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  1. Can only agree! The PC12 is perfect for short runways
  2. Yep, the area there is so beautiful and peaceful
  3. Hahahaha NOPE! Its FSXBut I'm thinking about to switch over to P3D.
  4. After flying passengers across the US West its time to take a little break and enjoy the local stores and restaurants. But I will be back soon, cause there's nothing that I love more than flying!!
  5. Thanks a lot!!! Glad to see people enjoying my pictures!
  6. I use FSXBut normaly it should work with P3D! Thanks!!
  7. Hahaha yeah the second shot shows the details of the engine pretty good
  8. Yep! Its perfect to fly to these small islands.
  9. Hey! I got a phonecall from a little charter airline in Samoa. They needed a pilot for the DHC-300 Twin Otter... I said yes, off course! I decided to take a few shots of a flight from Pago Pago Airport to Fitiuta Airport. Enjoy!!! Its around 2 pm and we make a short hop to the island with the little Fitiuta Airport. Right now we have the typical early evening rush at the Pago Pago intl. Airport. Starting the walk-around by checking the left wing and the flaps. Next checking the left engine. And the frontwheel. And finally the tail. Jesus.... a US Navy 737 parking at the ramp!!!!! Nice to see that guy here. Today we are flying some freight. On the loading letter they saying its some food and clothings as well as a medical package!! Must be important! Okay startup complete...engines are running...all looks clear and clean! On the runway. We are cleared for takeoff! Such a beautiful view, isnt it!? Passing another airport with a difficult approach. The town of Fitiuta. Looks like a peaceful and nice place to live! Airport is in sight. A sweet little right turn. Such a awesome approach!!!! "Fitiuta Traffic, Samoa Trans 142 landing on runway 12, Fitiuta Traffic" After the landing a spotter gave me this amazing picture!!! Thanks to him! C'mon baby...get down!! The last meters!! Backtracking on the runway. No problem for the Twotter. i realy like the name hehehe. Taxiing to the little ramp. Nice little paring ramp One more Twotter here, but its a PAX DHC-300! At the parking position. Shutdown complete! Unloading our cargo. Seems like a busy day here in Fitiuta! Now its time to take a break and watching the airplanes. I realy like the airport and the island!!!! So thats it! Quite a lot but thanks for take a look on my shots! Now I need to fly back to Pago Pago! Bye!
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