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  1. Hi Nick, Proceeded as advised and the results are the same. After running the install and awaiting for FTXCentral this message appears while the FTXCentral is showing that it is loading in the background. "Duplicate Landclass Index 14 Aborting FTXCentral." I had previously installed ORBX Global. Many Thanks, Steve
  2. No I haven't. I see what I can figure out. Thanks.
  3. I just downloaded and tried to install twice, the demo Olympic Peninsula. When it came time for FTX Central to open an error message occurred saying a duplicate LC has occurred error 14 FTX Central is aborting. Any help? Also, I did look for an appropriate place to place this topic but wasn't sure where to go so I started here. Thsnks
  4. Thanks Mr. Cooper. Getting involved in flight simulation is a new experience and has called for an increased knowledge of Windows 7. (I have been using an iPad for the last several years). I bought a new PC exclusively to get involved with with flight simulation. Man, the learning curve has been steep with several mistakes along the way. I have never been on forums before and am still learning them, Everyone has been most helpful. Those that actually tried to help that is. Regards, Steve
  5. Thanks for everyone's help. I tracked down the file location and the install was successful. Actually I did not get a prompt as to where the went which was the source of some frustration. Right you are about Windows 7 Training. Thanks for your help.
  6. Uncle Adolph The request to add my product codes came just shortly after a few replies. As a matter of fact. I just now read them. Then I found your admonishment. Now, I will venture forth to find where in the forum I can add my signature, product codes and anything I might wish to say about myself. Doogles, Sorry to have not done this sooner. I have not yet found where to add my signature etc but I will get right to it. I will add my product order number rather my product code as suggested elsewhere. Steve
  7. Okay, I right clicked on the zip file and then selected open in WinZip. I then unzipped all of the files (10 of them). Now, where did they go? I cannot find the installer. I will keep looking though, this all very frustrating not so much by what is said but what is unsaid. Wish me luck but I am about ready deep six the whole project. I am a real dummy at all of this.
  8. Dear Jack, First of all, thanks for replying. I think you mean I should do the un zipping within WinZip. I will give that a go. Thanks also to jjaycee1 but I have not as yet extracted so his advice might be applicable once I do the extract. Well, I will give this a go Steve
  9. Hello Again, First of all, I am a bit overwhelmed by all of the intricacies of flight simming, So please bear with me. Also, I hope that I posted this in the correct section of the forum. I was able to successfully download Orbx FTX Global. The file now resides at C:\users\user\downloads and it is unextracted. I downloaded WinZip in order to extract. I really do not where to go from here to ensure that it lands in my FSX Gold (not Steam) platform. Can anyone help me with this? Sorry to be so unsure but I really want to get this right. Many thanks in advance. Steve
  10. Thanks Nick and jabble, Sounds like if want to fly a good looking Mach Loop I will need to add that region on top of the Global base product. I will start with Global and see where it leads me. Steve
  11. Good day from Las Vegas. I am convinced that I want ORBx FtX Global. I have just the generic FSX Gold. So, after the install of that, do I need to have another add on to fly say, the Mach Loop? Does ORBX upgrade airports as well? I ask because I dislike loading up my hard drive with extraneous files. Additionally all of the extras can really add up. as you can tell no doubt, I am just getting started in the world of modern flight simulation. There is an overwhelming amount of info to digest just trying to get it right. Many thanks!
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