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  1. I've seen the developer videos. It is impressive what they are doing. I have tried flying non-VR since adopting VR and just can't bring myself to go back regardless of how good the product is. To me it is just that different. I have no doubt they will have a successful product. In the interim, I have P3D, DCS and a smidgen of X-plane to keep me happy :-)
  2. That is pretty impressive. Look forward to giving it a serious look once it has VR support
  3. Several months ago there were discussions about a Service Pack (SP) for AUS V2 to include things like extended night lighting (like other regions)...i.e not being clipped by the autogen radius particularly on major roadways. Just looking to see where this is in the pipeline. Thanks, Brett
  4. I either missed it or its not mentioned in the description but will the P3D version include seasons or is it summer only?
  5. John, Not sure if you are wanting a paper copy or electronic, but skyvector has excellent coverage of all the US VFR sectionals, along with low and high altitude IFR charts Hope this helps, Brett
  6. I use it to plan my flight because it has the P3D airfields that are not in sky vector. I then export the little nav map fligt plan to sky vector and use that inside of P#D VR with fly inside
  7. Jack, I believe you just unzip the files into a directory of your choice then point Little Nav Map to the location.
  8. I never had a problem with Barcelona. I had read that some people had problems with Orlando but I didn't have much of a loading time issue with that either. Since converting to Central 4 I have had loading time issues getting to the Scenario screen but none with it loading up.
  9. Yes I second that request by D2D. Would like to know how it looks in different seasons for FTX England
  10. Thanks Craig! I gave it a shot last night using the free trial version just to check it out. I have to admit, I was pretty impressed. It obviously has a long ways to go particularly with variety of autogen and other areas but the streaming basis seems pretty solid. I was cruising around in the T33 at low level at 350-400 kts and things were smooth and clear. I will have to keep an eye on this product as it develops
  11. Nice shots! Are using default shaders or do you have some program tweaking that aspect? If so could you please share along with any relevant settings. My Xplane seems very dark in general
  12. Thanks John! I look forward to this being originally from Massachusetts!
  13. As the topic states, I was wondering if there is Full Fat Land Class Based Region that is being worked on since AU V2 has been released? Not referring to OLC Africa or OLC Asia but something along the lines of PNW, CRM, etc. In the past couple years there have been hints (Rest of Alaska, New England Maritime). There seems to be a definitive pipeline for the TE series just wondering what the next (or if there is a next ) LC region. Kind Regards, Brett
  14. I had also noticed several airports were "missing" things that were there in the past (buildings, grass, etc). I went through everything in the catalog and did a verify and then checked the options. I noticed at several of the airports and regions Central had to download additional files. This still didn't help with the long time necessary to get to the scenario screen.
  15. Thanks D2D....I may pursue that option. Thanks for the feedback
  16. Operating system: W10 Simulator: P3Dv4.5 Screenshot: n/a Issue: Long Load Time Good morning, Migration for Central worked well. One issue I am having is it takes about 5-6 minutes to get from clicking on the P3Dv4 icon until I get to the scenario build screen. This was not the case prior to migrating from Central. I have 98% of the P3D catalog (no other sceneries) . I am running an i9 9900K @ 4.9 GHz. Once the scenario is set up it does not take very long to load the scenario from the selection screen. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Brett
  17. I used that airport last night and it looks like there is some elevation issues with it with regards to the mesh....ditches along the runway and also looks to be missing buildings around the airport.
  18. Before jumping to conclusions one way or the other maybe it is best to compare the two products. Users past experience with ZL 16 may not be the same as what ORBX is able to do it through their process and it if is able to save me 75% of the footprint then I am all for it. Something is driving the need for the discussion......download costs? perhaps sales numbers relative to expectations, or looking forward to the increased footprint as more TE regions are released and questioning the download cost or interest in sales. One thing I have observed from the TE regions is that they are produced very quickly in comparison to the LC regions. (perhaps this due to the cost being tied up in the imagery and not in the labor to select the correct landclass and time spent "upgrading" the airports).
  19. John, That has always been my biggest knock against the TE series. They are beautiful but have a huge footprint. I had purchased TE Netherlands and liked it but it was a relatively small TE region. When Washington came out, I used that as an opportunity to get XP11 though with the size of Washington being 200GB I had pretty much committed to limiting my XP and TE footprint to Washington only. With this new approach I will likely pick up the other TE regions if they follow the same approach. Two quick questions: 1) What altitude are these samples taken at? 2) If successful do you intend to apply the same approach to the GB regions? Thanks, Brett
  20. Thanks Holger for the explanation! Count me as one who thinks the extended night lights look fantastic. Extending much further than even the highest autogen settings. Once again a very nice product and I look forward to your next project whatever what that might be. Kind Regards, Brett
  21. Bumping to see if one of the developers can provide any insight on this...thanks
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