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  1. Run P3D first to let it activate and compile first, then do the Orbx installs?
  2. I'm going to just uninstall Global Base Pack, Global openLC North America, Global Trees HD, Global Vector, Global Airport Pack, and Global Lights Configurator. Additionally, I'm going to uninstall P3D v4.4. Then reinstall v4.4, and the rest. Is there an order I should install the "Global" series?
  3. It worked yesterday. I did as you directed, and P3D loaded up. Started at KSAN, and it looked like the scenery loaded fine. But turned off my computer, went to work, came back this morning and it's doing it again.
  4. There's more, for all of the ORBX Vector. FTX_OLC, FTX_GLOBAL, FTX_NA sceneries I have installed. Even FTX_AU, and I believe FTX_EU, which I don't have. If I click "NO", P3D quits.
  5. Disregard - it's still occurring Nick. Tried several the Verify several times.
  6. Should I do this in FTX Central / FTX Global VECTOR / Verify Files or uninstall Vector and reinstall it?
  7. Backstory - cloned platter disk to new SSD (wow, it's so much faster!!) and am using the platter as a place to hold all of my P3D installers, and various scenery and aircraft installers. Uninstalled P3D v3 and all Orbx software. Fresh install of P3D v4.4 and after installing all my Orbx files, but P3D can't seem to find the Orbx scenery in the scenery.cfg file (C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4)
  8. Hi Paul, Excellent shots! Where did you get the Grumman Goose and repaints? Best, Mark
  9. Sure Scott. Yep, that was the 52 freeway that takes you to the north side of Cowles Mountain. They've expanded that in the past 3 years to connect all the way to the 67 freeway. Best, Mark
  10. There is Scott. It's in between El Cajon and Lakeside. Really small area that is considered unincorporated El Cajon.
  11. Matteo, as a native San Diegan, I think you've done an amazing job of capturing the metro and urban areas, as well as San Diego International. Are any of the airports in the coverage area "enhanced" to a great detail than with the free airport scenery already offered by ORBX? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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