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  1. i belive in the fact that they now get the paint that really pays to the design of the plane. the beautiful shape of so many airplanes during the wars were hidden behind matte camouflage and IDs made to bring nothing but death. While other industrial designs especially in the US had their absolute peak in fashion and art. So, well..... i just want to give them the feeling a caddilac or racingcar had at that time. Of course it Depends on what you like or not or if you a patriot or not. At XP.org i have some true Antifans because of my WW2 Plane Repaints that are all Racing or fantasy . They
  2. entering majestic area with a majestic plane
  3. There is a FSX Version for the Staggerwing that might be fitting the p3d version (id there is a p3d version) - but its a early work of the paintsheme series and has no flames. it was the first of its kind
  4. i love these shots! and the BF has one of my favourite paintshemes that are attached to many airplanes from the FSX Version of the D17 to the Bell Helicopter 429 in XPlane. Kind of signature Paint inspired by MotorcycleClubs
  5. these shots are great. // nice livery on the Piper - does go well with the scenery
  6. This is a new series of outstanding shots which are curious, strange, different, mysterious and at least inexplicably. Please feel free to reply your experimental & unusual shots of special liveries or repaints, strange camera positions, rarcrafts, mods, replacements, graphic bugs, eastereggs or anything else curious in the beautiful sourrounding of orbx products!
  7. Nice Idea, but i allready have one in AUGUST Contest: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/100891-august-2015-screenshot-contest-prize-any-orbx-product-of-your-choice/#entry912092 But i was thinking about an new Topic-Series called "the UNUSUAL" where everybody can post "unusual FSX shots" with Orbx Products. i got lots of them
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