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  1. It's kinda like Kate Beckinsale - smear her in horse manure and she'd still look good.
  2. Are these electronic media or are the print versions available?
  3. Of course Manfred and the gang's C47 (Jan Visser's classic cockpit is so damn good) and now that Aeroworx is doing it for XP, their DH80 is very fine and FREE also.
  4. At Monument Valley in the Aeroworx DH82.
  5. FYI North Connel was spelled incorrectly in the previous set - my spell check is junk .
  6. Off North Connel enroute to Loch Ness. Stalker Castle - where the Pythons, on their quest for the Holy Grail, were attacked by cows flying off the battlements. West side of Loch Linnhe. Ben Nevis - all 4413 ft of her. The Caledonian Canal from Loch Ness to Loch Linnhe - 60 miles, of which only 1/3 is canal - the rest interconnecting lochs. Arrival on the northwest end of Loch Ness.
  7. Jerome Kern wrote that and it was part of the Ansett credo. This evening we're out of Broome, north western OZ and this could be part of the Australian Monsoon. Skies kindly provided by the internet. 'Please, Mr Custer, I don't want to go.' Right here Jack would ease on up into a coffee spilling climb. The crew is reminding themselves - this is why we make the big bucks.
  8. If 'spell check' didn't catch it, must be good. Besides I have a new German made keyboard - spelling guaranteed.
  9. That 'Kirkwall' beverage will do it every time .
  10. "push the envelope - surely you jest?" That envelope was shredded after the third shot and, while you were inverted, I noticed the paint job was starting to run - negative G's'll do that .
  11. Leaving Tiree the next day - the weather has changed. The village of Tobermoray - founded in 1788 and shortly thereafter a single malt. Glenforsa airport - the only airport on the Isle of Mull, served lby Loganair BN2 Islanders. Landing at North Connell - the airport serves the town of Oban a few miles south.
  12. Don't know a thing about P3D but you appear to need more 'vibrance' - usually vibrance and saturation go together, cut off saturation and bring vibrance to about 3/4 then bring the saturation up to the level you like. Take a look at these presets by Adam Banks (Adamski) who certainly knows his way around color https://www.nzfsim.org/shaders/pta-presets/
  13. "Chilean" - I prefer it warm myself . Good to see you shredding the flight envelope again.
  14. Very scenic especially sky-wise - nothing beats the real thing.
  15. From the Hebridean island of Barra, we depart their beach airport in the Thranda Beaver. The only tidal beach airport in the world used for scheduled operations. Inbound to Tiree where we'll RON.
  16. All things positive are good when flying - great shot.
  17. All the Alaskan seafood is wonderful but I still love haddock and chips or the 'Arbroath smokies' - it's all about availability. I left Southampton in 1953 aboard the SS United States, stopped at Le Havre and four days later landed in New York - a whole new world.
  18. The United States can do way better than burger and fries. Having spent many years in Alaska, the seafood choices are worthy of note. Of all the salmon, the red always tasted best to me; never eaten at bad halibut and king crab legs, razor clams, steelhead trout and grayling are superb.
  19. Houses NAS Key West which hosts aircombat training for all branches - lots of other military stuff going on. Looks like tough duty. The Coast Guard maintains a presence here.
  20. My wife loves lamb - just the idea of eating anything 'sheepish' brings memories of WW2 and the rest of the forties when 'mutton' was the protein of choice. Horse meat and whale blubber were also on offer but mutton seemed to dominate.
  21. A whole new aerodynamic concept - the jet powered actual flying doughnut. Get a patent on that sucker or Ottawa will rob you blind.
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