of the latest Chaseplane Beta, by the looks of it. All happy now! Geat assistance from a fellow simmer - which is what these fora are all about! Thanks! Brit
  12. Thanks Ed, I have done all that and it has fixed the problem with the apron but my HDR lighting is almost a complete white-out now at every airport even on low settings so I have had to revert to the original dll. thanks anyway!Brit
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