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  1. Would this same kind of reduction apply to the P3d releases as well, when they eventually come along?
  2. 50GB will work for those, but if you want more ORBX (and I would wager that you will), 50GB is woefully short. I have every ORBX product for P3D and it comes to just about 500GB.
  3. Great stuff. My parents told me of going to listen to Glen Miller at the Glen Island Casino outside NYC. My mother had an autographed 78 rpm boxed record of Benny Goodman's Carnegie Hall concert. It is one of my prized possessions.
  4. The Happy Birthday boys are still at it.
  5. I just hope the birthday wishes are genuine, not just a manner to increase ones post count.
  6. Also, using search will usually turn your answer before you start a new thread.
  7. This is at least a year away, if not more. Why don't we all calm down and wait until something concrete is known.
  8. Played golf several times a week until my knee gave out a couple of months ago. Waiting on a knee replacement, then maybe back to the course until the other one gives out.
  9. Wonderful pictures, Nick. My uncle, a fighter instructor who volunteered to pilot a glider on D-Day, said whatever fear he had was pretty much calmed, a least for a while, when he saw the armada of C-47 exhausts around him on the way over the channel. He survived D-Day and went to flying Thunderbolts for the rest of the war.
  10. After I returned from Vietnam to Ft. Sill, OK., I was often part of funeral details for fallen serviceman. We always made sure we left early enough to so that getting lost would never be an issue. I can't imagine what it would have been for a family to have to wait on the detail.
  11. You would get a better answer in one of the X-Plane forums rather than this one.
  12. Welcome back from one vet to another. Take it easy and listen to the docs.
  13. The John Nick was referring to was the OP in this thread.
  14. Macca, I know they are both more or less acceptable these days, but to my grandfather and Lorna's father only Mac would do.
  15. Oh, I know the history. There are MacDonalds and McDonalds, which is an Anglicized version. True descendants of the clan use the Mac.
  16. My maternal grandfather was born in Scotland, a Campbell. I dated a young lady for years during high school whose name was MacDonald. Her father, who was born in Scotland, had serious difficulties with me for a while.
  17. I am a bit more than a semi-pro photographer and do a lot of post processing. A guru I followed once told me that the only thing you should do is get the best hardware you can afford.
  18. So instead of one pair of $200 prescription glasses, I have half-a-dozen pairs of reading glasses around the house at about $3 a pair.
  19. Dusterman, does the mesh you mentioned make any difference with TEGB?
  20. Thanks. Active Sky, I believe, has an XP model. Do ou know how that compares with Ultra Weather?
  21. If the email had the name of the sim in it, as they usually do, i.e. Gatwick for X-Plane Released, you wouldn't even have to take the 3-seconds to open it. Not sure how that loss of time might affect your life, but....
  22. OK, thanks. I've got about 1.5 TB left on a drive, so it will work, I guess. I need to check to see if I have room for another SSD on my machine, that would solve it nicely.
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