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  1. I see in my products under V5 (just installed) that there is no KSTS :>( Will this be updated for V5 at some point? Thanks, Mark
  2. Hi- Just updated TE NorCal through Orbx Central. KSTS now looks like this..in addition to KRDD which is about the same. Any ideas? Thanks, Mark
  3. Agreed. KRDD is pretty much unflyable at this time. Mark
  4. Adjusting 'Hue' to ~ +13 will help remove some of the orange as well. Mark
  5. That was it. Thanks Nick. NorCal is excellent BTW. Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi- Just completed install of TE NorCal and took a short hop from KSTS to KSFO in a 172 so I could enjoy the scenery. Looks good so far! I see the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge is missing along with the Golden Gate. Any ideas where they might be a hidin? :>) Cheers, Mark
  7. Well done gentlemen. Now, if you can get the other 49 done, we'll be good to go. Thanks for an outstanding product, Mark
  8. Thank you all. I definitively have enough to keep me in business for the foreseable future. :>) Cheers, Mark
  9. Thanks. It seems that this is from 2018? At least some anyway. I'd also like, but may not get, a NA 'by state' listing. You're list has a lot there but seems to be random, or, but update date over time. Cheers, Mark
  10. Hi all- Could someone point me to the most recent list? There are some on the interenet but old (2017? Thanks, Mark
  11. Thank you Nick that was it. Cheers, Mark
  12. I thought Libraries controlled buildings?
  13. Hi! I just installed V5 and have virtually nothing installed except KTVL and FlightBeam KSFO. Everything looks fine in the Addons window as you can see. Any ideas why nothing appears at KTVL? :>) Thanks, Mark
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