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  1. Having a bit of trouble finding the Fly Be livery. Can you possibly be more specific where you found it. Thanks. Edit, thanks found it: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/26142-flybe-loganair-livery-for-aero-pedros-dhc-6-3d-v23/
  2. Thanks so much, downloading now. It's the perfect plane for this scenery.
  3. Is that a payware Twin Otter. I would appreciate knowing which one it is.
  4. I really do need to reinstall Tongass again. Huge nostalgia.
  5. This is going to open up a vast range of VFR possibilities. I've never been more excited for an Orbx release and that is saying something.
  6. The combination of the Zibo 737 and True Earth is so stunning. I tend to end every flight at a UK airport in South or Central these days. Looking forward to adventures further North.
  7. I’ve never been more excited for Orbx scenery and that’s saying something. The True Earth experience in XPlane is the best thing that’s ever happened to our great hobby, IMHO.
  8. In a couple of years or so this will all be a less valid concern as storage capacity increases and drops in price. Even now there are decent options for multi-terabyte drives at reasonable cost. We’re entering one of those periods where software pushes the hardware envelope. In the past it was cpu and gpu performance that lagged. Now it seems, for flight simmers at least, storage will be a key focus. I expect everything will even out pretty soon.
  9. My question as to whether or not Option 2 would include snow doesn't appear to have been answered, sorry if I missed it. Therefore I would simply respond that if snow is not supported in this change then the full range of potential winter weather won't be possible and I will therefore use TE at other times than deep winter, whereupon I will enable the applicable legacy FTX region that allows for all possibilities. I would favour higher resolution if seasons cannot be fully supported including snow.
  10. Before I comment in detail can I please just ask, for clarity's sake, if Option 2 includes snow? Thanks.
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