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  1. Hi Guys. I'm afraid I have a problem. I installed TF2 into My P3D V4.5 HF3 and now my sim won't start, it just hangs on the start up screen (waited over 20 mins)! I uninstalled TF2 and P3D starts normally. I have installed/uninstalled several times and the same thing happens. Any thoughts/help please. Thanks and best regards. Malcolm Hancock
  2. Hi Nick. You Da Man! Thank you problem solved. I just need to find the Thames barrier and the bushes/trees along the roadside at Popham. Thanks again. Malcolm.
  3. By the way this is not the order as it appears in my scenery library.
  4. Here you go Nick. Regarding where I've installed I'm afraid I'm not sure. I'm not so young Nick and not very Tech savy you see. scenery.cfg
  5. Hello Nick. Thank you for your welcome and quick reply. I have cross checked all you've suggested and all is as it should be. However, on closer inspection I see that it's more than just the EGLC area, it's actually all of London that's doubled up. Battersea power station, Palace of Westminster and other major landmarks in town.
  6. Hi All. I have Global, Vector, EU England and HD buildings. I seem to have 2x O2 domes and several doubles of Canary Wharf buildings after installing EGLC also I have no Thames barrier. Some advise/help would be very much appreciated. Thank You. Malcolm Hancock
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