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  1. Hey Hans, Yes, for sure deleting the scenery.cfg means a need to re-add custom scenery because it would be replaced with a new "default" scenery.cfg There are generally two items I perform first when troubleshooting. Delete the Scenery Index files (not the Scenery.cfg), as the index files are recreated when P3D starts. (it scans the scenery configs and rebuilds the indexes) Delete the Shader cache files, again these are recreated when P3D starts (thousands can build up over time). For config files I would be "renaming" for testing to enable easy
  2. Although I have that particular scenery item installed in the sim folder, usually a violet colour means part of the expected path is missing. e.g. mine ends at "\FTX_OLC\FTX_VECTOR_FixedAPT" and within is a "Scenery" folder. I can get the Lorby tool to display in violet if I rename the Scenery folder within the path and I would gather that's what's happening in your instance, i.e. no Scenery folder. Although I'm not sure of what a v5 install of Orbx is intended to contain in that path. What happens if you create a Scenery folder (if one doesn't e
  3. While I'm not running P3D v5 atm, I did take my Goose to YCGP and all was fine with Aust. v2 (P3D v4.5). Even swapped the water to 3D waves and no probs. P3D v5 has Nvidia WaveWorks, perhaps that is related to what you're seeing? What options are there for water config in v5? Given the newest v5 a trial with all the three major componets updated? Does the plane stay hovering if you move it about the water some? Cheers
  4. Well... I can produce the issue if I install detail1.bmp via the add-on.xml method, where the bmp specified in the add-on.xml structure takes precedence over that installed in the actual P3D folder. I can now turn it on or off at will via enable/disable in the Lorby Add-in organiser (with a P3D restart in between). I still recommend a search for any detail1.bmp files and see what turns up and if there are any outside of the P3D folder try renaming to detail1.bmp.off And Agent Ransack is a great tool for such types of searches. I've been using HDG
  5. Hi mikee, I've tested your file and it shows up just fine, which means the file itself is not the problem. So either Windows, P3D configuration, or perhaps some third party file is taking precedence. I assume the P3D install folder is excluded of realtime av and/or backup scanning? A review of the prepar3d.cfg (as an attachment) is an option. Do you have third party add-ons? Disabling the add-ons, seeing if the problem is resolved, then enabled each one and test. Kinda time consuming as there would need to be a P3D rest
  6. Wierd, seems to be working for everyone else (and myself). Did you manage to extract the actual files? The summer grass detail1.bmp should be ~10,923 KB whereas the default version is typcially 11 KB, a big difference and is why the grass looks so good. What size is the file in your P3Dv5 install directory? e.g. C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V5\Scenery\World\Texture\detail1.bmp If the file in the install path is ~10,923 KB then it should be the right one. Maybe it's the install directory itself and the h
  7. Hi Nick, Sorry, the linked topic says I have no permissions to view... Cheers
  8. Have recently purchased 1S2 Darrington Mun airport and have noted the following. I run TerraFlora 2 and HD Buildings and they are great addons that make a big difference to the look and feel However at 1S2 the autogen buildings have only HD roofs and the truly awful default building shells. I saw this at various other Orbx airports but only after an update to the airport had been issued, e.g. the last update to 11S and the areas it includes had the HD buildings replaced with the awful default shells (but with HD roofs). For myself I resolved by rolling back
  9. Recently purchased 1S2 and am having what appears to be Object Flow airport loading related issues. If I start my flight from 1S2, no dramas everything around 1S2 loads fine. If I start my flight at a different airport and end at 1S2 the airport doesn't load or doesn't load fully. Running P3D v4.5.14 where this is the only unusual issue I'm aware of atm. Object Flow is installed into a library (H:\Addons_P3D\04.Scenery\Orbx\Global\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow) and for the most part appears to function Ok. Not running out of memory, CPU and GPU use
  10. Hi mikee, So you want to improve the look of Orbx scenery at ground level, but the HD grass installer doesn't cater for P3D v5. That leaves extraction of the files so you can manually manage or maybe trial the add-on.xml method, anyway here's how it can be performed. Assuming Prepare3D v5, and Prepar3d v4 (or v3) is not installed. What you'll do is run the installer and choose P3D v4 (or v3), where given the installer will not locate the path (because the P3D version chosen does not exist), the installer wi
  11. Hey, happy to hear you sorted it. Cheers QA
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