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  1. Unfortunately, refreshing the shaders had no effect. I'll post if I come up with anything new!
  2. Thank you very much, I will get back with any results from trying this out. Much appreciated!
  3. I have not! Actually I didn't know about the fact that you can do this. Is the procedure simply done by deleting the shaders that are already in there?
  4. My Windows 10 is set to Norwegian, the language belonging to a country known for both strange people, behavior, names and characters, but alas, my name contains only the usual English ones.
  5. Yes that's correct. Indeed, I have made a complete reinstall of Windows 10 64bit (No saved files) several times actually, where I before installing P3D made sure to update my Nvidia drivers. I have not changed anything within the Nvidia control panel, and all my graphics are set within P3D itself. It really is mysterious how I get the results that I do, and I understand how it is very difficult to tell what it might be. I will update the thread if I find any solution of course. And again, thank you very much!
  6. Yes, I gave the installation the same treatment as a Swiss watchmaker would give a Patek Philippe assembly!
  7. I can confirm that redownloading Global Base, with any kind of antivirus shut off, and installing it, following each step by the book, does not solve the problem unfortunately. I noticed no change from previous installations.
  8. I have gone through my hardware several times to check if the error comes from there, but it looks pretty good. I have not however tried to redownload Global Base, which I will try, and get back to you with any results. My specs: Intel Core i7-4790K 4 GHz (Not overclocked) MSI B85M-E45, Socket-1150 HyperX Savage DDR3 2400MHz 16GB MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4GB Seagate Desktop SSHD 1TB Running Windows 10 As for the strange symbols, those are actually the "P3D Academic Licence" label, shown in the unfortunate low resolution of the picture!
  9. Hey Jeff! Thanks for trying to help out, much appreciated! I don't have EZDok, or any other "camera changing" add on, in fact my only installs (which makes this problem so weird) is: (In this order) - P3D v3.2 - Global Base ------> This is where anomaly is first seen (Updated libriaries downloaded) - EU Norway - REX4 (Only Clouds and Runways activated) - VRS Tacpack - VRS Superbug Problem does not occur with clean P3D install. I tried however recently to remove all the add-ons, leaving the P3D clean again, but this time the
  10. Another example showcasing the "world map" issue.
  11. Update: It would seem like the problem only occurs from an outside view. If view is changed to VC, it will go back to normal. Change to outside again, and the problem comes back.
  12. This issue is consistent throughout the entire world, for example, I will encounter the same kind of issue if I fly over any part of Asia, South America or any part of the Pacific, Atlantic Ocean etc. I also tried flying before installing any content, with several different aircraft, without having a single issue. The issue post-orbx installation (also with Base alone) is persistent, regardless of aircraft type. As as for the anomaly itself, it is never the same for any specific area, and when or how it appears seems totally random. Thank you so much for trying to hel
  13. Hello! Yes, as this is a problem I've encountered for a long time, I made sure to follow each step in every installation properly, with the updated libraries and everything. It's interesting that you ask about what it is like on the ground, because as it happens, everything seems perfectly normal up until the point where I take off.
  14. Hello good people! I have a major issue that happens every single time I fly, mostly over water, and sometimes with land textures. Textures won't load properly, and kind of "flicker" in and out. Also, for some reason, the "world map", as in the textures used for planet earth from afar will sometimes show (i.e: the entire continent of australia will show on the ground from 5000 ft.) This is such a strange problem, so I attached a link to a video I made of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGhWu244Ny4 I'm running: P3D v3.2 - FTX Global Base - FTX EU N
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