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  1. Thank you TymK and Holger! my apologies, I didn't search in the forum! Problem solved now Cheers Pat
  2. Hello everybody! I recently purchased Compton Abbas for my ORBX England Scenery. I made a flight today to this airfield and I get elevation problem there. I've FTX Global installed and of course England. My mesh resolution is set at 5m and as far as I can see this is the only "England" airport(I bought also these days, EGKA, EGTF, EGTH, EGSG and EGML)with this problem. Any help appreciated Best regards Pat
  3. Nice feature, but I guess it's limited to US customers as I can't find it on my PayPal account! When I follow your link, for me EU customer it says that the page doesn't exist!
  4. I found the solution by renaming "ADE_FTX_NRM_65S_elevation_adjustment.BGL" in "ADE_FTX_NRM_65S_elevation_adjustment.BGL.OFF" Cheers Pat
  5. Hello Neil! First thank you for helping! I've this file. I use the new FTX central too. Regards Pat
  6. Hello everybody! Yesterday I wanted to fly, in FSX-SE, from 65S to 1S2 and I got a problem elevation with 65S. I tried almost the same flight in my P3D 3.4, but I got the same problem. I've FTX Global also installed. As far as I know this the only ORBX airport with this problem on my installs! Any solution would be very welcome Cheers Pat
  7. Hi Ben! No I never ever had FSX boxed installed on my computer! Just FSX-SE installed outside of "C disk program files(x86)"in fact on the HDD "E"(Where I install all my games, DCS, P3D...) When typing my post I tried the "Microsoft Flight Simulator X"...and it works Problem solved and thank you so much for answering me Best wishes Pat
  8. Hello everybody! I just installed the new FTX central 3! No problem with my P3D install but it doesn't find my FSX-SE install(I had no problem so far with FTX central 2)as you can see with the pic joined! Any solution to cure this problem? Thank you for helping Cheers Pat
  9. What a brilliant masterpiece! My Citation X is ready to go
  10. Hello everybody! I bought KFHR Friday Harbour (FSS0467887) and installed it in my FSX-SE and also my P3D 3.2! With FSX I get black rays, never saw that before with my ORBX airports(And I've a lot)as seen in the pictures joined(Sometimes as black as the second one). For comparison I joined a picture in P3D, same plane same parking, same day and time. What's wrong with my FSX? Don't know if it's help to know I'm in DX10 with Steve's fixer. Best regards Pat
  11. Hello Misha! First of all, thank you so much for your help. From your last post, I undestood I screwed up my SCA installation because I did not select, prior to install it, "Default" scenery with FTXC. I reinstalled SCA and L70 and now everything works fine! I'm a great fan, like a lot of people, of your astounding work. Keep up the excellence Cheers
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