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  1. Catalysis

    TrueEarth GB North XP11 - Edinburgh

    Absolutely wonderful. So excited.
  2. I’ve never been more excited for Orbx scenery and that’s saying something. The True Earth experience in XPlane is the best thing that’s ever happened to our great hobby, IMHO.
  3. In a couple of years or so this will all be a less valid concern as storage capacity increases and drops in price. Even now there are decent options for multi-terabyte drives at reasonable cost. We’re entering one of those periods where software pushes the hardware envelope. In the past it was cpu and gpu performance that lagged. Now it seems, for flight simmers at least, storage will be a key focus. I expect everything will even out pretty soon.
  4. OK with thanks for the image showing snow, I now vote for Option 2
  5. My question as to whether or not Option 2 would include snow doesn't appear to have been answered, sorry if I missed it. Therefore I would simply respond that if snow is not supported in this change then the full range of potential winter weather won't be possible and I will therefore use TE at other times than deep winter, whereupon I will enable the applicable legacy FTX region that allows for all possibilities. I would favour higher resolution if seasons cannot be fully supported including snow.
  6. Before I comment in detail can I please just ask, for clarity's sake, if Option 2 includes snow? Thanks.
  7. I feel this is a timely post. JV is a giant in flight simulation and consistently pushes the envelope. There's just no question that I wouldn't be anywhere near as invested in this hobby without his continuing pioneering spirit. Many thanks.
  8. Sure it's a disappointment, though completely understandable, that we can't have seasons. However maybe we'd all benefit from less melodrama on this, admittedly important, topic. In my own case, I always fly "in season", so right now my focus tends to be on those areas with the most extreme weather, i.e. FTX Norway and Southern Alaska (any sign of the North surfacing?). I've now had a bit of time to think through my own scenery strategy going forward and I would suggest it might be a sensible compromise for everyone. Very simply, I will uninstall my P3D TE UK regions as winter approaches and install the existing FTX regions, changing back to TE in each spring. And if the urge strikes to fly in regions with TE in summer, I can simply fire up my XP install. If Orbx can work out a way to switch P3D region installs through FTX Central then so much the better. As we all know, the established regions already offer an unprecedented VFR experience, so the other plus is that they needn't become obsolete as TE regions roll out, providing a better return on existing investment. I think everyone can win here with a small mindset adjustment. Thanks to Orbx for continuing to push the envelope. Happy New Year to all.
  9. Stunning. Can't wait.
  10. I have to say those are the most impressive shots to date. Payment is locked and loaded.
  11. I think this is very much going to come down to personal taste as to which version individuals prefer. Inevitably, everyone is going to have a preference one way or the other. Seasons will be a big deal with True Earth for P3D of course. Each sim has its merits and we should be thankful that, at last, there are three contenders to consider where we invest our Orbx dollars, as it were. As I said earlier, I think everyone wins. There are no wrong decisions here, except maybe to not invest in the game changer that True Earth unquestionably is. My current view is that I will be doing most of my summer GA flying in XP11 and will carry on with the tube and seasonal flying in P3DV4. I do have Aerofly FS2, which I still like to use for Swiss/Innsbruck flights. Horses for courses.
  12. That would also be my reaction. The lighting in XP really elevates the look of this scenery. On the evidence so far, it just looks more "alive" and somewhat sharper. I have the XP version but will not hesitate to get it for P3D as well. Everyone wins.
  13. Very sad news. We have all benefited from Neil's herculean efforts and will continue to enjoy this legacy for years to come. RIP.
  14. Catalysis

    Winter ops at Kiruna

    I have to say this is a dream come true airport for me. Exactly what I have been looking for as a "left field" winter venue in my favorite part of the world for flight sim ops. Fabulous. Thanks Orbx.