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  1. Top notch set of shots! Great lighting.
  2. Those Queen shots are amazing. Great captures.
  3. These look like they could be postcards! Very nice set.
  4. Really nice set of realistic shots!
  5. What a great set! I might have to look at Jackson Hole and Bozeman again.
  6. WOW! That PTA preset is spot on with the lighting. I had to do a double take on some of these to make sure you didn't sprinkle in some actual photographs. Great set and that Queen sure is fun to fly.
  7. Takeoff from Denver at night showing off P3Dv4 dynamic lighting!
  8. Went way overboard on the sale this year. I couldn't help my self with this amazing scenery. Narvik Eagle County Innsbruck
  9. Those are some seriously realistic looking shots!
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