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  1. Hi, I'm posting this as an issue because I think that there might be something wrong with my FTX packages, but I'm actually not a 100 percent sure. I'm using Global,Vector and OpenLC. Could someone please take a look at these pictures and give me a feedback. My opinion is that there is a texture-mix of some sort. I've tried to check out the same area (The pictures are taken over the river Elben) and I do see some similarity, but I just feel that something is a bit off. Kind regards KIm Order Number: 314420 FTX Global Order Number: 366725 FTX Vector and OpenLC
  2. Scenery Library did the trick! It was Vector that was placed wrong
  3. Hello from Norway, I just finished re-installing my P3D and wherever i descide to start my flight (Edinburgh or Copenhagen for example), I notice that the entire area shows no water textures. So I zoomed out using topdownview, and I can see that a large square with no water inside it has appeared with me in the center. If I try to fly out of the square, it just follows me. The square covers the entire country of Denmark and some of Sweden when standing on EKCH. If I moved to another airport, the problem continues there. Everything looks normal outside the square, it just follows me as the reference to it's center. I've installed the following products FTX Global - FSS0314420 Version 1.40 FTX Vector - FSS0366725 Version 1.30 and updated to 1.35 FTX OpenLC Europe - FSS0366725 Version 1.20 FTX Norway - FSS0367274 Latest Version FTX Scotland - FSS0394415 Latest Version And also using FTXCentralV2 and latest ORBX libraries. Hope there is a solution to this. Kind regards Kim
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