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  1. Hi Folks, Yes I'm still with P3D (and v4.5 no less), IMHO P3D v5 is just not there yet and neither is MSFS, in fact I didn't move to P3D v4 till version 4.3 was out. And it's Orbx scenery providing the most part, which I've had since FSX-SE days and have since built upon (thanks Orbx for allowing its use across to P3D and keeping it updated). The rest is a combination of ASN, Rex Texture Direct with Soft Clouds, a few specific textures (such as the base grass bump map), Tomatoshade (not for its reflection options, more for its ability for advanced shader tun
  2. These are a few shots I've collected while just enjoying flying. In Cuba flying the A2A C182, I'd been performing shader and weather tuning on the flight. Over ye old England in a C195. Mount Kilimanjaro A few FedExing around New Zealand And a final New Zealand shot. Cheers
  3. Are you able to monitor your CPU and GPU ? An overload of either would typically result in frame drops and stutters. Here's a short vid showing GPU overload and how it affects frame rates and introduces stutters. Once the limits are known the P3D configuration can be adjusted to take those limits into account. Other things that can affect are things like anti-malware perfoming realtime scanning of files while P3D is accessing them and general hardware bottle necks. Prepar3D 4.5 GPU monitoring with AA overload stutter demo
  4. Heh, sure is. I do know parking next to, or passing close to a fuel pump auto tops the tanks. Not happening for me though... still 39% Spoke too soon :-) As I turned out of the ark, bang 100% fuel.
  5. Hey Taylor, Typically "the blurries" are the result of processing power not being able to keep the pace of scenery decompress / display. If no blurries were being experienced 10 days ago, then the suspect would be a change on the workstation powering the sim. e.g. something that has increased the load factor thus preventing the sim being able to keep up with scenery display. A quick check for this sort of issue is if the sim is paused the scenery should eventually catchup, does such happen ? Do you monitor CPU / GPU? Monitoring such K
  6. The P3D v5 version of Vector is somewhat cut down due to changes in P3D where LM were said to have improved the base scenery so that vector was not required. However it quickly became apparent the changes LM made were limited and vector was still needed and Orbx sliced it down to fit into the v5 schema. Personally I think a better approach by LM would have been to license Orbx's Global Base and Vector and update that, instead of the half baked approach they went with. That said each has pros and cons. Back to Orbx's LC scenery, yeah the Global products and Regions
  7. Hi jfri, Ok, I understand what you're talking about now. Yes the roads overlay on top of the scenery is a feature of "Land Class" based scenery, it's existed since day one in FSX and probably the earlier Microsoft sims as well (they're before my time so I cannot really comment). Land Class based scenery is the standard in FSX and P3D (given P3D is an evolution from FSX), the idea being that LC scenery is able to cover large areas of the world with a representation using relatively high-res textures for a much smaller amount of storage space. Essentially if t
  8. Hey jfri, yes you're right and best that your thread is not unintentionally hijacked. Do you have other scenery besides that of Orbx ? The square/rectangle/triangle type shaped buildings look familiar, I think someone else in the forum had the same issue and it turned out to be third party induced. As in some third party scenery/addon incorrectly adding to or overwriting the autogen config file. Or maybe it's just the order of scenery coming into play. I'm sorry though, I don't have total recall of when or what thread it was, maybe a search or someone
  9. Hey Sam, Maybe start a new post with your issues itemised ? That way you've a topic dedicated to your particular probs. And an example test flying location for repeatability, maybe even a flight plan would be of benefit for assistance ? Cheers R
  10. I had the NZSI default set to ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZQN.BGL.OFF More for test repeatability, but hey if the new poly works with ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZQN.BGL active, all the better. Here's hoping the fix makes it into an NZQN release update. Cheers
  11. Original poly renamed. New poly dropped in. Flight test repeated. And looking good, fantastic.
  12. Gave this a test. I am running NZ-SI/NZ-NI and the additional NZQN, all Orbx, plus I have the default NZ-SI NZQN disabled (via the .off method, e.g. ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZQN.BGL.OFF). NZ-SI/NZ-NI are installed into the Sim Root with NZQN installed via the Add-on xml method. Originating airport was NZRX with a straight flight to NZQN. And low and behold half the runway doesn't show up, and yes doesn't occur if the airport is the orientating airport. Sounds like the ball is firmly in Orbx's side of the court...
  13. Global warming?? Must be pretty hot to melt the tarmac though and gives new meaning to a having a "set of concrete boots". Heh, that said what version of P3D 4 are you running ? LM did change the way elevation is handled in P3D version 4.5 HF2 and above, the Help/About menu item will display the version. Alternately maybe scenery / airport ordering is the issue or a 3rd party mesh ? Also I use "Addon Organiser for Prepar3D" to maintain sceneries and ordering and packages. Cheers
  14. Do you have Little Nav Map ? If so it will show the files used for an airport which is really helpful for tracking issues, I found I needed to mark a file as ".off" to avoid a clash and resultant elevation issues. In my case the file was ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZQN.BGL being the default airport in the Orbx NZ South Island package which I assume you also have. Otherwise I wouldn't count on Orbx fixing, maintenance of existing packages tends to be right down on the bottom of the priority scale (with a few notable exceptions). Cheers
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