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  1. I need to unistall SODE 1.7.1 as it desappear ground polys and reinstall 1.6.8 that works good, but Orbx Central do not shows where in installed. In the Pilot12 folder it is not. Thank you for your help. Enzo Lofaro
  2. With P3D5 I finally seen the Riviera Ligure between Portofino and Sestri Levante as is in real life: with a river between Chiavari and Lavagna that separe the two turistic harbours. Now VECTOR modify the coast line: the river desappear and the harbour is populated by hauses. What we have to expect from VECTOR, only tunnels? Vicenzo Lofaro
  3. Hi everibody, received from Gaya Simulation a mail giving me a code to migrate my license to Orbx with a upgrade fee of 8,0 Euros only. No instructions how to do it. Attempting to buy in FTX Central I only find a 40,0 AUD charge without alternative. Please help me to made the migration. Thank you Enzo Lofaro
  4. Thank you Rob. I was used to see the 4.5 version and in my mind I was expecting the same look. Not the best but if so....... Enzo
  5. No, I installed LIEO Olbia Costa Smeralda and the teminal shud non be like this.
  6. Lisbon Bay, 25 April Bridge three floors wit cars on the lowest and border line in the middle3 of bay. Prepar3d v5 fault or Orbx Global Base fault? Enzo Lofaro
  7. LIEO show standard P3D terminal above FTX scenery. Unistalled and reinstalled. No changes. Tks for help Enzo
  8. Hi Doug, Just done. Everything now runs good. Thank you for your help. Enzo
  9. Hi thank you for your prompt replay. Use Object Flow 2 is checked in FTXC3 but NOT shown in P3D4 Add-ons menu. How I can select it ?
  10. Hi everyone, recently I bought LOWI but the control panel do not perform well. I select static airplanes and almost every thing in the panel, but no aircraft, no helipads are visible. Any suggestions? Thank you very much
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