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  1. Hi, I solved it this way: deleting the contents of OF_Config.xml then click the "Sync sim" button in central and the issue disappeared.
  2. This worked for me ! Thanks ! Not sure why the issue appeared as the paths were already fine but anyways
  3. Hi there, I'm having a similar issue where objectflow searches xml files into "D:\Prepar3D v4\D:\Addons\....\" which is obviously wrong. The path is correct in the OF_CONFIG.xml file and correctly starts with "D:\Addons\...\" as expected. This happens with AUv2 since the latest update.
  4. I have the same error with v4, clicking "Sync Simulator" did not solve the issue. The path shown in the error message does not even exist and never existed (I've checked the file "OF_Config.xml" and the path is correct).
  5. Hi @Nick Cooper, Problem solved, it seems that updating to the latest version is not enough and a full reinstall of OpenLC & OpenLC mesh and photoreal is necessary to prevent those duplicated entries. Thanks for the help !
  6. Thanks, that's what I'll do. I was unsure if that was supposed to be still here or not. I don't see any issue in the sim to be honest but that's additional 3Gb of files that are unnecessarily loaded by the sim, and taking space for nothing. I'll report back if both entries are still there
  7. In that case I don't understand how it was resolved, both folder and xml entries are still both there and thus duplicated so it is not resolved.
  8. Thanks Nick, On my install I still have the mesh in the original installation (and it's still in the add-on.xml) while I have the latest version. Could this be due to the fact I got this OpenLC at release day? Would you advise to restart an install from scratch? I usually manage all of this myself but since Orbx Central was released, I'm much more careful with what I'm doing manually as Orbx central is more sensitive than FTX central about those things.
  9. Of course I know I can remove the entry from the add-on.xml but I'm not sure how Orbx central will deal with it. I was mainly asking if an update could be expected on this, so can an update be expected? Is there a technical reason behind this?
  10. Hi there, After looking closer at the files included in OLC and OLC mesh & photoreal for Africa, I realized that the mesh files are duplicated : OLC_AF2 folder exists in both OpenLC products and the Mesh & Photoreal freeware and they both contains the exact same data, is there any reason? Both are adding a scenery layer (one named "Orbx!OPENLC_AFRICA2" and the other named "Orbx!OPENLC_AFRICA2 (1)" ) in the sim while it's totally unneeded. I would like to keep the freeware for the photoreal parts but I don't really want the mesh to be added twice as the only thing it does is that it adds 3 additional Gb to be read by the simulator without any reason, as FSX/P3D is already CPU heavy it would be nice if one of these 2 layers could be deleted from one or another product. This may not sound that important but when you have a simulator that already load a whole Tb of data, you don't really want to add useless files in it. Could something be done on this? Why not including the photoreal data in OpenLC itself and keep the mesh as freeware addition as anyway it requires OpenLC to work?
  11. Thanks a lot for the explanation Mitchell ! This indeed makes sense. Marek's solution wouldn't be a big deal as we would only have to reinstall global base after a fresh P3D install. @Mitchell Williamson Another similar solution would be to keep Global base installed outside the sim and only the required textures would be installed into the sim during the product installation, then when needed (after a fresh P3D install for example), a simulator resync from central would send again the required global textures to the sim. This would prevent to redownload and reinstall the entire product when something goes wrong with P3D. For now this is what I've done and it seems to be a good workaround.
  12. There's indeed no need to reply to every post, but acknowledging the issue somewhere is a good idea and it took 5 days to get a confirmation the issue was noted, but anyways, glad you are aware of the issue I've found.
  13. That's good to hear Mitchell It would have been better to post a note about this important known issue however, several users probably spent a lot of time in this issue and a note would have saved us hours of testing. Anyways, looking forward to a solution.
  14. They have the time and globally I think userd here are pretty patient, if you read my topic you’ll see that I’m just trying to help. What I don’t appreciate is the fact nobody from the dev team bothers reading or answering while some major flaws were discovered.
  15. There are indeed users who do not read. But there are a lot of others who read. Some have several hdd/ssd and prefer to keep their sceneries on a separate drive, some others simply like flexibility. It’s not because you are often reinstalling from scratch that you do not read. As a dev I often reinstall P3D from scratch to test different versions of P3D, or lately because orbx central still had a bug that left a lot of indesirable files in the p3d directory, creating duplicate files with the migrated products. There are a lot of advantages of installing addons externally for some users, for some others it’s useless. That said flexibility and choice is always a good thing.
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