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  1. Thank you very much Raz, did it and is working. My problem is with Florence scenery in MSFS. After World Update 3 everything around the airport is popping, runway has glitches and framerate drop down below. Do you know if an update is on for compatibility? Thak you for your help. Enzo
  2. What about Gaya Simulations Support? The site is not available from many days and Florence is unflyable after Worls Update 3. Thank you for your help and suggestions. Vincenzo Lofaro
  3. Marcus, the airport is dark in the night. No Lights, everywere. No parking area lights, no lights inside the buildings. Or not?
  4. Hello, I reached Gaya Simulation forum, loged up, foud nothing about LIRQ, no support allowed for me. Starting from LIRQ the sim freeze and no way to shot down. Landing in LIRQ the aircraft crash against invisible objects. Same with rollin cache disable and deleted. If You are marketing medium you should be assitance medium too, imho. Nex product I will buy directly from software house. Regards.
  5. Thank you Nik, for your prompt reply, but, just to be correct, I bought it by You and not by Gaya. In the meantime I will serch for Gaya Simulations. Regards.
  6. Hi all, approaching Florence I have a big FPS drop and landed the runway seems to have invisible obstacle causing a crash in the middle of runway. Before installing Gaya Florence I had 35/45 fps normally in this airport. Now approaching I have 15 fps, no more. Same settings. Thank you for your attention Enzo Lofaro
  7. I need to unistall SODE 1.7.1 as it desappear ground polys and reinstall 1.6.8 that works good, but Orbx Central do not shows where in installed. In the Pilot12 folder it is not. Thank you for your help. Enzo Lofaro
  8. With P3D5 I finally seen the Riviera Ligure between Portofino and Sestri Levante as is in real life: with a river between Chiavari and Lavagna that separe the two turistic harbours. Now VECTOR modify the coast line: the river desappear and the harbour is populated by hauses. What we have to expect from VECTOR, only tunnels? Vicenzo Lofaro
  9. Thank you Rob. I was used to see the 4.5 version and in my mind I was expecting the same look. Not the best but if so....... Enzo
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