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  1. I find myself using Aerofly2 more and more for a few simple reasons. Firstly, the fluid movement of this simulator is excellent and very immersive. It is simply a joy to fly this platform with +110 fps. The smoothness adds to the feeling of flight, regardless if you are in Amsterdam or the desserts of Utah. Secondly the photo scenery is exceptionally crisp and detailed. The scenery makes practicing approaches into unfamiliar airports on the computer a great rehearsal before I attempt the real thing in my real airplane. Yes I would like to see improvements, like the refinements in aircraft systems and real weather. I can only hope third party developers like A2A create content for this superb simulator. I am confident scenery will expand with Orbx throwing it's hat into the ring. I just finished a flight from San Luis Obispo to Catalina Island, than on to LAX. What great views, what great platform performance! Looking forward to further development of this simulator.
  2. I remember when Orbx released their first product for FSX. It was evolutionary. True Earth appears to be revolutionary! Thank you Orbx!
  3. Perhaps. Yet in Aerofly2 it looks crisper, more detailed, and silky smooth at 100+ fps.
  4. Bring on photoreal for Germany, as well as the Alpine region. I certainly would support this.
  5. Just purchased Innsbruck for Aerofly2. I must say, very impressive. I would be a game changer for prepar3d V4 if Orbx used the same photo real in scenery for Prepar3d as used in Aerofly2.
  6. I own a Beechcraft Sundowner. I have been flying since 1996. Have time in a Cessna 152, Cessna 140, Cessna 172, Cessna 177, and the Beech Sundowner. Never logged, I actually got to control the stick of a 1943 Beech Staggerwing.
  7. It would be nice to see ORBX release scenery for the European Alpine region.
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