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  1. There's been issues with activation for many months, I and a number of other customers started threads on their support forum months ago re: being unable to install due to always receving an invalid license message (with a valid license of course). There was a few replies, basically saying they were aware of the issue (as many customers were reporting) but were unable to reproduce and then silence. If I had to guess I'd say whoever built the systems moved on and those remaining did not know how to resolve issues as the systems slowly broke, or maybe the effort vs. $$ didn't addup. Whatever the cause and given the announced departure of Turbulent and the website/forum disappearing, I'd say kiss your v1 TerraFlora and whatever else you have ex Turbulent goodbye. Then take up the offer of an inexpensive v2 TerraFlora (if not too late) and lament the loss of anything else you had from Turbulent... Cheers
  2. Object Flow is a dll. In FSX its called is via the dll.xml file with an xml entry like the below. <Launch.Addon> <Name>ObjectFlow.dll</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Orbx\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery\ObjectFlow.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> In P3D v4 the dll is the 64bit version (Orbx_ObjectFlow_x64.dll) and requires the Microsoft C++ runtimes for 2013 x64. They should be located as \Orbx ObjectFlow\redist\vcredist_2013_x64.exe should you need to install them. As I have the Object Flow dll installed into P3D library I don't have an entry in the dll.xml, however there is an add-on.xml calling it. How is Object Flow installed in your sim? The plane is the Iris Pilatus PC-9A, it's a 32 bit plane I've hacked to get working in P3D x64. Flys fine, just the external fuel tanks transfer pumps don't function and the throttle doesn't animate. Both use custom 32bit dlls so no way around those two issues. Also unfortunate is the plane is no longer sold, although I think it might be available on Steam for FSX-SE only though. Rickooo have a earlier release that people are keeping up to date and does fly well in P3D v4, model is not quite as high quality though. Iris do have the 21-Driver which is a Pilatus PC-21, and you can download it for free till June. The PC-21 is the updated version of the PC-9, looks much the same on the outside, inside is all upgraded, it too flys well. Cheers
  3. I read a post a while back where the issue of floating buildings has been described as one of P3D (dating way back to FSX) where mesh vs. building loading CPU threads become out of sync. Myself, when such an issue occurs I right click to open the menu, then tick the "Panel Only" checkbox, let it do its stuff (screen goes black), then right click again and untick it. Buildings then either drop or raise to meet the mesh. Hopefully the LM crew will put a bit of effort into the building rendering to prevent such occurances given trees never seem to have the issue. This is opposed to where said floating is due to airport clash (which is a completely different issue), i.e. one airport overwriting on top of another causing such issues as the example pic below. Cheers
  4. My advice is to never discount the the unlikely when troubleshooting. And now onto troubleshooting... Looking into the '\Prepar3D v4\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_YOSEMITE\scenery\" path I see a couple of MHalfDome3DT bgls and an xml file. The xml file from the looks of the contents displays either a summer or winter Half Dome via ObjectFlow control. So you could check the month / season and confirm the same for both Winter and Summer as the xml shows a different model is shown November to March. If both are not showing (and the HalfDome bgls exist) then it would look more possibly like an Object Flow issue (perhaps installation or order of). Meaning the next step is to confirm Object Flow installation in Orbx Central. If it helps I have Object Flow installed via the xml add-on method and the below is how I have set up Central via 5 add-on libraries on a drive location of my choosing, each equating to the areas of Orbx. e.g. \Addons_P3D\04.Scenery\Orbx\ !Base Africa Americas Europe Oceania "!Base" is the target for those Orbx bits and pieces not directly related to a single area, here the Orbx Libraries, Object Flow, Global Buildings, TerraFlora v2 etc. are installed within. I have read a few other posts in the Orbx forums where Object Flow installation has proven to end up being the root cause of an issue. Let us know what you find. Yosemite certainly is a great little POI area to fly though and I can understand the frustration when a major piece is not working as it should. Cheers
  5. Hi Crew, Just logged into Central, saw quite a few updates for APs and went for it. Then started P3D took a test flight around one of my favs - Sekiu 11S. I can see the logged areas now have trees, great ! Unfortunately the prison area has autogen overwriting some buildings and also in other seemingly unexpected areas... Didn't do anything unusual, just noted there were downloads in Central, kicked them off and let them do their thing. Running P3D v4.5 hf3 Any throughts before I roll up my sleeves? Cheers Pics:
  6. Well, I can definitely confirm it shows fine in P3D v4.5 (hf3) and everything else relating appears to be there. Maybe order of scenery? Orbx Libraries installed? I've got it installed directly into P3D 4.5, not via the xml method. I also created some place holder (Empty) scenery entries to use as place holder markers for ensuring Orbx order ends up where I want it seeing as it tends to reset itself.
  7. What does the log file in referenced in the dialog say? And was a ticket opened? Cheers
  8. You could try the following config tuning option for black buildings. Will initiate texture loading from much greater distances based on the vaules used. With 180000.000000 I was still geting a few black buildings, with 320000.000000 I've not yet seen a single black building. As usual the greater the value the higher the resource use, plus I don't have P3D v5.x as yet meaning these values are from v4.5. Cannot hurt to trial them out though. Also ticking/unticking the Dynamic Vegetation checkbox requires a sim restart to take effect. Cheers [GRAPHICS] //MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=1000.000000 // default value, 1000000.000000 is max //MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=180000.000000 MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=320000.000000 //MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=640000.000000 //MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=1000000.000000
  9. Addendum: I reinstalled a version release of the OldProp VFXCentral and ran it. It auto updated to version (the Orbx Central release is It took just a few minutes to check/update my P3D v4.5 install. And I confirmed the 6 new aircraft I'd added via the xml method were updated with the PrecipitFX effects. I guess some more work is needed for Orbx Central integration. Cheers
  10. Add myself to this support request. Prior to migration to Orbx Central applying PrecipitFX effects was reasonably quick, now it is super slow and ends up hanging. I can see some intial activity in the simojects being accessed (very slow) and VFXCentral.exe has 22 threads running @ ~12% CPU and that's where it appears to stop. Hoping for quick resolution... Cheers
  11. Vegetation is all plant based items, the casting of tree shadows, while looking great consumes much GPU. Recieve will be fine, just not cast. Cheers
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