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  1. I believe it is much easier to develop/port sceneries for MSFS than it is for P3d. If that is true (other developers have said so), then it makes sense that the developers at Orbx take the easier road to sales, rather than developing/porting for P3d v5+.
  2. I take that as meaning nothing more will be converted. Orbx seems aimed more at things like redoing the website, new logos and attracting partners rather than its core business.
  3. I agree with everyone. Seems to me that it is a case of a web designer with a big of time on his/her hands, so tinker with it. It used to drive me batty when an art director would come to me and say we should do this or that. If I ask why, the answer is usually something like "I have to do something with my time." If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  4. I have my Orbx scenery on my G drive in two libraries: Orbx Library and TE Library (only True Earth). When I check the Libraries in Central, the Orbx Library says it contains 617 GB. The TE Library, however, reads O GB. All of the TE sceneries are listed in the P3d v5 Add-Ons drop down.
  5. I just moved my TE Library, which contains my True Earth sceneries, from one drive to another. After moving the sceneries, I noticed that the new TE Library contains a folder P3d v5 that contains the TE scenery. That shouldn't be there, should it? I must admit that I haven't flown in any TE areas for a while, so I don't know how long that folder has been there.
  6. Ben having problems with SODE. I get a "SODE not available..." warning n GSX and SODE is not on the P3d Add-ons menu. I have been advised to reinstall it. I did so through Apps and Features. Should I also do it in Central? If I just install it through Central, will SODE work with non-Orbx scenery?
  7. No answers to the posts about whether sims other than MSFS are being forgotten.
  8. I presume all this work with MSFS has slowed work on the other platforms. A number of people have asked if P3Dv4.5 products will be released for v5 and are told "we are working on it". Are people seriously working on these or has most of Orbx development moved to the new sim?
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