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  1. I have seen instances where the original install caused no problems, but shutting down MSFS and restarting it later caused the problems to re-appear.
  2. Is anyone up for adding the Entrance Island lighthouse for MSFS? https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/592756-bc-lighthouses/
  3. If you look at the MS provided map, you'll see that Southern Vancouver Island was included in the update..
  4. That is a kind description... around the Gulf Islands it destroyed a fair amount of coast lines, see Genoa Bay (below).. and CAM3 still sits on a plateau, rather than next to a gravel pit.. Hoping for an update to the update
  5. At KORS, there is a yellow Cub parked on the tarmac. After the latest MSFS update, this airplane has its wheels sunken into the tarmac and its tail wheel off the ground. This airplane used to be sitting patiently in its spot... Any idea what might be causing this?
  6. Where are games from Microsoft Store saved on Windows 10? | Read Our Articles and Optimize Your PC for Peak Performance
  7. Hi Larry, no need for action, as far as I am concerned.. just please do not take them away from me!
  8. I guess I got lucky in that I installed them "in the brief time they were available for V5".. I have noticed no problems and would hate to miss them.. I do hope that Orbx Central does not remove them from my system! (Larry are you listening?..)
  9. The Freeware Nanaimo etc sceneries by Larry R. have been updated, and are now compatible.
  10. This one is related to the Enhanced Atmospherics setting in HF2, I believe. This is actually a new problem.
  11. I see the same taxi signs floating well above my head.. V5 + PNW.
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