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  1. Rad photos. I wonder if the Tilikum Crossing is in this product! Also was the St. John's Bridge?
  2. As a transit fan and someone who rides Sound Transit + owns Seattle City - the Orbx stuff @Steve Colbert does have the Sound Transit light rail yard in SoDo, Seattle yes? Thanks!
  3. First, the YouTube being I live in Washington State and have flown as an Alaska Airlines passenger out of SeaTac: a) At 0:21. that's Mt. Rainier not Mt. Baker. b) 1:33 is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Second, I'm just tearing up here. This is REAL. This is why I love flight simming, and I'll love it not just flying low-level routes in a DC Designs Growler but also GA & commercial. I can't wait to see what you did or didn't do with OLF Coupeville and so many other places around the state special to me & my friends like Ross Dam, the Baker River Dams, Paine Field, and Victoria. I remember when I had photoscenery and then Orbx airports, freeware airports & more on top in FSX - that was painful on the frame rates and remember FSX has a 4 GB RAM limit. At least I have 12 GB of RAM now and 2 GB of VRAM - this is the year I spend $2XXX on a new computer to upgrade that. Third, how is this going to work with the Orbx airports I love like my top 3 favs Skagit, Anacortes & Seiku?
  4. Update: I got my Banner Bank branch to let me make a substantial purchase today. Thanks for the sale!
  5. Hey listen my debt card keeps getting rejected. Is there any way you guys could please accept Google Pay or Amazon Pay? I read the forum thread why no Paypal. I "get it". It's just a real hassle to have to call Banner Bank and request a special hold every time I want to buy something from you guys. Thanks for understanding @Ed Correia and staff!
  6. Now what do you recommend for a Grand Canyon addon to go with this? I already bought Orbx Global and Global NA - and yes, I need to update my signature!
  7. @John Venema; First, I want to thank you for doing this for the best coast - the West Coast of North America. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks and I will get you some POI submissions this weekend!
  8. I can't tell the difference really; so it's blatantly obvious that OPTION 2 is the better path for all involved. Please go with LOD14. Also worth noting: 125 knots is right around stall speed in most but not all of the planes I fly in flight sim...
  9. I intend to after winter vacay in mid-February to in March make the leap to P3D. It would be so nice to have photoscenery in P3D for the times I truly need it and ORBX world sceneries in Aerofly. Yes, I'd buy a lot more ORBX products if I had that option. FSX is just so unstable for me. I hear FSX:SE is just as bad.
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