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  1. Thanks for the replies, I'm not sure if I have fixed it this morning by turning off the static aircraft option in the control panel. If I haven't I'll give your way a go Britjet Rob
  2. Good Day. I purchased ESSA a few days ago and I have just had the first chance to fly into it, however I seem to have an issue with the ground textures. I have the following installed, Global, Vector, EULC, Regions England, Scotland and Norway. Library files are upto date. I have checked the order of the scenery and it is below the library files but above all regions. I have no other airports in this region other than some Airports of Norway (AON), can anyone help me work out what the cause might be? I do have MT6 installed but I turned the BGL to off in that bit of sof
  3. Many thanks Nick At least I don't have to reinstall the whole lot again Rob
  4. Good day everyone! im sorry if this might be a silly question! I have been using FSX-SE and had a few issues since the latest Win10 creater update. So I have had to run a file integrity check via the steam store on my FSX-SE install and it fixed some files, but previously I didn't see that many autogen buildings, but now I am seeing tonnes more. The question I wanted to ask is will I need to install my Global, vector, EULC and regions again as my sim now looks very different as a result of the integrity check? I'm using the recommended sim settings that are stipulated
  5. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions. Just for anyone else that might come across this situation then I tried the following. checked to make sure all my FTX stuff was update made sure that they was set correctly and in the right order in my scenery library tweaked with my REX4 water files to try and find a match turned off the seven .bgl files in the England region custom files turned off the 40 .bmp texture files in the England custom files Out of all of them the last two where the ones that worked for me, but I do recommend that you go
  6. Thank you for the reply h3pilot. And sorry for not adding my order number, I didn't see it was missing as I am using my phone to access the forum. it should be in my profile now i have had a quick look at that thread you sent a link too, seems to read like I need to disable/delete some files to get it to work. i will have a more indeph read of it when I am on my PC next, I had hoped it was going to install without hassle, but I guess I have some work to do to get it working correctly. Regards Rob
  7. Hi the green toad, Yes I have tried hybrid both ways global active and England, it doesn't seem to make any difference Rob
  8. Good afternoon everyone, I have just purchased FTX England and I am having a bit of an issue when it comes to the look of it when you enter or leave the region. I have read through the manual, however it the manual is for version 1.0 and not the current version. What I am seeing is a very clear exit pattern when flying out or in to the region, please see attached pictures. Sorry I don't know how to add them direct to the post for viewing. Si if anypne could offer some help as to how to correct this I would really appreciate it, here is my current system specs and instal
  9. I can't wait to buy Global but will wait until the fix is in place for FSX-SE, any idea on a release date? Rob
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