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  1. Maybe this is due to the fact that the Orbx store is not the newest(V2.0.0 only available in Orbx) version: Sydney V2.1(V2.1 available outside the Orbx store)?
  2. great screenshots, but there are off-topic questions: Maybe you too notice that on a wet day (when wet poly runways are active) that at a certain angle these polygons disappear?
  3. as i noticed In the Orbx store, version only 2.0.0 from jan 10 2021, this is mistake?
  4. After use insertion point in central an entry is automatically added in My_Orbx Library\p3dv5\Global openLC Africa\add-on.xml: But the fact is that this folder OLC_AF_mesh does not exist in My_Orbx Library\p3dv5\Global openLC Africa\Orbx\FTX_OLC... Folder OLC_AF_mesh only exists in another product Global openLC Africa Mesh and Photoreal in: Why is central creating this wrong entry could you check it?
  5. also please check ILS characteristics and ILS ID(they are not correct), because of this we also get a duplicate of the stock ILS in P5 and it is used by default.
  6. Hey! yes, I already have this installed with other products from the flytampa, I compared these libraries, they are really almost identical, but still have some differences, perhaps this is important.
  7. Greetings! Do we need to install FlyTampa Libraries if we already have it from the official site: ?
  8. i decided not to create a new theme, just leave it here for your long list of future fixes: P/S sim P5, disabling the vector will make this problem go away and i dont use any mesh.
  9. Please check it P/S disabling the vector will make this problem go away.
  10. Hi Nick! Thanks! I also found this effect in a different Orbx landscape. I think this effect just needs to be added to the main Orbx library
  11. Yes, it looks better, I probably have a problem because of the mesh ... hmm, but this topic for discussion of P5 only
  12. and what does your scenary library look like now? and could you check Victoria Falls, maybe there is a problem too?:
  13. As I noticed, only these effects are used to illuminate the platform and parking: -fx_ORBX_White_Carpark -fx_ORBX_White_Spot -fx_ORBX_White_Carpark_Spot these effects are located in the folder: Orbx Libraries\Effects but one fx_ORBX_White_Spot effect is not there, did it disappear from new Orbx Libraries by mistake?
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