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  1. Must have read right past it. ON my other thread about saving space, you said just delete the scenery, you meant uninstall it in Central, right?
  2. Operating system: Win10 Simulator: P3d v4 and 5 Screenshot: Issue: I have TE files on my J drive, an external one, I want to move that library to an internal SSD E drive where I have enough room. How would I go about it: create a new library on the E drive and copy from the F drive? Or..."
  3. My plan is to use v5 as my primary sim and 4.5 for only certain areas in the northwestern US and Canada as well as RTMM. I really don't need Australia, Europe. etc in 4.5, so why not save space.
  4. Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: P3d V4.5 Screenshot: Issue: I want to uninstall many Orbx products from 4.5 to save HD space. Does using Central to uninstall only remove the product from the sim? How do I remove it entirely so that I can save the space. In addition, I find that trying to uninstall larger products such as North and South Island, Australia v2 end in error messages of a timeout.
  5. Re-installed P3d. Things are sorted now. Thanks.
  6. I had the similar messages. They referenced an MK-Studios airport. After various tests and conversations, it seems there is a conflict between V 4.5 and v5 for that airport's SODE files. I solved it by removing the airport from 4.5 since I have it in v5. The only other fix is for the developer to rename certain files, which hasn't happened as far a I know.
  7. As far as I know when I set up v5, I didn't put anything into the v5 folder. Everything was supposed to go into an Orbx Central Library. No idea were Vector came from. Should I uninstall the products in the v5 folder and reinstall them to a Library? Just delete Vector?
  8. Here are the Orbx folders in root folders of V4.5 and v5. Is there a reason why they are so dissimilar?
  9. Looking more like I need to reinstall. All my products are in the V5 part of Central. I don't think just uninstalling there and reinstalling will work, so I think I should delete the folders on my G drive and set up new ones.
  10. Put Central Rockies in my F drive. No change on KIDA. Also, jetways, no buildings at KBLI and KHLN.
  11. Too early in the morning in New Mexico. KIDA isn't available for v5 yet. I will check with an airport that is compatible. Sorry.
  12. Tried a gate at IDA. Pair of jetways and a control tower, no other buildings. Reinstalled KHAF, no change.
  13. Here are two screenshots of basically the same view in 4.5 and 5. Tried KIDA, one on Holger's list. No buildings, although there was a radar tower and a shack.
  14. I applied those. Let me try one of them, KHAF wasn't one of them.
  15. No buildings. Screenshot of KHAF. Other airports are similar. Lots of car traffic, though.
  16. Should there be any Orbx in the right-hard drop down? I don't think any of my Orbx is working.
  17. That's what I was afraid of! It appears that none of my V5 products is working. They are all enabled in the drop-down list in v5 options. Should there be anything in the add-ons dropdown? There isn't. There is also no mention of Orbx in my v5 add-ons folder in Documents.
  18. I have P3d 4.5 and 5 installed on my F drive. I have earlier used a symbolic link to placed an Orbx folder on my G drive. After installing v5, I created an Orbx Library on the G drive that has two folders, one for v4 and one for v5. Do I need a symbolic link from the v5 root folder on the F drive to the G drive? I had thought not, but it would be far from the first time I was wrong.
  19. Thanks, Nick and Holger. That is what I thought, but wanted to be sure. I don't use them.
  20. @Holger Sandmann So your "holger mesh" should be used or not with AU v2?
  21. I, for one, never had the crashes that others have mentioned. The update was simple as was the installation of Orbx products and those update for v5 by others. By asking the question, it would seem you are leaning toward going forward, all you will lose by trying is the upgrade fee .
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