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  1. I have a shortcut to FlightSim DB saved on the home screen of my phone so that I can look up airports. It's really useful for finding the radio/ILS frequencies and other airport information.
  2. Interesting. Flying over it in the sim, I can see how it would be a massive challenge connecting a landscape with so many islands, waterways and mountains. We'll have the chance to spend a week there in December. We're going to a wedding in Europe and this is more of a short side trip than a thorough tour around Norway, but would love to go back and explore properly one day. Even so, I'm really looking forward to our Dec visit as I've never been there before. We'll get to see Oslo and Tromso - probably not the best time of the year to be going north of the arctic circle but anyway..... Unfortunately won't be flying anything as exotic as Wideroe, just old SAS
  3. Thanks all Yeah, Sog-en-dal was how I was saying it.....but perhaps I was wrong: https://forvo.com/word/sogndal/ If you click on the two audio samples it sounds more like Song-dal to me. Who said travelling the world in a flight sim wasn't educational
  4. yeah, if the weather in the sim is anything to go by, it's a pretty grey part of the world! Nice livery by the way - very authentic for the region. I'd never heard of Wideroe, but I've seen them parked at almost every airport I've been to in Norway so far.
  5. Wow, that looks amazing. Wish I could get my graphics to look that good! Mind if I ask if you are you using any tools like ENVTEX or PTA? I'm not currently using any of those but was thinking about exploring them. I flew out of Sogndal today too, it was nice but not quite as photo-realistic looking as these!
  6. Hey, I also flew into Vaernes today! You certainly had clearer weather though
  7. The Norwegian leg of my world your continues, this time from Sogndal (ENSG) to Trondheim (ENVA). Great job by the orbx guys on this scenery, some nice looking airports built in considering they aren't stand-alone add-ons. I do have a couple of those (Narvik and Hammerfest) which I'm looking forward to flying into when I get further north Leaving ENSG (Sogndal Haukasen) En-route to Trondheim Hmmm....even the clouds look beautiful in Norway On approach into ENVA (Trondheim Værnes) On the ground at ENVA
  8. Never flown the airline, but I quite like the Air Canada livery and looks particularly good on the 787
  9. Wow - is that actually in the orbx scenery?? Now I'm going to have to go find it....
  10. Very nice. CYVR and surrounds are a wonderful area in the sim to fly in I thought my screen was wide but these are crazy wide panoramas!
  11. wow. If not for the lights on the aircraft, I'd have said these were real life photos
  12. Really nice shots. Spent a lot of time flying down there in the sim about a year ago. So much that a couple of those shots almost looked familiar! Really want to do the Milford walk one day....
  13. Nice! I definitely need to spend some time flying low'n'slow over the Netherlands now that I have the True Earth scenery.
  14. Beautiful. LOWI is definitely one of my more used ORBX airports!
  15. Thanks all. Yes indeed, the ORBX Norway scenery is very very nice. So nice that I find myself changing the date in Active Sky to find a clear weather day which is not completely clouded over - otherwise the only scenery I'm seeing are the CloudArt clouds! The sad part is I have owned ORBX Norway for quite a while, but only done limited flying there (too many regions and too little time in the sim). I'm making up for that now - I've planned out the next part of my route with 9 stops in Norway (I'm also hoping to spend a week there in real life in Dec, but that's another story ). I've been mapping on Google Maps as I go. Here's where I've been and where I'm going, ending in Montreal (21 legs to go!). Blue markers are the stops and the red line shows progress. After I get to Montreal (if I want to keep going) I'll make up the next leg. I've used a variety of aircraft as small as C172's up to as big as a Saab 340 to keep things interesting. Part 1 Part 2 There will be some pretty big empty spaces crossing from Europe to Canada, but no way around it without skipping a leg which I'm determined not to do!
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