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  1. Thanks. I will wait for the 737NGXu product.
  2. This may not be the place to ask, but do the immersion products work well with PMDG aircraft?
  3. Glad she is OK. My daughter's bassett had the same problem on Monday. In his case, he was 17-yars-old, the vet told her that he was very unlikely to survive the surgery, so she made the hard decision to put him down. We all miss the ol' boy.
  4. Only GB South is available for P3d at this time. All of it is available for XP11. North and Central GB are planned for P3d in the future, I believe.
  5. Wife and I went last night to an event headlined by a local oldies band known as Remember Then. Very good sounds until they were drowned out by the arrival of a storm that almost drowned all of us.
  6. Yes, quite good, but it's basically for airliners: de-boarding and boarding, catering, refueling, etc.
  7. What ATC were you using, the default? It is an extremely poor version of real life.
  8. @Nick Are they still planning to release the airports in the normal fashion?
  9. You'd best ask this question in a support forum. This one is for older coots to ramble on about odd things.
  10. You would probably get mor help if you posted in a support forum. This one is a chat forum for old coots.
  11. I signed up for the beta.but haven't heard anything. Are you full?
  12. You should ask again in the XP forum. This is a chat forum for us older coots.
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