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  1. for those who had this problem, a new version 1.2.2 has been released, and now it seems to be fixed ... but still no new F taxiing and DME for ILS rwy 11 has been added... also papi lights should be for both runways only on the left (need to remove the extra ones on the right)......
  2. it is also mentioned here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/208248-ksan-at-p3d5/
  3. I also noticed another problem, absent 3d papi object for runway 09: besides, this bump on the left looks very strange, it definitely shouldn't be there... and on the other side runway 3d papi object is ok:
  4. do they all have these elevation(perimeter bump) problems? as well as default buildings at the nearest airports for eg: KNZY p/s I do not have FTX_NA_SC and central insert point done
  5. do you plan to add full dynamic light?
  6. the problem was found, everything is fine now
  7. it looks like this: insert point done:
  8. Hey Nick! of course, I know what it is, and it is always on for me, but it is in this port that there is no light at all
  9. this is exactly for P3Dv5? I have no light there... these files are new: fx_TRB_hangar_w_lrg.fx Orbxlibs_TRB_Dynlights.BGL
  10. what does the night lighting look like now? there is a screenshot ?
  11. UPD: I contacted the developer and he confirmed the problem (strange that no one had noticed this before). He sent me a fix, and also added it to the Orbx central later
  12. Hey Nick! I have not tested this, but I think not, the problem is in the scenary itself. And you can easily check it also, activate the rain, look at the wet texture of the runway or apron and smoothly turn the view Anyway, I'll try to off Australia and look at it
  13. thanks but today i upgraded to Brisbane V2 and it contained the updated folder: SODE_TURBULENT, it also contained a fixed file sim.cfg, now there is: TRB_SODE_Wsock02_none and similar 0X. This fixed wind socks in EGNT and probably also in other Orbx ports using a similar SimTitles...
  14. Only for Helsinki? For the rest of MK products, this seems to work.
  15. Maybe can anyone send one this file sim.cfg from: 12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects\SODE_TURBULENT\sim.cfg ? I will check it myself
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