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  1. Is anyone experiencing this issue, and if so, is there a fix? After a fresh install of Prepar3d 4.5 with hotfix, and installing Orbx scenery, I get CTD while selecting and changing the settings in scenery objects. This happens in the California region, NOCAL (KSTS KMRY KTVL) and SOCAL( anywhere in the LA basin, KPSP KSAN KAVX), England with TE GB South installed, Built up areas like KLAV with global installed and Global Open LC NA, KFHR, KOS, KCGX, ect. The errors I get is BEX64 StackHash_2264 When running Prepar3d 4.5 without Orbx, I experience no CTD. My system: i7-6800K OC to 4.2 (stable) 32 GB RAM SSD HD Scenery installed: Global Open LC Europe Open LC NA Global Trees Global Airport Pack EU England, North Germany, South Germany TE GB South TE Netherlands HD LOWI NA Central Rockies NA North California NA South California NA Northern Rockies NA Pacific Northwest KCGX, KEGE, KFHR, KFOT, KJAC, KMRY, KORS,KPSP, KSAN, KSEZ, KSTS, KTVL, KWYS,
  2. Thank you again. Orbx software brings life to X-Plane 11 and I am enjoying it greatly.
  3. Fizzelle- I may have sorted it out. I uninstalled/reinstalled the Orbx scenery and it appears to be functioning properly. I will be doing more testing today. Thank you for your concern.
  4. Thank you. I have attached it. scenery_packs.ini
  5. Running X-Plane 11.32 and It crashes when I try to fly from London North East toward Norwich. When selecting any airport in the area of Norwich the program CTD. Attached is my log. Log.txt
  6. I recently did a fresh install of Prepar3d v4.4 and installed my Orbx sceneries (Global, LC North America, Southern and Northern California, Monterey Airport, amongst others. When performing a cross country flight from Monterey CA to Santa Barbara, CA I encountered frequent long pauses as I got close to Santa Barbara. The pauses were so bad that it ruined the entire experience. I never experienced this in v 4.3. I than performed the recommended Prepar3d troubleshooting steps. Without the Orbx sceneries Southern California and LC North America, the simulator performed flawless over Southern California. No pauses, high frame rates and very fluid. I added LC North America, flew the same route, and pauses appeared. I than added Southern California, flew same route, and the pauses became very frequent and long, making for a terrible experience. Based on this, The Orbx sceneries Southern California and LC North America should NOT be used while simulating over southern California in V 4.4. My system: i7 6800K OC'd 4.3GHz 32 GB RAM SSD HD GeForce GTX 1080Ti Win 10
  7. EDDP with Germany North is missing taxiways. I thought you would like to know.
  8. I find myself using Aerofly2 more and more for a few simple reasons. Firstly, the fluid movement of this simulator is excellent and very immersive. It is simply a joy to fly this platform with +110 fps. The smoothness adds to the feeling of flight, regardless if you are in Amsterdam or the desserts of Utah. Secondly the photo scenery is exceptionally crisp and detailed. The scenery makes practicing approaches into unfamiliar airports on the computer a great rehearsal before I attempt the real thing in my real airplane. Yes I would like to see improvements, like the refinements in aircraft systems and real weather. I can only hope third party developers like A2A create content for this superb simulator. I am confident scenery will expand with Orbx throwing it's hat into the ring. I just finished a flight from San Luis Obispo to Catalina Island, than on to LAX. What great views, what great platform performance! Looking forward to further development of this simulator.
  9. Thank you for the response. However, my issue with buries with Netherlands is that the image is clear close to the airplane but is a blury mess away from the airplane. This does not occur with the P3D stock scenery, nor the orbx global. Settings with no autogen, ne scenery complexity. See photo
  10. I recently purchased Netherlands True Earth for AFS2 as I have it installed in P3Dv4.3. The first thing I noticed in AFS2 is how crisp and clear the scenery is. In P3Dv4.3 it is blurry with the exception of directly under the aircraft. If fact, my Netherlands scenery in P3dv4.3 does not look like any of the pictures that were posted under the preview of Netherlands True Earth for P3d. My system is not the issue, nor is the P3D cfg, as there are no modifications to it. My settings are not aggressive with a locked frame rate of 31, and I use the suggested mesh and texture resolution of 5m and 7cm respectively. Is this title rendered not as crisp and vibrant in P3D as it is in AFS2? After seeing it in AFS2, the scenery in P3D is sub par.
  11. I remember when Orbx released their first product for FSX. It was evolutionary. True Earth appears to be revolutionary! Thank you Orbx!
  12. Perhaps. Yet in Aerofly2 it looks crisper, more detailed, and silky smooth at 100+ fps.
  13. Bring on photoreal for Germany, as well as the Alpine region. I certainly would support this.
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