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  1. Lest We Forget

    Here is a copy of the description of this video on YouTube: On the memorial day, this is my tribute to the men that fought to preserve our freedom. Much of them at the cost of his life. They deserve our gratitude and permanent remembrance. Dedicated to the memory of my uncle, Cpl. Roland George Bach, French 2nd Armored Division (2e Division Blindée of Gen. Philippe Leclerc) previously member of 501e Régiment de chars de combat. He fought in Africa, France, Belgium & Germany, he died soon after the war as consequence of his wounds. The music (Silence) was played by me with my EWI.
  2. Lest We Forget

    My tribute:
  3. announcement FTX Central v3.1 Released

    Thanks Ben, appreciated so much your work.
  4. UK2000

    Many thanks, will do.
  5. Over Shoreham

    Rwy 34 ? I have Orbx Shoreham, also I've done some videos on it: Shorehan (EGKA) on Google Earth: On Google Map: Well may be I'm wrong, but to me the first picture is not Shoreham.
  6. End of week end in BC

    Very good perspective, nice shot.
  7. Cap San Diego

    Nice boat & great shot.
  8. A simple one

    Seems real.
  9. UK2000

    Works very well with FTX, despite don't has Winter textures. Can see some of my videos of the MJC8Q400.
  10. Pacific Air Transport

    Nice pics of this supreme A2A Connie.
  11. Airport Parking

    Nice pics, thaks for post.
  12. Over Shoreham

    Shoreham ? Anyway nice picture.
  13. Three more videos

    Here are the three last videos I've uploaded: Hope may be of interest.
  14. LEBB Bilbao Airport - First Look

    Fantastic rendering of LEBB. Will engross my Orbx collection.
  15. In the north of Scotland

    Wonderful series, all pictures are nice.