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  1. The John Nick was referring to was the OP in this thread.
  2. Macca, I know they are both more or less acceptable these days, but to my grandfather and Lorna's father only Mac would do.
  3. Oh, I know the history. There are MacDonalds and McDonalds, which is an Anglicized version. True descendants of the clan use the Mac.
  4. My maternal grandfather was born in Scotland, a Campbell. I dated a young lady for years during high school whose name was MacDonald. Her father, who was born in Scotland, had serious difficulties with me for a while.
  5. I am a bit more than a semi-pro photographer and do a lot of post processing. A guru I followed once told me that the only thing you should do is get the best hardware you can afford.
  6. So instead of one pair of $200 prescription glasses, I have half-a-dozen pairs of reading glasses around the house at about $3 a pair.
  7. Dusterman, does the mesh you mentioned make any difference with TEGB?
  8. Thanks. Active Sky, I believe, has an XP model. Do ou know how that compares with Ultra Weather?
  9. If the email had the name of the sim in it, as they usually do, i.e. Gatwick for X-Plane Released, you wouldn't even have to take the 3-seconds to open it. Not sure how that loss of time might affect your life, but....
  10. OK, thanks. I've got about 1.5 TB left on a drive, so it will work, I guess. I need to check to see if I have room for another SSD on my machine, that would solve it nicely.
  11. I am contemplating installing XP for TEGB only. Could someone tell me what other apps are must-haves and how much drive space is needed? Thanks.
  12. What difference does it make if she is "a lady"? Is it a surprise in this day that a woman can fly an airplane?
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